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Best Dog Diapers [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Olivia Sutton
Paw Inspired 32ct Disposable Dog Diapers | Female Dog Diapers Ultra Protection | Diapers for Dogs in Heat, Excitable Urination, or Incontinence (Medium)
Male Pet Simple and Convenient Disposable Wrap Dog Diapers,24 Count
Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall - Made in USA - Turquoise Flower Escape-Proof Washable Dog Diaper Overall, M, Without Tail Hole for Dog Incontinence, Marking, Housetraining and Females in Heat
Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog
Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog
Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall
Paw Inspired 32ct Disposable Dog Diapers | Female Dog Diapers Ultra Protection | Diapers for Dogs in Heat, Excitable Urination, or Incontinence (Medium)
Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog
Male Pet Simple and Convenient Disposable Wrap Dog Diapers,24 Count
Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog
Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall - Made in USA - Turquoise Flower Escape-Proof Washable Dog Diaper Overall, M, Without Tail Hole for Dog Incontinence, Marking, Housetraining and Females in Heat
Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall

You’ve welcomed your beloved puppy to your home. And what a bundle of joy it is. The adorable furball is affectionate, playful and loves nothing better than snuggling up on your knees while you both watch your favorite mystery series over a freshly baked batch of peanut butter cookies.

It’s also clever and loves to play fetch in your garden and explore every corner of its new home – and rather fond of wetting your favorite couch too and that plush new rug right in front of your TV. Which begs the question: How best to keep your surroundings spotless and hygienic while getting your precious furry charge to become potty trained? The answer to that is rather simple: dog diapers.

Available in a variety of options, these items are the perfect choice for keeping your home and that delightful little canine snug, warm and dry. These versatile pet care products are also an amazing option for older pets which may suffer from an illness or any condition which might affect their ability to exercise their potty training.

And thanks to our resident canine experts at Surf’n’Buy, we’ve come up with a list of top notch products which quite simply trump all the rest in efficiency, comfort and convenience.What’s more, we’ve also provided an additional list of goodies which will enable you to provide your favorite canine with the care and support they need.

Top 5 Dog Diapers

1. Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog


They’re super absorbent, come with fur resistant fasteners and will fit your pet snugly and comfortably. So what’s not to like about the Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog? Especially since this is one set of diapers which comes with Advanced DrySpeed Technology TM which will immediately convert any fluid passed by your pet into gel. And there’s no need to worry about your pet sulking due to an excessively tight diaper or any tell tale puddles on your freshly polished wooden floors as a result of any mysterious ‘accidents’.

Thanks to their breathable bottom layers and gathered leak proof edges, the Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog will not only feel just right for your furball, but will also keep its fur and your floors dryer and cleaner for longer –  a win win situation for you and your dog. No wonder hundreds of delighted customers can’t sing their praises enough. And you too can experience those impressive qualities for yourself and give your beloved canine the care it deserves.


  • Advanced DrySpeed Technology TM: Thanks to this special feature which sets the Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog apart from the rest, any liquid passed by your pet will be instantly converted into gel, significantly reducing the likelihood of your canine and those carpets getting soaked.
  • Breathable bottom layers: The Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog have been designed to ensure maximum comfort for your pet without feeling excessively tight making them the ideal choice for a lengthy trip or for a full night’s sleep.
  • Gathered leak proof edges: Thanks to this feature, you’ll be able to look forward to a clean, dry pet. You’ll no longer have to live in dread of those puddles which seem to show up randomly on your freshly scrubbed tiles, making for a happier you and a happier pet too.


  • Large tail hole: Clients who purchased the Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog noted the large size of the tail opening in the diapers.
  • May come off due to vigorous rubbing: The Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog may actually be removed by your pet if they happen to rub rather vigorously.


The Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog have been specially designed to keep both your pet and your surroundings dry and hygienic. That way, you get to spend less time doing all that laundry and cleaning, and create more amazing memories with your favorite canine in the whole world. What’s more, their Advanced DrySpeed Technology TM will ensure that any liquid gets converted into gel, right away. There’s also the fact that they have leak proof edges and layered breathable bottoms ensuring an extra dimension of comfort for your pet. All these qualities mean both you and your dog will be able to enjoy a refreshing night’s sleep or even take that long trip you’ve always wanted to.

2. Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog


Products created by manufacturers who seem determined to leave no stone unturned have a very special appeal which sets them apart from the competition. No wonder our team was unable to resist the very special offering that is the Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog. This pet hygiene product is a multi-layered affair – each diaper has actually got five of them, no less. Which means you can expect them to provide the protection your pet needs day or night.

What’s more, they’re totally leak proof, ensuring you’ll get to enjoy peace of mind during that lengthy trip thanks to the presence of an extra absorbent microfiber pad and an anti-leak plastic liner. And they even come with a belly band with a moisture wicking liner which will protect your dog’s hair and skin. But the Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog are much more than functional pet nappies; they’re also extremely comfortable too. And it’s thanks to their soft, cotton surfaces which will provide a much needed delicate and cozy touch to your furry charge.

With all these qualities and more, it certainly feels as though this is one set of diapers which has been manufactured by fans of the world’s most cherished furball. And one thing’s certain, that it will keep your beloved pet perfectly dry and in the best of moods, making it an excellent choice of dog diapers.


  • Multiple layers to ensure dryness: The Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog each have five layers making each unit capable of keeping your pet clean and dry, day and night.
  • Fully leak proof: Thanks to the presence of an extra absorbent microfiber pad and an anti-leak plastic liner, the Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog will prevent troublesome leaks making them an ideal option for long trips.
  • Extra comfort for your pet: Each diaper in this set comes with a soft cotton surface which will make your dog feel comfortable when it wears one.


  • Not suitable for female dogs: The Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog are not suitable for female dogs.
  • Poor odor control: The Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog will not neutralize the odor of your pet’s fluids.


It isn’t that often you come across an item which seems to cover all the essentials and then some. And that’s what sets the Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog apart from the rest. With each diaper featuring five layers, an extra absorbent core, and an anti-leak plastic liner, you can be certain that they will absorb all those fluids while keeping your pet comfortable day or night. The additional touch of comfort added by the manufacturer – that soft cotton layer – is also an added plus.

3. Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall


Fed up of being outwitted by a rather diaper-shy pet? Or of searching for the right product which will fit your dog breed? If so, the Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall might just prove to be what you’ve been looking for all along.

Whether your pet happens to be particularly skilled at getting off its diapers or comes with a unique body type (Dachshunds and English bulldogs, for example) this reusable diaper will not only prove to be a perfect fit, but will also stay on no matter how hard it tries to get it off.

Thanks to the presence of adjustable tabs, it’s pretty easy to get on and to even customize so that it fits your pet as though it’s been specially made for it. And to resolve the ever present issue of comfort, the manufacturer of the Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall has also fitted it with adjustable straps and a built in collar. And thanks to the presence of its extended bottom wing, it will ensure your pet is fully covered.

The fact that the manufacturer has also gone the extra mile to ensure a super soft interior, separated from an exterior made from high quality material, with a waterproof layer is also worth a special mention. And in addition to comfort and functionality, you’ll also be able to provide your pet with a product which is aesthetically pleasing to look at since the diaper is available in an amazing variety of prints and designs.

All these qualities mean that this is one hygiene item which will ensure you’re able to improve your furball’s hygiene while also bestowing it with a hint of style.


  • A leak proof product: The Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall features a high quality fabric outer layer separated from a soft, absorbent interior by a waterproof layer, enabling it to forestall any troublesome leaks.
  • Can be adjusted to ensure your dog’s comfort: The presence of tags and straps as well as the presence of a collar means the Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall can be adjusted to provide the perfect fit for your dog.
  • Suitable for both genders and various dog breeds: Finding a dog diaper which seems to tick all the right boxes and discovering your pet has to miss out on it due to its gender can be a letdown. But thanks to this diaper, you’ll be able to lay such worries aside. What’s more, it’s also ideal for dogs with unusual body shapes which is also an added bonus.


  • Is reusable: The Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall   is reusable and will need washing on a regular basis meaning it may not be the best choice for you if you’re looking to reduce the amount of laundry due to your dog’s health issues.
  • Fewer layers than other products: In spite of its impressive design, the Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall comes with fewer layers than a number of other products.


The Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall is an excellent choice of a reusable diaper for your favorite furball in the whole wide world. It is not only ideal for both genders of dogs but has also been designed for dogs with rather unusual shapes. It’s also leak proof thanks to the presence of a high quality fabric outer layer, a middle waterproof layer and an inner layer of absorbent material. What’s more, it can also be adjusted to fit your pet perfectly thanks to the presence of tags and straps provided for the purpose. And it’s available in a wide range of prints and designs too meaning you’ll be able to make your pet a tad stylish while caring for their hygiene needs at the same time.

4. Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers, Unisex


When a product happens to be the go-to-option for several veterinarians, pet trainers and establishments, it’s pretty clear its manufacturers are doing something right. No wonder our team couldn’t resist taking a look at the Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers. So what can you expect from this diaper set which promises to improve your family’s and your pet’s hygiene?

There’s the fact that each diaper comes fully fitted with antimicrobial protection to eliminate those germs which seem to appear and multiply due to soaked diapers. And in addition to being easy to put on and remove, these nappies have also been made from high quality materials. As a result, they’re not only suitable for machine washing and drying, but are also impressively durable too.

The Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers have also been specially designed for comfort and are not only breathable and soft, but also feature flat, soft seams. All these qualities make this diaper set ideal for keeping your pet happy, dry and germ free.


  • Antimicrobial protection: The Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers will keep both your home and your pet germ free thanks to the antimicrobial protection which sets them apart from products provided by other brands.
  • Extra comfort for your pet: The Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers will ensure your pet feels snug and comfy while wearing them due to their breathability and flat soft, seams.
  • An excellent choice regardless of age or gender: Whether your precious furball happens to be a male or female, pup or adult, you’ll be able to treat them to the delights of this awesome set of diapers with superb qualities.


  • Require regular washing: The Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers require regular washing. That makes them rather unsuitable if you happen to be interested in options which will enable you to cut back on the laundry.
  • Fabric may be somewhat fragile: Clients who purchased the Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers noted that they seemed especially prone to wear and tear.

Key Takeaways 

The Surgi Snuggly Washable Dog Diapers have the distinction of not only being a firm favorite among pet experts, but also of being capable of providing antimicrobial protection. What’s more, they’re also breathable and snug and even feature flat, soft seams to prevent them from feeling uncomfortably tight where they grip your pet’s legs. And in addition to the extra hygiene and feeling of coziness they provide, these diapers are also durable and have been designed to last.

5. Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers


The last product on our list comes with a guarantee of lasting quality. But just how capable is this three-in-one diaper set of living up to its promises? In terms of efficiency which is perhaps the most important criterion of all, the Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers, Unisex features inner absorbent layers as well as waterproof outer layers ensuring puddles on those freshly polished floors will become a thing of the past.

The manufacturer has also paid special attention to comfort by providing Velcro closures which can be fastened with a minimum of fuss without sticking to fur. They’ve also stayed clear of crinkly textures which might make your pet feel uncomfortable.

The Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers are also an excellent choice if you’re interested in diapers which are particularly environmentally friendly compared to offerings by other competitors. They’re also impressively versatile and may be used for any pet dog regardless of its age or gender. In light of all these qualities, it’s pretty clear that this diaper set is indeed an excellent choice for ensuring your freshly cleaned home remains that way for longer.


  • A highly absorbent set of diapers: The Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers will make impromptu mopping sessions a thing of the past thanks to their absorbent pads and waterproof outer layers.
  • Velcro closures for extra comfort: The Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers have also been fitted with Velcro closures which can easily be fastened and won’t stick to fur.
  • An impressively versatile option: This is one set of diapers which is suitable for both pups and adults and male and female dogs. And that means your pet won’t have to miss out on its awesome qualities due to its gender or age.


  • Is non-disposable: The Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers are non-disposable and will require regular washing as a result, making them an unsuitable option for owners who prefer disposable diapers.
  • May not prevent leaking: Customers who purchased the Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers noted incidents of leaking even though their pets had been wearing the diapers at the time.


They’re perfect for dogs of all ages and genders and are also absorbent and durable. What’s more, the Pet Parents Washable Male & Female Dog Diapers also feature Velcro fasteners which can be attached with a minimum of fuss. All these qualities mean that these diapers have what it takes to keep your beloved canine friend and those floors and rugs, dry, clean and hygienic.

