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Best Electric Guitars [Buying Guide] in 2019

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)
Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package Vintage Sunburst
Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar - HSS - Brown Sunburst
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar
Jameson Guitars Full Size Electric Guitar
Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Pack (Vintage Sunburst)
Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar
Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package Vintage Sunburst
Jameson Guitars Full Size Electric Guitar
Squier by Fender Bullet Stratocaster Beginner Hard Tail Electric Guitar - HSS - Brown Sunburst
Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar

The electric guitar is one of the most iconic instruments in existence. If you want to feel like a Rockstar all you need to do is set up an electric guitar and start strumming. Just hearing the notes blaring out the amp and feeling the vibrations will make you feel like you’re the lead guitarist of your favorite band, if just for a minute. People have long debated whether or not you should learn to play guitar on an acoustic or electric guitar and many good arguments have been put forward for the electric variety. Holding chords is easier, the strings are softer, and you can play with earphones on so you don’t have to annoy your neighbors or family. But in the end, the best guitar to learn on is the one that excites you the most, and for many people, the electric guitar is the most exciting instrument imaginable.

Deciding to play the electric guitar is an easy choice but picking the right model is more difficult. If you’re just a beginner you might think that you should start off with the cheapest option available, so that if you decide you don’t want to play anymore you won’t have spent too much money. But if you play on a poor quality guitar you’ll have a less enjoyable time and give up, and giving up in this kind of situation is the biggest waste. You deserve a guitar that fits your budget and lets you play to your full potential.

To help you find the perfect electric guitar we’ve prepared this guide. In it, we’ve included reviews of the five top models on the market, advice on what to look for while shopping, tips on using your guitar properly, and more. We are dedicated to providing our readers with information that is accurate, informative, and easy to read. If you put the content of this article to use we have no doubt that you’ll be rocking out with your brand new electric guitar as soon as possible. 

Top 5 Electric Guitars

1. Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar


  • Six strings
  • Solid-wood body.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Maple neck.
  • Stop tail bridge system and 700T Humbucker pickups.
  • 24.75 inch Scale.
  • Player package includes amp, guitar cable, clip-on tuner, guitar strap, picks, carrying case, and downloadable lessons.
  • Made in the USA.
  • 10-pound guitar, 26.1-pound shipping weight.
  • Comes with lifetime limited-warranty.
  • Three and four-year extended accident protection plans are available.


  • Produces a great sound. When properly tuned it holds notes, sounds great, and is easy to play.
  • Comes in three colors. Choose between ebony, heritage cherry sunburst, and vintage starburst. All three designs have a classic feel that will appeal to most guitar enthusiasts.
  • The player package includes all the accessories you could want.
  • Package includes everything you need. An electric guitar is hardly an instrument without an amp, and you get one with this package. You also get a wide range of other accessories. These include an Electar 10-watt amp, a 10-foot guitar cable, a chromatic tuner that makes tuning as easy as possible, a strap so you can wear the guitar on you, a bag to carry it around with you safely, and picks so you can play like the pros.
  • Comes with downloadable lessons. Get started learning as soon as possible with this added bonus. No need to learn from confusing books when you can download clear and easy to follow instructional videos. You also get software that shows you how you are performing.
  • Sold at a great price. This isn’t the cheapest guitar but it’s one of the best in its price range. Anyone buying this instrument can get a professional-grade instrument at a student price.
  • Great protection plans. It comes with a lifetime limited-warranty, covering anyone who returns the warranty card promptly. More inclusive plans are affordable at affordable costs.
  • Good customer support. If you have issues with your guitar it’s easy to contact Epiphone and get them to address the issue.


  • Not all three designs are available new. There’s no way to say which styles will be in stock when you order, it might be all three or it might be just one. Be prepared to take what’s available or take your chances buying used.
  • Durability issues. The budget price shows over long-term use. Cracking is a common issue, especially if you don’t handle it carefully.
  • Built for beginners. Guitarists just starting out won’t notice issues that more experienced players will.
  • Poorly prepared for shipping. It’s shipped inside of the case and without much more packaging protection. This increases the chance of damage in transit. Be prepared to tweak the instrument out of the box before it plays the way it should.
  • Questionable amp. The amp is definitely cheaper than the guitar itself. After extended use, you might notice an increase in static and buzzing.
  • Chord isn’t long-lasting. You might have issues with the guitar chord after weeks or months or use. There’s a good chance you’ll need to replace it sooner rather than later.
  • You have to act quickly to receive full coverage. If you don’t return the warranty registration cards within 15 days of the purchase you might not get the protection you are owed.


