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Best Computer Desk [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Writing Gaming Gamer Command Center Workstation Desk Home Office, 51 Inch, Black
Origami Multi Purpose Folding Wooden Office Computer Furniture Table Desk, Black
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry finish
Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk
Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk
Walker Edison Furniture Company Modern Corner L Shaped Glass Computer Writing Gaming Gamer Command Center Workstation Desk Home Office, 51 Inch, Black
Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece corner desk
Origami Multi Purpose Folding Wooden Office Computer Furniture Table Desk, Black
Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry finish
Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk

As a writer, save for the lazy days when I’m working on my couch (or bed), you will find me typing vigorously on my computer desk. I practically live there! I bet many home office owners can attest to spending eight or even more hours behind a desk. If not at home, you probably do this at work in your office. This alone is reason enough to spend time and money investing in the right computer desk for you. It goes without saying that the attitude you have towards your work station is reflected in the quality of work produced. Simple ergonomics.

To top this, the desk you use can end up causing you a lot of health issues or, if you get it right, save you a lot of hospital bills. So how do you manage to find the perfect computer desk for your needs among the many desks available? Also, how far should you be willing to go in terms of cost, features and accessorizing? Most importantly, how do you spot a cheap quality desk from a mile away? All this and so much more on computer desks is available in this detailed guide. The Surf’n’Buy will help you to make the right choice by giving you a list and a thorough rundown of the best desks in the market.

Don’t be shy and check our list of the top 5 computer desks in 2020.

Top 5 Computer Desks

1. Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk


This desk comes in a simple but attractive design. Furthermore, it contains a flexible configuration which makes it easier to place the keyboard tray on both sides of the desk. Its top is quite impressive as it comes with both quarter-circular and 21-inched deep rectangular shapes. All these shapes join together to form an L shaped unique table to create enough surface space for the user at the same time ensuring that the whole furniture is maintained compact. The top part of the table is completed in a sleek black and it also contains a sturdy steel frame construction that has a powder coat finish.

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk is also provided with a 6mm black polished and beveled tempered safety glass and a long lasting crafted steel. Additionally, for the computer central processing, an autonomous central processing unit stand is made available under the corner of the computer desk together with a sliding keyboard tray. This desk dimension is 51 by 20 by 29. Additionally, the weight of this product desk is 62 lbs, which means that it is less heavy in relation to other computer desks in the market.


  • This computer desk ensures that consumers enjoy the value for their money: The design is relatively cheaper as compared to other computer desks designs available in the market which do not have such incredible features as this one. Most desks with different designs tend to be defective since they are usually assembled with cheap material.
  • The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk ensures that the user enjoys enough space to carry along with his office work: Everyone desires to have a desk that does not limit his office activities. With this product, the user will work comfortable and such space challenges will not occur. The unique design ensures compactness of the furniture and allows the user to fit in any location of the room.
  • Moreover, the computer desk ensures the user with stability: Other desk designs in the market do not provide such stability. Due to its sturdy nature, it supports the weight of several laptops and monitors.
  • The black color on desktop aids in hiding computer cables easily which gives a sophisticated look.


  • The fault Machining makes it hard to fix a bolt into the computer carrier piece: The holes are not consistent which makes the assembly of the computer desk somewhat of a nuisance. The problem can only be solved by re-drilling the holes again.
  • The Keyboard tray has an inadequate space which limits the user: The keyboard tray width is a serious concern since it is not wide enough to provide enough space to accommodate a mouse and a standard keyboard.


The Walker Edison Soreno 3-piece Corner Desk, black with black glass offers good value for money for the users since it is manufactured with quality materials that guarantee it durability. The polished black finish top and steel frame construction contribute to its aesthetics making it quite appealing. Furthermore, its stability is attributed to its horizontal bars and the X-shaped leg design. The desk has a wide safety glass desktop that provides enough space for the user to perform his tasks comfortably. This product is unique in its own way and therefore a great investment.

2. Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk


The Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk folds and opens in very few seconds mostly less than a minute. This makes it easy to store and carry. This desk is purchased while it is already assembled therefore the user does not need to put anything together. Due to its strong material, the computer desk can sustain a lot of weight, around 250 pounds. This means that all the computer devices will not break the desk. The desk has a removable desktop to facilitate lightweight movement.

The design of this computer desk is classic and simple. It offers a 7 square feet surface area which makes it not to take more room space. Moreover, it has a wooden desktop and the rest of its body is made up of strong metallic material which makes it look new and easier to clean. This product has a sturdy nature which limits its movement around the room. It is not mobile even when the user has all the tools on it. The Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk is manufactured in such a way that it caters for all sort of heights of individuals, either when you are tall or short. It has a shelf capacity of 250 lbs. per shelf on an even floor surface. The product’s dimensions are: 47.2″ length by 23.6″ width by 29.9″ height.


  • The product folds easily making it easy to move it around to a new place. The tabletop can be detached easily so the user can separately carry them which is more convenient.
  • It is simple to assemble the items on the desk. No tools are required when removing the table top hence saving on effort and time.
  • The Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk is easily stored by simply folding it in less than a minute. Additionally, due to its flat folded frame, the user can store it under the bed or in a corner in an upright manner.
  • This desk holds a maximum weight of 250 pounds when placed on a flat surface. This means it can hold more monitors. 
  • The thick nature of the desktop enables it to withstand the weight of computer accessories like mouse, speakers, and printer.


  • This product lacks extra keyboard tray. Although this computer desk design offers a storage for the central processing unit, it is built without a specific location for the keyboard.
  • The desk has been reported by some users to have a fault locking mechanism in the two main parts that lock together. This could be as a result of poor mishandling during shipment.
  • The sharp edges of the computer desk could limit comfortability. This is expected because the desktop is made of plastic material.


The Origami Multi-Purpose Computer Desk is the best choice for that user who is highly mobile because of its lightweight foldable frame which makes it easy to carry anywhere. Moreover, the table design is simple and has enough space for printer, monitor, and other computer devices. There is also a wide bottom shelf, which is ventilated around it, to maintain the tower or other computer electronic devices cool.

Despite the product’s light construction, it is very sturdy to support more than one monitor and other computer accessories and most suitable for office work. However, this product has its limitations which include lack of drawers, faulty locking mechanisms and the sharp edges which might be injurious to the user. Despite this disadvantages, this desk is still very beneficial and it is mostly recommended for those individuals who wish to save since it is budget- friendly and provides functionality at its best.

3. Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk


The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk is manufactured using a modern style with an elevated monitor and printer shelf which makes it likable by many buyers. The computer desk has a hidden storage space behind the door and a vertical storage for the central processing unit. It has a larger drawer shelf features flip-down panel for the mouse and keyboard. The computer desk has metal runners to provide safety for the electronic items inside the draws. The desk has different parts that can be removed hence assembly is required.

Its dimensions are 46.535″length by 18.504″ width by 29.961″ height. The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk is only available online. The computer desk is manufactured using the engineered wood with a laminated finish. The task chairs and desk are sold separately in the market.


  • This is one of the cheapest computer desks the user can find that has a central processing unit tower cubby.
  • The product is not very difficult to assemble for any average person since it does not need much expertise although it is recommended that two people assemble it.
  • The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk has a large desktop space to enable the user to do his work comfortable and also store other computer devices on it like monitor, mouse, speaker, printer and much more.
  • It is somewhat sturdy making it stronger to hold printer, monitors, and other items the user might be using for his work although dancing on it is discouraged.
  • Moreover, the company manufacturing this product provides wonderful customer care services to its consumers hence making it admirable to have.
  • It comes with a formed corner design which helps in saving space.
  • Center drawer and shelf has the flip-down panel for the keyboard, mouse or a laptop.
  • The open storage shelves make the corner computer desk functional and very attractive.