Types of Dog Diapers

Choosing the right diaper for your dog makes all the difference between getting to efficiently handle any little ‘accidents’, and wondering why you still have to mop non-stop and make those seemingly endless trips to the washing machine.

And that means taking a close look at the different available types which include:

  • Male and female diapers: The sort of diaper you should get for your dog often depends on their gender. And while female diapers might do for your male dog, it won’t quite work that way in reverse.

Female diapers come in the form of nappies which can be tugged on like doggy briefs, or which may alternatively be attached at the sides. Both varieties of course, will have a hole so your dog can waggle her tail at leisure.

Male diapers may resemble the variety described above. On the other hand, they may simply come in the form of special bands placed around their middles to prevent puddles showing up right in the middle of your living room.

  • Washable and disposable diapers: When purchasing your pet’s diapers, you’ll also need to decide whether to opt for those of the reusable or disposable variety.

Reusable diapers are best for long term use particularly for elderly pets or those with a long term condition which will prevent them from being able to manage their hygiene routines efficiently. That said, their one drawback is the frequent washing required.

Disposable diapers, on the other hand, are known to be extremely convenient since all you have to do is simply chuck them in the waste disposal, clean up your pet, fit them with a new dry snug diaper and have them smelling sweet and fragrant in no time at all.

However, they can be somewhat costly when used long term. As a result, they are probably best used for potty training a miniature furball or for caring for a convalescing pet.

Situations When Dog Need Diapers

There are various circumstances under which your pet may require diapers. Some of the most common examples include:

  • When potty training a young puppy: One of your first responsibilities as a new dog owner will be teaching your adorable furry charge where it’s allowed to take care of its hygiene needs and where it isn’t.

And while it’s learning how to be a more hygienic little furball, you may also have to rely on diapers until it emerges fully potty trained.

  • As a result of illness or injury: Certain illnesses or injuries may affect the ability of your dog to get to relieve themselves at the appropriate spot right on time. And under such circumstances, diapers are an excellent choice for keeping them clean.

Especially since they’ll also save you from having to scrub and mop the scene of the accident when you’d much rather be indulging in your favorite dog-friendly treats with your canine friend.

  • When your pet happens to be a tad over territorial: Some dogs simply love to lay claim to everything in sight: your chess board, your game controller and even your favorite teddy bear. How best to let them know that you have a right to a plush toy or two? By relying on diapers to save the day.
  • When caring for an elderly pet: As your canine charge approaches old age, they may suffer from conditions such as arthritis or canine cognitive dysfunction (a condition which affects their memory and brain function).

As a result, taking care of their hygiene-related needs may be somewhat more difficult than usual. Diapers are an excellent option to ensure you’re able to provide them with the care they deserve.

  • When taking your pet on a lengthy trip: If you happen to be taking your pet on an exciting getaway but are unsure if they’ll be able to get any loo breaks during the trip, your best bet will be a comfy diaper.

Especially since it will do wonders for eliminating any anxiety you may feel about any possible accidents, ensuring you’re able to relax and enjoy the trip with your beloved furball.

  • When your female pet is in heat: If your canine friend happens to be a female which is in heat, diapers will come especially handy during this period since they’ll protect your furniture, rugs and carpets from getting stained.

Sizes and Materials

  • Size: When purchasing dog diapers, you’ll need to pay close attention to the size specifications of the product you’re interested in to ensure you get the right size for your pet.

One of the most important means of ensuring you get it right is by measuring your dog’s waist (we cover how to do so in a subsection below). Doing so will enable you to work out the exact size category of diaper to purchase. This is because dog diapers generally come in the following sizes: x-small, small, medium, large and x-large.

  • Material: Reusable dog diapers generally tend to be made of clothwith cotton being a popular choice of material.

Cloth diapers tend to be especially popular since they’re considered the more environmentally friendly option. In spite of the convenience they provide in maintaining the hygiene of pets and their premises, disposable diapers are considered to be rather somewhat unsuitable for the environment since they significantly contribute to landfill.

Disposable or Washable Diapers?

