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Best Electric Garage Heaters [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Jonathan Logtenberg

With the cold weather coming in fast, your garage can be a little unpleasant to work in.  Nobody wants to be bundling up for work when they work with power tools.  Not only is it uncomfortable, but it is dangerous to work with tools when your hands are too cold to grip them properly. So, you need a better solution when it comes to working in your garage to make sure you and your buddies are as safe as possible and working hard. 

The best solution is an electric garage heater to get the garage to a comfortable enough temperature that you can wear your usual work gear and have all the movability you need to get the job done safely. Wondering which electric garage heater is the best option for you?  Surf’n’Buy are here to help. 

We have two of the best electric garage heaters and all of the information you need to pick the one that is best for your needs.

Top 2 Garage Heaters

1. PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control


The small and compact size of the PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control coupled with the lightweight design weighing less than 13 pounds makes this garage heater one of the easiest to move around and transport as needed.  You can also mount it on the wall if needed to provide constant and consistent heat around the room. With the ability to control the temperature with the four buttons on the body of the garage heater or from anywhere with the remote control, this is the most convenient space heater on the market as there is no need to fiddle with dials and controls. 

The powerful 2400-4800 watt engine distributes an even heat to rooms of up to 861 square feet in minutes to ensure that your work spaces are warm and comfortable during colder weather to keep you working at your best.  This garage heater is also able to heat open garages and barns without losing heat or efficiency. The solid stainless steel body is durable enough to handle knocks and bumps while the ceramic heating element warms up quickly and emits the most heat possible to minimize loss of efficiency. The PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control automatically shuts off if it begins to overheat to ensure the safety of the user and the garage, giving you peace of mind when using this garage heater.


  • The compact and lightweight size of the garage heater makes it easy to transport around the room to heat the areas which need it most.
  • This garage heater can be mounted to provide consistent and efficient heating at all times.
  • The remote control included in the purchase makes this garage heater incredibly easy to use and control the temperature from your fingertips.
  • The strong, high wattage engine can heat even the largest rooms in minutes.  Coupled with a ceramic heating element, minimal heat is lost to maximize the comfort in your garage.
  • The durable steel body ensures the longevity of this garage heater so that you get everything you need in terms of heat and have peace of mind this garage heater is built to last.
  • With an automatic shut off function when the PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control overheats, you have complete peace of mind when using this garage heater for long periods of time that it won’t cause a hazard.


  • The wall mount does not allow for mounting at an angle which means you won’t be able to attain heat at a particular point, which can be irritating for those with a particular purpose in mind for their garage heater.
  • The remote control does not come with batteries, so these will need to be supplied at an extra cost.
  • The heating element does not reach red hot, so may not be as warm as other garage heaters available on the market.


If you are looking for the highest quality garage heater available, look no further than the PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control.  Built for convenience, this garage heater can be moved easily due to its lightweight design and controlled from a distance with the remote control.  This means there is no need to fiddle with controls and dials, you can change the temperature from the click of a button.  With a durable steel body and automatic shut off functions, this garage heater is made with your safety in mind so that you can use it for long periods of time to heat large rooms without concern.

2. Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater


The Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater features a heavy Duty 240V, 3000-6000 Watt motor to provide you with a powerful and efficient garage heater capable of heating any space consistently and efficiently.  The rugged steel front cover with five-way adjustable louvers and dynamically designed 8 inch fan allows for easy control airflow to minimize cold and hot spots to give and even and comfortable temperature.  The dynamic design also limits vibrations to keep noise to a minimum so you won’t notice the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater when it gets going.

The compact design weighs only 27 pounds to make this garage heater highly portable, whilst also being able to mount onto a wall or ceiling with the included brackets so you can heat any room from any angle. The adjustable thermostat allows you to switch between a high and low setting to heat up a room and keep it comfortable.  The hardwired motor ensures consistency and reliability during use so you don’t need to worry about blow fuses.


  • The powerful motor of the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater ensures that you receive consistent heat at even the highest of temperatures.
  • With a high and a low setting, you can either heat up your garage or keep it at a steady temperature to ensure comfort and an efficient working environment.
  • The rugged steel cover provides a durability that makes this one of the most reliable garage heaters on the market.
  • The Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater can mount to a wall or to the ceiling so that you can receive all around heat from this garage heater.
  • The lightweight design makes this garage heater easy to move around as you need to.
  • The dynamic design of the fan and five-way adjustable louvers guarantees steady and easy airflow to minimize cold spots and create a level temperature as well as reducing vibration and noise.
  • The hardwired motor provides a durable and stable voltage pull to reduce the risk of blown fuses or shortages.