  • Materials that are used to manufacture this product design are cheaply made rendering it less strong as compared to other designs in the market. It is important that the user makes use of another person when assembling or he might tear open some screw holes in the board.
  • When purchasing this desk, it comes alongside with the instructions manual which is hard to understand. The booklet manual is just comprised of picture pages and they just placed all the hardware in one big bag which is still not easier for a person with an average intelligence to decipher.


The Sauder Beginnings Computer Desk, Cinnamon Cherry Finish table space is spacious enough to ensure that the computer devices and other stationeries are securely placed on top of it. In addition, it contains running metals on the draws to ensure the security of electronics and other documents. This product desk is built from engineered wood and has a laminated finish which makes it aesthetically appealing. The letter-sized hanging files in the drawers are designed to keep the user documents and papers organized. Although this product it has its own limitations like missing shelves inside the door apartments, keyboard tray has limited space and it is made up of cheap material, it maximizes the user’s utility.

4. Tribesigns 47 inch Large Computer and Office Desk


It is very easy to assemble the parts of this Tribesigns 47 inch Large Computer and Office Desk: the user does not need to have many tools to install the four legs. This aspect saves time and efforts. The desktop is widened with a dimension measuring 47.2″x 23.6″, which provides a large surface space for computer work, writing and other forms of office activities. The stable and sturdy desk is vital for the desks stability, it is made of a steel frame which is strong enough to hold the two monitor rack. The leg pads are adjustable, the legs can be able to adjust 1 to 2cm lengths, and this ensures the table is very stable even on an uneven floor surface.

The computer frame is made up of a powdered coated steel which promotes its durability and stability, measuring 1.57″ by 1.57″ width strong enough to hold heavy duty parcels and other documents. The Tribesigns 47 inch Large Computer and Office Desk has a safe thicken material particle board of 0.98″/2.5cm plus a stainless Steel. The product has a board which is black in color and white metal legs which give it a beautiful impression. It has a height of 29.2″ from the floor to desktop. The steel leg has a diameter of 5*5cm and a weight of 52.9bs / 24kg.


  • The steel frame provides a super sturdy which ensures an excellent stability. This phenomenon gives this product a reliable mechanical desk design, which is easily assembled with all the tools, parts and instructions included.
  • The Tribesigns 47 inch Large Computer and Office Desk has a wide table top which is spacious to hold the monitors, keyboard, printer and the mouse.
  • It’s stylish outlook which rhymes well with many types of decor and furniture.-Solidly built.
  • The product is easy to assemble. The instructions provided is not the greatest, but it is not hard to know where the parts of the desk are placed.
  • The Company manufacturing this product ensures quick delivery of the desk to the buyers and they are genuine in their advertisement.
  • The parts are well packaged and shipped with pads and foam to offer protection to the corners hence limiting the chances of damage along the way.


  • It does not have holes to feed cords through, due to this aspect, some computer desks are sold without some parts.
  • It does not support all heights of individuals especially short people since it is relatively taller as compared to other computer desk designs.


The Tribesigns 47 inch Large Computer and Office Desk comes with free central processing unit stand and is built with a thick steel for the leg and frame together with a class environment protection table top board. It also has an L-shaped corner design to offer the user a lot of space for general office work and computer operation. With the open-concept computer desk design and a clean aesthetic, this computer desk product from Tribesigns provides the best addition to any work space and office space. Unfortunately, this desk is a bit expensive as compared to other designs and also the availability of sharp corners renders it dangerous to the user. Owing to this limitations, this computer desk has remained fantastic to the users due to its good service.

5. South Shore – Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray


The South Shore – Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray has a modern desk design and stylish including convenient tools for maximizing storage in the office. Combining style and functionality, the computer desk is maintained clean and the items on it are readily accessible. The desk features slide-out keyboard tray, drawer and a lower open area measuring 11.5″ wide by 19″ deep adjustable shelf. Above the computer desk, there is a built low hutch with a 40″ long by 6″ deep shelf that has a hole at the back so the user can organize wires from electronics. The product is sold with a provision of a 5-year limited warranty which creates confidence and trust to the users.