Your choice of disposable or washable diapers will be influenced by your budget as well as your personal preferences. As previously noted, disposable diapers provide the option of cleaning up after your pet within a significantly shorter time compared to washable alternatives. Especially since all you have to do is merely dispose of them in a dustbin. However, using them in the long term may involve considerable expense. As a result, they’re considered to be ideal for short term use.

Washable diapers on the other hand, do involve a bit more effort. However they’re not only considered to be an environmentally friendly option compared to disposable diapers, but will also turn out to be cheaper in the long run. As a result, washable diapers are often recommended for use over long periods of time.

Difference Between Male and Female Dog Diapers

The main difference between female and male dog diapers is the fact that the latter takes two forms. The first is a band placed around the midsection of a male pet. (It’s worth noting that this option is especially suitable if your pet is particularly fond of marking its territory indoors or is unable to exercise its potty training.) The second, is the same as a female diaper which covers the pet’s hindquarters with openings for the legs and tail.

Can They Help in Potty Training?

Dog diapers can play an important role in encouraging your pup to take loo breaks when needed. Examples of the benefits of using diapers when training your little furball to go to the bathroom in the right spot include:

  • Being able to know just how well they’re doing with their training.
  • Discouraging them from passing water at will in your home.
  • Protecting your home from the lingering odors of your pup’s ‘accidents’.

However, it’s worth noting that experts recommend using dog diapers when your puppy has significantly progressed during their training and has become rather independent in handling their hygiene needs.

How to Measure Dog’s Waist?

Measuring your dog’s waist will make all the difference between getting them a diaper which fits snugly and getting one which is rather too loose or too tight. The process is a rather simple one and involves having your furry charge assume a standing position and then wrapping a tape measure around their waist. Certain experts recommend taking the measurement around the center of their abdomen if measuring them for a belly band.

How to Put a Diaper on Your Dog So It Doesn’t Come Off?

You’ve got your Jack Russell to stand still for a few seconds to measure his waist. You’ve selected your dog diaper of choice: it’s wonderfully waterproof, comfy and even features stylish designs. And now for the moment of truth: getting that diaper to stay on.

Here are some tips to ensure those diapers stay put right where you want them to:

  • Reward your pet when they do keep it on:  Dogs love treats and loads of cuddles. And since they’re rather clever, it won’t take too long for them to make the connection between those tasty titbits, heartwarming hugs, and that colorful item of clothing they’ve got to keep on. Which can only result in a happy ending.
  • Opt for a belly band: These male-only diapers are renowned for their ability to fit rather snugly and stay put too.

And that makes them an excellent option if you’d rather replace diapers which cover your pet’s hind quarters. However, it’s worth noting that they’re only suitable for cases of urinary incontinence.

  • Use suspenders: Another excellent option for fitting those diapers in place snuggly on your dog, suspenders are particularly efficient for dogs which have an uncanny ability to get rid of their diapers.

Don’t Forget About the Dog’s Comfort

It’s one thing to select a dog diaper which is ultra-absorbent, leak-proof and especially durable. But you can be certain your resident canine will be none too pleased if it fails to deliver in the comfort stakes.

Fortunately, the very best brands often take that all-important factor into account and here are a few important features to pay attention to when purchasing a diaper for your pet:

  • Triple layer protection: The very best diapers come with a leak proof outer layer which is separated from a soft, super absorbent inner layer by a waterproof middle layer.

Certain manufacturers even provide products which come with additional layers to enhance the ability of their product to keep your pet dry and in a wonderful mood.

  • Appropriate fasteners: Opt for adjustable fasteners which won’t stick to your pet’s fur. Some manufacturers rely on Velcro to provide options which are not only ideal for fur, but are also easy to attach and remove.
  • Change your pet frequently: Doing so will ensure your beloved furball remains dry and clean. It will also prevent them from suffering from burns which may occur as a result of their skin being in prolonged contact with a soaked diaper.


At the start of this article we promised more goodies to ensure you’re able to handle the task of keeping your pet’s hygiene in hand with ease. And thanks to our resident canine experts (to whom we owe this guide) we’re delighted to be able to present you with some of the most amazing accessories which will enable you to do just that.

Paw Inspired Male Dog Wrap Suspenders

Keep those diapers on your little escape artist especially if they happen to be Bulldogs, Dachshunds or Pugs.

Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks

Tie close handles and a delicate mild scent make these sacks an excellent choice for disposing of any soiled diapers.

Sassy Baby Disposable Diaper Sacks, 200 Count, Packaging may vary
Built in ties to seal in odors and wetness; Fresh baby powder scent; Easy dispenser box. Baby diaper sack has tie-close handles

Wegreeco Dog Diaper Pads

Add an extra layer of protection to keep your pet snug and dry with these washable, soft topped, absorbent pads.

PUPMATE Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats

Keep your beloved canine clean and fragrant with these extra moist wipes which are not only natural, but also contain vitamin E and aloe vera.

PUPMATE Pet Wipes for Dogs & Cats, Extra Moist & Thick Grooming Puppy Wipes with 100 Fresh Counts, Aloe Vera/Nature
Our cat wipes are natural.; The doggie wipes puppy paw wipes are soft and comfortable,; Our paw wipes are for your dog's paws after daily walking.

Rocco & Roxie Professional Strength Stain & Odor Eliminator

This excellent stain and odor buster which is both pet and child safe will get rid of the most stubborn stains and prevent any unpleasant smells from lingering in your home.

iTouchless Automatic Trash Can with Odor-Absorbing Filter

With its natural carbon odor filter, this trash can which opens with the motion of your hand will keep your home wonderfully free of any unpleasant odors.

Nutrition Strength Dog Incontinence Support

A complete supplement made from high quality organic ingredients, this product will cleanse your pet’s liver and kidneys of harmful substances making urination easier for them.

Zesty Paws Cranberry for Dogs

Bite sized and chewable, these supplements which feature patented Bio-Shield technology will not only cleanse your pet’s liver and kidneys of toxins, but will also provide relief and improve their digestion.

LiveSimpli Premium Anti-Slip Incontinence Mattress Pad

It’s absorbent, hypoallergenic and leak proof and will keep your bed and your pet dry until dawn, ensuring an excellent night’s sleep.


Caring for a pet which may need to be potty trained, may be in heat or suffering from an injury or infection certainly does come with its own set of challenges. However, the very best diapers can work wonders in enabling you to provide the care they deserve while keeping your surroundings clean for the both of you. The products mentioned above fall into this category. And we can be certain of that since they’ve been vouched for by our very own experts on all things dog-related right here at Surf’n’Buy.

But as always there were a number of them which we felt were simply amazing. And we’re only too delighted to share them with you too. Paw Inspired Diapers for Female Dog: The main features of this set of diapers include Advanced DrySpeed TechnologyTM capable of converting liquid to gel, gathered leak proof edges as well as breathable bottoms. And that means your pet will feel comfy and dry as will your furniture. Hence it’s no surprise that it’s one of the most loved and highly rated products by several delighted customers.

Pet Soft Disposable Diapers for Male Dog: This is one set of diapers which seems as though it’s been manufactured by fans of the world’s most loved pet themselves. Each item it contains comes with an extra absorbent microfiber pad and an anti-leak plastic liner as well as a belly band with a moisture wicking liner which will protect your dog’s hair and skin. It also features a soft, cotton surface which will feel extra cozy against your dog’s skin, making this set an excellent choice for maintaining your pet’s hygiene.

Barkertime Dog Diaper Overall: Adjustable strap and tags as well as a built in collar will make this reusable diaper seem as though it’s been specially made for your pet. It will also ensure it’s a snug fit making it a superb choice for furry escape artists who have no intentions of letting a diaper cramp their style. It even features an extended bottom wing to ensure your pet is fully covered. The icing on the cake is the variety of colors and patterns you’ll get to choose from ensuring you’ll get to make your pet look pretty while also caring for their hygiene at the same time.

When it comes to choosing the right product, having to sift through the plethora of available options can be a tad overwhelming. But thanks to our list of favorites and those accessories too, you’ll be well on your way to providing your precious furball with the care they deserve in what seems like no time at all. And that means you’ll be able to bid farewell to mysteriously soaked carpets and cushions, odors wafting from the most unlikely places, and moody, wet canines. It also means you’ll be able to able to enjoy as many magical moments with your pet too. Which we think makes it all worth it.


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