The Les Paul guitar is one of the most iconic in existence, and this model from Epiphone lives up to that name. The instrument bundles everything you need from an electric guitar in one sturdy and attractive instrument. It makes beautiful music and looks great doing it. If we were just looking at the guitar itself, we’d feel confident giving this guitar our top option award, but the accessories included in the player package pushes things over the top. Things like an amp and picks are essentials, but this package includes even more. With a case, a strap, and even digital lessons you can save a lot of time and money purchasing this one package. When you combine an exceptional instrument with a full suite of accessories you get a product that easily takes the title of top option.

2. Jameson Guitars Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp


  • Six strings
  • Solid basswood body.
  • Maple fretboard and neck.
  • Diecast tuners.
  • Chrome bridge system.
  • Humbucker pickup.
  • 39 inches long
  • Starter package includes case, straps, picks, amp, guitar chord, chord sheet, and pitch pipe.
  • Made in the USA
  • 17.6-pound shipping weight.
  • Two and three-year extended accident protection plans are available.


  • One of the best packages for the money.
  • Looks great. The design has the classic feel that attracts so many people to the guitar. The finish is especially nice.
  • Great finish. Looks good, feels great, and is made to last.
  • Fantastic fretboard. It’s made from quality maple, smooth, and rounded at the bottom for a superior appearance and performance.
  • Made with beginners in mind. It’s easy to use and makes you feel like a Rockstar.
  • Includes basic accessories. You get a bag, a strap, picks, a guitar cable, chord sheet, and a pitch pipe.
  • Extremely affordable. This is one of the most affordable electric guitars on the market.
  • Good customer support. Davidson is generally good about communicating with their customers about issues.


  • Doesn’t come with a listed warranty. There’s no clear warranty or return policy. Buying this guitar is, therefore, a bit of a gamble.
  • Difficult to tune. The sting relationships are a bit strange. It can take time to try and tune it correctly. Experienced guitar players will find this a little hard to play.
  • Not the most durable. The guitar should be treated carefully. Minor structural damage can also occur during delivery. Be prepared to make minor adjustments and repairs to prepare the guitar before playing.
  • The included pitch pipe can be hard to use for beginners who aren’t used to using them.
  • Only has one pickup. Given the location near the bridge you don’t get a very classic tone. If you want a particularly rich tone you might want to upgrade to a different guitar.
  • Comes with cheap accessories. The low-price shows in the quality of the accessories. The amp should probably be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Sub-par amp. The most problematic accessory is the amp. It sounds tinny right out of the box and is likely to have more issues as time goes by. Prepare for crackles and pops that will get worse with age. Plan on investing in a new amp as soon as possible If you are serious about the guitar.
  • Shoddy accessory packing. Sometimes the guitar ships without the full array of accessories. If you purchase this package be prepared to double check to make sure you got everything and contact Davidson to make sure you get everything you are owed.


If you want to spend as little as possible without sacrificing the ability to play great music then the Full Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case and Accessories Pack Beginner Starter Package from Davidson Guitars is a great investment. This isn’t a toy guitar, when you have it in your hand, it feels sturdy. When you plug it into the amp, you hear that it sounds the way it should, after proper tuning. It also helps that the package deal comes with everything a beginner could want, there’s no need to pay extra for things like an amp and a case. It should be noted that the low price does come with some trade-offs. The guitar doesn’t come with a listed warranty, and the included accessories are on the cheap size. Still, it’s important to note that you won’t find a better deal at this price. If you want quality assurance and better accessories you need to spend more. Still, despite the lack of an advertised warranty Davidson is pretty good about communicating with customers and rectifying issues. Anyone who wants to start playing the electric guitar while spending as little as possible should seriously consider this bundle from Davison Guitars. It definitely earns our best buy option title.

3. Squier by Fender Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar


  • Six strings
  • Solid-wood body.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Maple neck.
  • Single-coil bridge system and a combination pickup configuration.
  • 39 inches long.
  • Available in six colors
  • Made in the Republic of Korea (South Korea).
  • 6-pound guitar, 9.3-pound shipping weight
  • Covered by one-year limited warranty.
  • Two and three-year extended accident protection plans are available.