The compact measuring 42 wide, 20 deep, 36.75 tall design desk provides all the space the user might need to carry his activities. The South Shore – Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray helps in conserving the environmentally. It is built in North America out of nontoxic laminated particle panels which are not pollutants. The laminated particle used in its manufacture is long-lasting and looks nice for future years. It has a black stylish color which makes it beautiful and modern. The computer measures 80 x 60 x 10 inches and an item weight of 76 pounds. The South Shore – Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray collection has a tidy contemporary design maintaining straight lines so the user can keep his items simple and clean. This particular computer desk matches with another decor easily like the Printer Cart and 5-Shelf Bookcase.


  • The modern South Shore – Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray is packaged properly during transportation with a plastic wrap over all its items hence they hold together minimizing breakages.
  • It is solid stronger and durable after assembling it. The product is given credit for the material used to manufacture it is hard and therefore it is able to hold the computer comfortably and intact.
  • Moreover, the computer desk items fit automatically nicely together when assembling them. This saves the user time and efforts. Due to perfect fitting, no gaps are identified on the board and it is well-balanced upright.
  • Price is affordable for this nicely built table. Most students go for this design desk since they can save some money on the purchase.


  • It is time-consuming to assemble its tools together.
  • It contains smaller shelves which make it hard to place the computer central processing unit and printer inside.
  • The desktop is relatively small hence it cannot comfortably accommodate all the office and computer items.


This South Shore - Axess Computer Desk with Keyboard Tray is a wonderful desk especially for students or any individual with limited space. The Axess desk gives the user enough storage space, an ample desk top space for his monitor, keyboard, and stationeries among other things. It is built with pressed wooden material that is environmentally friendly therefore protecting our surrounding. However, it has its own limitations which include less durability, it is time-consuming to assemble its parts together and it has a smaller table top surface area which limits the user operation. Alternatively, the pros of this desk are more than the cons making it well worth your money.

How to Distinguish a Quality Computer Desk From a Cheap One

Unfortunately, cheap quality furniture is steadily creeping up in every corner of the market. It would not be a surprise to discover you own a couple if not one of the said cheap furniture.  Computer desks are certainly no exception. So how do you tell the real from the fake? Simple. By paying close attention to the following signs:

Check the Drawers

If you intend your desk to have drawers then you better take a good look at them as they are an indicator of quality. For one, good desks have drawers that are interlocked rather than attached together by glue or nails. This is for the obvious reason that glue and nails often come off easily. For desks made of metal, spaces in between the drawer’s meeting point should tell you that it’s of low quality.

Look Under the Desk

Many desks get away with using a different material on the underside. It is often cheaper and of low quality. Your desk should maintain the same material throughout its entire body unless for aesthetic purposes. So, a quick look, especially under the desk, will eliminate any chances of 


Most desks especially hardwood come with a warranty. This is an obvious indication of durability so why not take advantage of it? Warranty range from as little as six months to as long as a lifetime repair warranty. The best option is to compare your warranty package against the price.

The Overall Make

I’m sure you are thinking “duh this is the first thing you check” well it will surprise you how often people overlook the obvious signs. Firstly, everything ought to be well aligned and upright. This is mostly seen around the drawers which should not leave spaces when closed (unless designed so) and should not be crooked. The desk should also be firm and sturdy as opposed to flimsy. In cases where you cannot examine it before buying, inquire about the binding material used. Glue and staple bound desks usually fall apart pretty easily. Nails are also not the best option but are better than the former options. If I were to buy a computer desk, I would place my bet on joints that are screwed as they last longer.

When Going for Antiques?

If you have some extra cash to invest in your desk, an antique desk will look marvelous in your house. However, these are prone to lots of forgeries. When it comes to antiques, expect some mild wear in places where previous users come into contact with. Antiques are seldom perfect unless reproduced. They also often come with a musty smell.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Computer Desk

Since you will be spending a lot of time on your computer desk, it is only fair to get a desk that is good for your health. There are some factors that ought to be considered and cut across or desk types regardless of the type and shape. So, when buying a computer desk, keep these factors in mind.

