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5 Ways to Create DIY Christmas Decor Featuring Glass Accessories

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

DIY Christmas decorating is easy when you are featuring glass accessories as part of the overall theme. Think about it, and it makes sense! We dream of a white Christmas, implore to heaven to let it snow, and dash through the snow on a one-horse open sleigh. At every turn, we are inspired to decorate to mimic the sparkling shine of ice and fluffy white blankets of snow. There’s no better way to achieve this cool and frosty look than by clear glass to mimic ice and white glass to represent the snow. Using glass accessories, you can achieve this icy effect throughout the entertaining spaces of your home with minimal fuss. In addition, you can use the glass accessories in other ways even after the rest of your Christmas decorations are packed away in the attic until next year.

Let’s take a look at some great ways to incorporate glass into your holiday decor.

5 DIY Christmas Decorations Using Glass

1. Dress Up the Mantel

The mantel is a space that should be prominent in your Christmas decorating. After all, without a mantel, where will you hang your stocking? Naturally, you will hang your stocking per usual. You can dress up the top of the mantel with some DIY decorating. Remove all your year-round pieces and carefully pack them away until January. Replace them with a green swag intertwined with clear white lights. Fill several glass jars with decorative pinecones. The pinecones add a woodsy, organic look and scent that screams Christmas! Nestle the jars of pinecones into the greenery and lights. The lights will reflect off of the glass jars in a warm glow. Plus, the gentle heat from the lights will release more of that fragrant pinecone essence. This is a very classic Christmas mantel.

2. Add a Christmas Light Display in Your Foyer

Do you have a dark corner in your foyer that needs a little Christmas cheer? Fill a large and tall glass vase with a string of battery-operated Christmas lights. Hide the switch at the back when you arrange the lights in the vase. Put this vase in any corner that needs something special and turn on at dusk. This will softly illuminate the space. This is a charming way to greet your guests as they enter your home.

3. Add Holiday “Spirit” to Your Home

You can’t spread Christmas cheer without some Christmas ‘spirit’! A bar is a must during the holiday season. If your home doesn’t happen to have an actual bar, you can DIY a bar for your space! Set up space on a utility cart or even a side table as your ‘bar’. Cover it with a gorgeous fabric Christmas print cloth to protect the surface from spills. Stock ice in a shimmering metallic ice bucket, provide wine and spirits, sparkling clear glassware, pristine white napkins, and some Christmas greenery. Let guests serve themselves as they ooh and aah over how clever you were to create an open bar out of a coffee table!

4. Cherry Bathroom

Inevitably, your holiday guests will visit your bathroom. Don’t forget to make this room welcoming to your visitors! Clear your vanity of all your personal items. Set up a warm and welcoming display of flickering battery-operated candles set in glass jars. Select jars of varying sizes and heights to add depth to the decorating. The lights will dance and flicker and the glass will create a halo effect. Also, the mirror above the vanity will reflect the light back into the room. Don’t forget to hang up your decorative Christmas hand towels and hang a Poinsettia swag above the doorway for a fuller holiday effect! Complete that Christmas feeling by burning cinnamon-scented wax melts.

5. Serve It Up!

Naturally, you can’t have a Christmas party without food! Serve up your Christmas feast in style. Impress your family and friends when you arrange the feast on clear glass and pristine white serving platters. White, in particular, serves as the perfect backdrop to make your turkey or ham steal the show! While the clear glass and white plates and platters certainly are classic and elegant, maybe you want to add a little pop of color! Adding a green or red service piece or two gives a more eclectic, fun edge. Here’s how you do this: Design a tablescape featuring a snowy white tablecloth, layer on those pretty white plates, and work in those pops of red or green glass accessories. Candles flickering in clear glass jars will complete this look.

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