  • The power cord for the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater is not included with your purchase, so this will need to be provided by the customer at an additional cost.
  • This garage heater is not capable of reaching the levels of heat as other garage heaters, so is not as suitable for larger spaces as other available products.
  • The thermostats are not always completely accurate, so if you need a accuracy you may want to consider an additional thermostat.
  • This garage heater is also slow to heat up, so may need to be turned on in advance so that the work space is warm by the time you need to start working.


If you are looking for a quality garage heater which also offers high value, the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater is a great option to consider.  Crafted for reliability and consistency, this heater is perfect for professional and home garages.  Although not as powerful as some options on the market, it is efficient enough to heat smaller work places to a comfortable level to protect you in the colder months.

Types of Garage Heaters

When you’re thinking of buying a new garage heater, it’s important to know what is out there in order to find an option that will best suit your needs.  With so many options, understanding what is best for you will help you narrow down which make and model will serve you best.  There are three main kinds of garage heater to choose from and we will discuss each one to help you better understand which might suit you best.

Forced Air Garage Heaters

Forced air garage heaters work by cycling blasts of hot air into the space.  They vary in size and fuel type, so it is possible to find an option powerful enough for even the largest of garages.  Gas powered units can be powered with natural gas which connects to the gas line of the property, or by propane, which will require a cannister.  Gas options are more expensive than electric options and may require some installation, but they are generally much more powerful and capable of heating larger spaces.

Convection Garage Heaters

Convection garage heaters have an enclosed flame or heating element to heat the air within the unit which is then expelled via a fan.  These units can have either water or oil filled radiators which change how powerful the heaters can be and their maximum heat.  These garage heaters are the most affordable and portable options available, but are much slower than forced air or radiant garage heaters, so they may take some preparation to get the space to a comfortable temperature.

Radiant Garage Heaters

The final type of garage heater is a radiant garage heater.  These garage heaters have polished reflectors which radiate the heat produced from an infrared element into a garage space.  These heaters offer a much steadier temperature and do not cause an airflow into the area, which is great for those who work in dusty spaces, as they won’t disturb the dust or wood chippings.  These units can be powered by natural gas, propane or electricity and can be mounted or portable, so they offer an excellent option for a wide range of DIY fans or professional contractors.

Power Rating

The power rating of your garage heater will usually be provided in watts, BTUs or both and, generally, the higher the watts, the higher the BTUs and the bigger the space the unit can heat.  This means you don’t need both in order to calculate the power you require from your garage heater.

Power ratings are calculated on the best possible conditions, which means a sealed room with no draughts, so you may need a more powerful unit in an open garage than you would if it were closed.  This is important to keep in mind so you don’t buy a garage heater that is just powerful enough for the space and be disappointed that it doesn’t deliver because the door or windows need to be open.

When calculating the power you will need from your garage heater, you can assume that you will need around 10 watts per square foot of floor space, so a 500 square foot room will need a 5000 watt garage heater. However, it is also important to factor in the height of the ceilings, as the hot air will rise and you may not receive the full benefit of the heater.  If you have higher ceilings, it is better to calculate the BTUs you will need from your garage heater rather than watts alone.  For this you will need to know the insulation level of your garage, which can vary from region to region but usually is around an R-value of 15-30 depending on how cold the climate is of your region. 

This calculation is as follows: (insulation x volume x temperature rise)/1.6.
So, if you have a 20 foot by 20 foot garage with 10 foot ceilings, you will have 4000 cubic feet of air.  If your insulation R-value is 20 and you want a temperature rise of 20 degrees, the calculation will look like this:
(20 x 4000 x 20)/1.6 = 1,000,000 BTUs.

Safety Features

The most important thing to consider when buying a new garage heater is safety, especially if you are working with flammable or precious materials.  There are two very important safety features you can keep an eye out for to make sure you are protected when using your space heater, whilst also maintaining a comfortable temperature.

Overheating Shut Off Function

An overheating shut off function simply turns off the garage heater when the unit overheats.  This can happen when the climate is very cold and there is a high temperature rise to be achieved for the area to be comfortable.  Most garage heaters have this function to prevent the unit from getting too hot and causing a hazard either to those who touch it, or for the heater itself to be a combustion risk.  This protects the heater from damage and prevents risk of fires.

Tip Switch

When working in a busy garage, it is possible that the garage heater could tip over or fall.  This can be incredibly dangerous, especially for gas models, as it can be a serious fire hazard.  A tip switch allows the unit to sense when it is not level or if it has been abruptly moved and the flame or heating components will automatically shut off.  This prevents any risks of damage to the heater or to the surrounding area, ensuring the safety of the garage as a whole.