Comfort and Ergonomics

This is the most important consideration when it comes to choosing a computer desk. There is no way you will get any work done if you are not comfortable. Poor posture is part of discomfort associated with having the wrong desk. To narrow things down, there some aspects that must be taken into account to ensure your desk will be a good fit. For one ensure that the desk you are going for is high enough to fit your chair while giving you enough leg room. This prevents fatigue from maintaining one seating position. While at it, make sure you place the monitor correctly to avoid straining your eyes as well as your back. The rule of thumb is to place it an arm’s length away from your body.

Desk Surface and Storage

Put in mind the type and size of your computer before settling for a computer desk. You don’t want to have limited space such that your computer is barely supported and on the other hand, empty space is often a waste. When it comes to storage, this is often a matter of preference. Some people prefer a plain desk surface with no drawers. Other’s drawers are a must while to some, one or two is enough. Which are you? Also, think of the cables in your computer you probably wouldn’t like to see them all messy on the desk right? How about going for a desk with a cable hole?

Quality and Durability

Nobody wants a desk that can’t withstand the pressures that come with home office work including constant scratches, the weight of your documents/books and sometimes, seating on it.  The material used often plays the biggest role when it comes to quality and durability of your desk. When going for glass desk, ensure it is scratch resistant. Also, I would advise you to stay away from glass desks if you own a desktop more so, heavy ones. Laptops are better suited for glass since they are not too heavy. If you must have glass, ensure it is tempered. Wooden tables are as strong or weak as the type of wood you go for. Obviously, hardwood is more sturdy, appealing and durable. It is, however, a bit pricier and requires more maintenance. In this case, desks that have veneers are better preferred. They give you the smooth surface and durability without the burden of maintenance. Just make sure it is well placed and thick enough.

Size and Portability

I quickly get used to sitting in one position when using my computer desk so it’s common to find me changing up the layout every other week. Sometimes I uproot my whole work station, desk included. If you are anything like me, you should go for a portable and more flexible desk. The type of computer you use and accessories you require are also important in choosing a desk. The more things you want on the desk, the bigger it should be.

Think of the Extra Features

Not all desks are created the same. Some are plain simple desks while others come rigged with extra features. Consider each and decide if your desk should have them or not.

– Holes for Cords

These can easily be installed so if your desk is missing one, don’t sweat it.

– A Hutch

It comes in handy when you are short on storage. It is also quite appealing esthetically as you can place some vases and pictures in the compartments.

– A Pull Out Surface

This is great for placing your keyboard which can easily be tucked away when not in use hence saving on space.

– A Mouse Pad

Some desks come readily installed with a smooth patch for placing your mouse. This may not be important if you don’t have a mouse.

– Different Computer Compartments

This is great for desktop users as it gives your system unit a compartment to stay on.

Choosing the Best Computer Desk for Your Needs

With so many computer desk designs and types, the need to choose the right one has never been this real. There are a couple of things you ought to consider before settling for a computer desk other than the space in your house. Some of them are pretty obvious while others are easy to miss. Find out more below.

The Height of Your Desk

The height of your desk is one thing that you ought not to overlook in pursuit of comfort. Most are usually 30 inches high but I actual sense, it depends on your height. A desk that is too low will restrict your leg movement and too high will lead to straining. Unfortunately, desks that adjust in height have not caught on but if you can get your hands on one, it would be really convenient. An alternative would be to get an adjustable seat (plenty are available in stores).

Shape and Material

As with almost any furniture, there are plenty of designs and materials when it comes to computer desks. Material-wise you have glass, wood and metallic. Again, the type you chose depends wholly on your style and preferences. While glass is more fragile than its wooden and metallic counterparts, it is aesthetically appealing and more modern. When it comes to designs, you have a boatload of different shapes to choose from. If you have space and a work office, a U-shaped desk would be great or one placed at the center of the room. However, if you live in a small apartment, smaller or space saving desks are better. Go for armoires which can be closed after use (although they don’t offer a large working surface). If armoires are not your thing, a straight desk is quite flexible as it can be placed anywhere in the room. L-shaped desks are a great alternative to U-shaped ones since they take up less space and can be placed against the wall or in the middle of the room depending on available space.

