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7 X 14 Mini Metal Lathe [Review]

by Jonathan Logtenberg

The 7 X 14 Mini Metal Lathe is a small Bench Lathe that doesn’t skimp on rigidity. What makes it special is that it has the “Big Boy” tailstock, which is designed with quick-locking controls and extra-long footprint to offer much convenience like the larger lathes.

Product Overview:

This mini metal lathe is built around a solid cast iron bed just like the others. What makes it different is the bed which is a full 22″ long. That’s from the headstock to the end. The 7×4 metal lathe uses a form of pulse-width modulation for controlling the motor speed. The technique adopts the use of DC motor at about 120 volts where the power input is sliced electronically. This results to a steady and accurate speed control with high extra torque. High torque is very important, especially when controlling the mini lathe at low RPMs. It features variable speed control and induction Harden Bay. Includes all the standard equipment which is essentially needed to get up and run, these includes; a 3-jaw chuck with internal and external jaws, steady rest, faceplate, dead centers: mt2 and mt3, and a 4-way turret tool post. An indexed cutter is a 1/4″ from Harbor Freight which is replaceable. It is available in color variations of blue or orange.

Feature tools:

  • Faceplate- A metal plate that includes flat face mounted on a lathe spindle for holding irregularly shaped workpiece.
  • Centre Drill–  used for drilling pilot hole and shallow countersank hole. Its short and stubby.
  • Leadscrew– It is a screw for precision running through the length of the bed and used to drive the carriage for thread cutting operations and turning. Smaller leadscrews are used within the compound and cross-slide to move the parts for more precise amounts.
  • Carriage Hand wheel- A hand wheel for moving the carriage by means of rack drive and pinion.
  • Tool post-  a tool unto which the cutting tool is clamped. Its mounted on the lathe’s compound.
  • Apron-  the front part of the carriage assembly where the hand wheel is mounted.
  • Bed- provides the supporting cast of the lathe.
  • Carriage- Refers to an assembly with the function of moving the toolpost and cutting tools as it moves. 
  • Hand wheel– As suggested by the name, this is a wheel turned using the hand to move lathe’s component or any other machine tool. It features a handle extended from the front face which facilitates its rapid turning.
  • Headstock–  houses and used for mounting spindles and their change gears.  Its mounted on the bed’s left end.
  • Tail stock- It is used for holding long work in place or mounting drill chuck for drilling into the workpiece’s end. Its located at the lathe’s right end can be locked in place or allowed to slide freely.
  • Centre line- Imaginary line with that extends form the spindle’s center through the tailstock ram’s center. It represent the lathe’s central axis around which the piecework is rotated.
  • Cross Feed– A crank or hand wheel moving through the cross-slide by means of turning the screw.
  • Cross-slide Hand wheel- A wheel featuring a handle that is used for moving the cross-slide in and out.
  • Cross Slide- This is a platform which moves perpendicular to the metal lathe’s axis under the cross-slide hand wheel’s control.
  • Swing– It is a dimension that represents the workpiece’s largest diameter where the lathe can easily rotate. For 7×14 mini metal lathes, they all have a 7-inch swing. This means that the maximum size that a workpiece can rotate to is limited to 7-inch.

Other Key Features:

  • Low and high spindle variable speeds
  • Emergency stop
  • 16-TPI reversible leadscrew
  • Chip tray and backsplash guard
  • Capable of Forward and reverse
  • Dial indicator for threading
  • A quick-locking tailstock


  • Distance between Centers-14 inches
  • Swing over Bed-7 inch
  • Swing Over Cross Slide-110mm
  • Spindle Taper- Mt3
  • Tailstock Taper-Mt2
  • Spindle Bore- 20mm
  • Chuck Diameter-80mm
  • Cross Slide Travel-65mm. 
  • Top Slide Travel-35mm
  • Spindle Accuracy-0.01mm
  • RPM Spindle Speed- 0-2500. 
  • Power- 500w Motor 120v/60Hz.

Key Pros

  • Comes with pulse-width modulation for controlling the motor speed
  • Has a variable speed
  • Offers accurate results

Key Cons

  • Not suitable for professional and indutrial metal turning
  • Requires modifications to suit a job
  • Limited rigidity

Final Verdict:

With a variable speed and a 500w motor, this 7 X 14 Mini Metal Lathe is the ideal bench lathe for accurate and steady results.

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