In some garages, it can be beneficial to have a heater that can be moved around with ease, as you may need to work in different areas of the garage or you might have projects which need heat in order to dry or set.  This means that the lighter the garage heater the better, and the more compact, the more you can move it around. 

The size and weight of the garage heater are the key to making it more portable. Lighter options and a built in handle make the movement more convenient. However, you may want the opposite from your garage heater and you might want an option that mounts to a wall or ceiling.  This gives you a garage heater which can work from an angle so that you can aim the heat over a certain area which might need it most. 

The Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater can be mounted from the wall or the ceiling to fill whatever purpose you need and is an infrared heater so there is no risk of upsetting dust or particulates when in use.  This model can also be used as a standing garage heater, but is slightly heavier, which can make it a little more cumbersome to move around.

Power Cord Length

The length of the power cord will change where you can place your space heater and the amount of room you have to move around.  Your garage heater will need to be plugged into a mains outlet and a short power cord will limit the amount of space you have to take the garage heater when you need it.  So, you might need to make sure there is a power outlet right where you need the heater.  While it is also possible to buy an extension cable, these can be expensive.
Some models, such as the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 don’t come with a power cord and will need the customer to purchase one to power the heater.  This puts you more in control of the length of the power cord and you can give yourself a bit more space to move around. 

However, you should also note that the longer the power cord, the more of a tripping hazard it poses to those around the garage.  Make sure that cable is highly visible and not simply loose around the floor to reduce the risk of trips and falls from a cable which is too long.  Another handy additional feature to a garage heater is an attached cable wrap so that you can keep the cable tucked away when the garage heater is not in use.  This makes storage easier and keeps the garage area safer.

How Much Space Do You Need to Heat?

The size of your space heater has almost nothing to do with its power, although the size of the fan can play a small factor in how far the air flow can travel.  If you are looking to heat your garage quickly and efficiently, a forced air garage heater might be a good model for you because the fan can help to move the air around the room, but if you need a more even temperature, an infrared model may be better.

If you are looking to heat the entire garage, you will need a higher level of BTUs from your garage heater.  However, if you are simply looking to heat parts of the garage and perhaps move the garage heater around with you as you work, you won’t need as much power and a forced air heater might be the right option.

It really depends on the way you work, where you work and who you are working with as to the space you need to heat, so take this into consideration before you buy.  If the garage heater is more for personal use than professional, you may only need to heat the space in which you are working.  There is no need to waste energy on heating the entire garage if you really don’t need to as it will only cost you money you don’t need to spend. 

Where Should You Place Your Heater?

Where you place your heater will change the amount of heat you get in the garage, so it is important to understand how to get the most out of your heater by mounting or standing it in the right place.  This will change depending on the type of heater that you have, so to give you some information on the best placement of your garage heater, Surf’n’Buy have the best place to put each kind of heater.

Forced Air Heaters and Convection Heaters

Forced air heaters have a habit of overheating, so the best place to put them is in the coldest corner of the room and farthest away from the door.  This will keep the heater at a lower temperature when it is turned on to reduce the risk of the unit getting too hot.

If you are planning to mount the heater, measure the height of your ceiling and deduct the height of the heater from this height, then deduct a further four or five inches to accommodate the mounting rigging.  Make sure this number comes to around six foot so that you have adequate clearance to walk underneath the garage heater without hitting your head.

Make sure the heater blows air towards the garage door and has around four or five inches of space between the heater and the walls.  Also make sure that any flammable materials are kept away from the garage heater.  This will make sure there is no risk of fires as the area around the heater will get very hot.
Convection heaters follow roughly the same rules as forced air heaters, but can be used closer to outside walls and at more of an angle to ensure the heat reaches the right place.

Infrared Heater

An infrared heater should be kept at least 24 inches away from the walls of the garage as a minimum safety requirement, but more is better.  Measure the distance from the ceiling to the floor and deduct the size of the heater and any mounting rigging, the same as you did for a forced air heater.  This time, however, you will need at least seven feet of clearance from the bottom of the heater to the floor. Once the heater is mounted, make sure to leave at least 72 inches between the heater and any flammable materials and if you have more than one infrared heater, keep them at least 32 inches apart.


No matter what kind of garage heater you need, Surf’n’Buy have an option that will suit your needs. We are confident that each of these models will provide garage owners with the right amount of heat and the perfect level of power so you can stay cosy this winter, even when working in open garages.  Looking for high quality and incredible convenience?  The PROWARM Garage Heater with Remote Control puts the temperature in your hands with a remote control and several temperature settings to make your garage warm and comfortable. For those working in a garage which needs a more even temperature for long periods of hard work, you can’t get better than the Dr Infrared Heater DR966 Shop Heater.

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