What’s Your Style?

At the end of the day, you want a piece of furniture that is appealing and inspires some great work. So when buying a computer desk, go for one that matches your style and the theme of your house. If like to keep it simple, a straight desk with a couple of center drawers will do. Maybe you are bit modern. Go for a glass desk or one with glass and a metallic casing. Old school? Antiques or basically wooden desks with vertical shelves are a good place to start.

Ready to Assemble vs Factory Assembled Desks

This is another thing you ought to think about when choosing your desk. Factory assembled desks can be a huge pain when it comes to shipping but they are often much more sturdy and durable compared to ready to assemble. While on this topic, you need to consider whether you want a permanently installed desk or a free standing one. Permanent desks save on space and look really modern since they include a working surface built in on the wall. However, they are pretty inconveniencing when it comes to portability and changing position.


Well, money talk is never fun especially when you are the one paying. But let’s face it, not all desks are made the same so you pretty much get what you pay for. As you would expect, hardwood, antiques, and desks rigged with incredible features come at an extra cost. So how do you get quality and still manage to stay within your budget? My advice would be to stick to the features that you need to avoid attracting unnecessary costs. Some features such as cord holes can be added later and at a cheaper cost. When it comes to the question of quality, not all affordable desks are fragile and poor in quality. You can find some really great desks at mid-range prices. Don’t fix your mind on hardwood and antiques, give other materials such as metal a chance. Also, keep in mind that the method used in binding plays a big role in durability. You may have a hardwood desk poorly bound only to fall apart.

What Monitor(s) are You Using?

Sometimes you need more than one monitor on your desk such is the case of tech specialists and gamers. It goes without saying that you will need a larger and sturdier desk. The same is the case if you are using a PC rather than a laptop. Moreover, desks for PCs usually come compartmentalized to house the tower and cords while a laptop desk will not need such features. Laptop desks are also sleek and smaller in size. So, considering your computer and its parts plays a big role in deciding the desk to go with.

Best Brands for Computer Desks

Choosing the best computer desk brand for your office is the best thing one can do to perfect his office work. In recent times, many people have resorted to establishing home offices and it has become vital to equip those offices with decent computer desk brands. This Surf’n’Buy’s list clearly discusses the best brands for computer desks.

The Walker Edison Soreno 3-Piece Corner Desk

This computer desk brand is also called L-shaped desks. Many customers like this desk since it saves office space and it is cheaper hence saving some cash. It is also fully manufactured with a tempered glass, which gives the computer desk a beautiful look. Moreover, this Corner desk provides enough space to keep all the system accessories the user may like. It has a powerful frame which is well-finished. The desk might come in different colors either with black or white and smoke finishes. The desk having a dimensional height of 29″ is suitable for easier storage of the product and it also provides comfortability to the user while carrying along his operations.

Origami RDE-01 Computer Desk

This product is the best choice for the office since it is compact, sturdy yet foldable computer desk. The sturdy nature of the desk helps it to be strong enough to hold all the computer components and other office tools that the user might need including stationery.  If placed on an even surface floor, each surface can hold up to 250lbs of the weight on it. This is wonderful sturdiness for the product bearing in mind of its favorite price. The computer desk is assembled with a height of 29.9″ making it compact. Additionally, the Origami RDE-01 computer desk does not consume a lot of time when assembling it. The product is sold in a folded form which only requires few seconds to open it. The same easiness is evident when folding it after finishing your work on it. Due to the presence of the two shelves, other computer components like CPU can be stored safely.

Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch

The Sauder Beginnings Desk with Hutch actually saves the users cash since it is budget friendly. It also has enough space for storage of computer accessories on it. Its only disadvantage is that it consumes much time when setting it up because it is bigger than most brands in the market. Once again, the brand is favorable for the professionals who use few books and files on the table at a particular time. In a case of many files and books, they can be stored in the hidden storage spaces or in the drawers so as to save space on the table. The desk has an assembled height of 53.5″, which is quite favorable.

Stanford Computer Desk

One of the major reasons for going for this brand of computer desk is its premium design and a beautiful look. Stanford Computer Desk visual look is just awesome for placing a desktop or a laptop and that is the reason why many buyers prefer it for home office and interiors. The desk does not look like a computer desk when it is closed. When the user wants to use this desk, he assembles it by simply pulling out the keyboard tray and start. This brand is designed in such a way that all the storage spaces have wire access; so, there is no trouble for setting up the desktop daily. The entire table top working surface is scratch-proof, which improves the user’s comfortability. It is manufactured with an Antique Black finish, which is awesome. The furnished black surfaces can support the laptop or desktop monitor and the remaining space for office supplies. Though the Stanford computer desk is a bit expensive in the market, it is due to its good quality and service it offers.

Best Choice Products Wood L-Shape Computer Desk

This is one of the best modern computer desks with l shaped design. The computer desk is manufactured from wood material table-top offering a wonderful storage capacity purchased in white and black finishes. The L-shape that the desk has helps the user to have less trouble in placing the desk in the bedroom or even the living room. Although when assembling the product it does not allow the user to place the keyboard tray according to his wish, it is possible to change the two desks for convenience. Finally, this desk offers good services to the user bearing in mind of its lower prices.

Computer Desk Accessories and Parts

There are quite a number of accessories that can be used with your computer desk. Some as obvious as a good ergonomic chair and other as subtle as monitor mounts. Most computer desk accessories are designed to keep the work space tidy and manageable. Actually, when it comes down to it, most accessories are a matter of preference. That said, Surf’n’Buy will be naming the common accessories and the most useful.

Computer Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Desk Office Chair with Armrests - Mesh Back, Swivels - Black, BIFMA Certified
Comfortable office chair with contoured mesh back for breathability; Pneumatic seat-height adjustment; padded seat for comfort
AmazonBasics High-Back Executive Swivel Office Desk Chair - White with Pewter Finish, BIFMA Certified
Comfortable executive chair upholstered in bonded black leather and PVC; Padded seat and back for all-day comfort and support

Desk Lamp

Good lighting is essential to any reading or writing that goes on when you are at your desk. Hence, a reliable desk lamp is an accessory worth giving a shot. When going for a desk lamp, look beyond the aesthetics and chose one with the required features. For instance, go for one that easily adjusts to give you an easy time directing light where needed. A cable powered lamp is better than a battery power one while a lamp with both options is the best. I’d also go for one with intensity control to enable you to find the optimum brightness settings when working under different conditions.

Paper Tray

Nothing is as energy draining as a desk full of disorganized unsorted paper clutter. To tidy things up, a paper tray comes in handy. You can easily sort your letters and important documents by compartmentalizing them.  Paper trays come with different numbers of compartments starting from single up to four layers. You can go with stand along paper trays or hanging ones, both deliver great storage and organization.

SimpleHouseware Mesh Desk Organizer with Sliding Drawer, Double Tray and 5 Upright Sections, Black
Space-saving mesh design with stylish drawer. No tools needed.; Desk storage, file folder and letter organizer

Drawer Organizer

Do you often lose tiny items like pens and pins in your drawers? Pretty annoying huh? Well, this can be a thing of the past by acquiring a drawer organizer. It is compartmentalized into small sections that allow you to store items separately. They come in different compartment sizes and of course, different colors.

Rolodex Deep Desk Drawer Organizer, Metal Mesh, Black (22131) 11.75 inches long by 15.25 inches wide
Stylish mesh design; Deep bins; Black; Increased convenience and efficiency.Unique rolled mesh criss cross design


Seating down for hours can exert a lot of pressure on your feet. Hence the need of a footrest. It elevates and positions your legs right reducing the pressure of being seated. If a footrest is too low for you, a great alternative would be a foot stool.

Foot Rest Under Desk Non-Slip Ergonomic Footrest Foam Cushion - Excellent Under Desk Leg Clearance, by Office Ottoman
High quality soft and supportive cushion footrest massages sore & achy feet.

Monitor Mount

Not a fan of a desk hutch? A monitor mount is a great accessory that helps support your computer monitor be it a tablet, PC or even a laptop itself. The best are those that are flexible and dust fully allowing you to position your monitor according to your height.

AmazonBasics Premium Single Monitor Stand - Lift Engine Arm Mount, Aluminum - Black
Single monitor arm adjusts effortlessly for easy use; works with almost any LCD monitor measuring 32 inches or smaller.

Desk Hutch

You can buy a desk with the hutch already installed or, you can buy it separately and install it. This is a great way of increasing the storage capacity of your desk as well as adding some extra decorations.

Trash Can

This is a bit obvious and more of a tool rather than an accessory. Nonetheless, a trash can helps a great deal in keeping your work area tidy. They come in all kinds of sizes and designs give you freedom of choice. If you like to be trendy, a desk vacuum can be a great alternative to a trash can. It sucks up all the dirt on the press of a button. It may however not help in clearing large items such as paper waste.

simplehuman 10 Liter / 2.6 Gallon Profile Open Trash Can, Brushed Stainless Steel
Perfect for Small Spaces; Easy, quick liner change lid lifts off easily for a quick bag change

Monitor Stand

If you are not comfortable with the height of your monitor, a stand is a great way to elevate it. They also work for monitors that come without stands. They available in different designs and colors and are quite affordable.

SimpleHouseware Metal Desk Monitor Stand Riser with Organizer Drawer
Monitor Riser / Stand for printer, computer, laptop, notebook.; Sturdy Metal Construction with Classic Black Coating

Computer Desk Tips and Tricks

Choosing the best computer desk brand desk for the home office is a big deal for someone who spends much time operating a computer. There are many tips and tricks before settling to a particular computer desk brand. This part of the article has explained issues that a person has to consider before purchasing a particular computer desk.

Check the Prices of the Desk

Computer desk prices in the market vary widely which at some moment it is hard to spot the best deal. Of course, you might want to compare prices among different sellers and ascertain the product reviews, but there are extra tricks too. To begin with, look into the materials used. If you are looking for a metallic computer desk, it should be rustproof, galvanized, powder-coated, or stainless steel if you are interested in premium options. If you prefer a premium wood desk, then you should go for hardwoods.

Take Measurements

Before settling on a certain desk brand, you should measure the space where the computer desk will be stored and the dimensions of the desk. It is important that you sit on a regular chair and measures the distance from the floor to your knee and adds six to eight inches of clearance to the dimension and you will have a perfect approximation of the optimum computer desk height and how much leg room you need.

Know Your Needs

It is important to purchase a computer desk with a consideration on how you need to use it. It should be designed in such a way it will suit your needs. The size, storage, and the desk shape all determine the efficiency of the desk including the space utilization. Aspects that are also important to consider are the number of drawers, the desk shape which can be either rectangular or L-shaped.

Consider Looks Last

Of course, it is vital that you consider the beauty of your desk, but you should maximize functionality for style. I mean, what’s the need of working on a beautiful glass table that can fall apart any minute?


Well, there you have it, the ins and outs of buying a computer desk. Most of it is pretty much a matter of preference and style. The trick is being able to ensure that you are buying a quality product. This is easily done by checking the material used to make it and ensuring that the assembly or binding is done the correct way. Also, taking into account the space available in your apartment or home will save you a great deal of trouble when getting an office desk that fits. Most importantly, think about your health.

Get a computer desk that encourages you to be in a good posture. Speaking of posture, a good desk should be accompanied by a great chair to enhance your comfort and keep your sitting posture right. Perhaps consider buying a desk and a seat together especially when renovating. And as I said, you ought to ensure the seat fits well under the desk and that your legs are well positioned. Remember to accessorize your desk to give it a personal touch as well as give yourself an ample working environment. Finally, as with any equipment, great maintenance is key to allowing durability and longevity. Make sure you maintain your computer desk and avoid any unnecessary pressures to it.


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