  • Just the guitar. You aren’t paying extra for accessories you don’t want or need. This allows you to invest as much or as little as you want into accessories and add-ons.
  • Professional-grade sound. Creates a sound that goes above and beyond the quality of most budget guitars. Perfect for your first guitar lessons or touring with a band.
  • Holds its tune. Once you tune this guitar properly you should be able to play it for quite some time without needing to make adjustments.
  • Looks very cool. It’s made with quality wood and finished with a polyurethane gloss that is both attractive and durable.
  • Available in six colors. We’re looking at the Artic white model but you can also get the guitar in brown sunburst, black, pink, fiesta red, and butterscotch blonde. You can pick the right guitar for your personality.
  • Lightweight. At just six pounds this guitar is easy to carry around even without a strap. Perfect for young players who would have trouble holding a heavier guitar for extended periods of time.
  • Covered by a one-year warranty. You can shop with confidence. If you want an even greater level of protection you can upgrade to two or three-year plans that offer even wider protection.
  • Affordable. You get all of these features at a price that can be hard to believe.


  • Made with cheaper materials than past models. The guitar is still sturdy but it is lighter and less durable than past models from Fender.
  • May come with imperfections. There are scattered reports of workmanship issues upon arrival. Scratches, scuffs, and other cosmetic issues can occur during delivery.
  • Color availability varies. You might find that not all six color schemes are available. Pricing also varies between options.
  • Requires some adjustment. To get the best sound and playing experience you need to adjust the strings and neck. Might be problematic for beginners without access to experienced assistance.
  • Fret ends take time to adjust. You might have issues with your fret ends but over time those issues can subside.
  • Just the guitar. This particular guitar comes all on its own. If you want to play it you will need to at least invest in a guitar chord and an amp. Plan accordingly when budgeting.


So far, we’ve looked at guitars that come packaged with accessories but that’s not the only way to go. You might want to focus on buying a guitar while ignoring package deals. This is because buying the guitar separately from accessories allows you to make sure that everything you buy is right for your needs. Most of the time package deals include an amp that is much cheaper than the guitar. If you by this Squier by Fender Bullet Strat you aren’t paying for any accessories, you can choose them for yourself. Of course, this means you have to do extra shopping and plan accordingly. In the end, you might find it’s worth it to get an attractive and beautiful sounding guitar like the Squier along with hand-picked accessories that will help you get the most from your new instrument.  Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player this guitar is a good choice, and it allows you to customize your experience.

4. Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar


  • Six strings
  • Solid alder body.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Maple neck.
  • Diecast tuners.
  • Tremolo bridge system and humbucker pickup configuration.
  • 39 inches long.
  • Available in 22 colors
  • Made in the Republic of Korea (South Korea).
  • 11.5-pound shipping weight
  • Covered by one-year limited warranty.
  • Two and three-year extended accident protection plans available.


  • Well-constructed. This is a durable guitar, maybe the most durable that we’ve looked at.
  • Able to produce a wide range of sounds. This is a versatile instrument that will help you produce just about any type of music you can imagine playing on the guitar.
  • Designed with a classic style. This is the sort of guitar most people dream about playing when they first get into rock and roll.
  • Comes with three pickups. There are two single coils and a humbucker. They allow you to play the guitar how you want to.
  • The Pacifica series comes in a huge array of colors. In all they come in 22 different colors! These include old violin sunburst, sonic blue, silver, natural and black. This is just to name a few, you’ll have to look at the list of available colors yourself to see what’s available.
  • Well priced for what you get. Not cheap compared to bargain guitars but very competitive when compared to other mid-range guitars.
  • Warranty varies from 30 days to a lifetime. Factory defects can be covered within 30 days, most parts are covered for a year, and others have limited lifetime coverage. These include the top, neck, backs, and sides.
  • Extended coverage is available.


  • The tremolo is more trouble than it’s worth. Using it will cause the guitar to go out of tune. Some will still use it but most will find that it’s not worth the effort required to constantly re-tune the guitar.
  • Easily-damaged knobs. If anything on this guitar is going to break it’s the knobs. It’s all too common for them to become damaged during delivery.
  • Fret buzz issues. Some guitars have issues with fretbuzz and need to be adjusted to mitigate the issue.
  • Color availability varies widely. As of writing most color schemes are unavailable. If you have a particular color you want you might have to pay extra or buy it used to get what you want.
  • A bit pricey. Out of all of the guitars on our list this guitar is the highest priced as of writing. Experienced players with high standards will appreciate the quality that the extra money pays for. Others will find the price to be too high considering the subtle differences.
  • No accessories. This isn’t a bundle deal, you are paying for the guitar and the guitar alone. Make sure you buy an amp and a guitar chord if you want to play the guitar properly.


These days budget guitars are better than ever, but if you want a professional-grade instrument, you still need to be willing to pay extra. Most guitars may look similar from a distance, but the differences present themselves as you play the guitar for an extended period of time and develop your ear. The Yamaha Pacifica Series PAC112V Electric Guitar is an instrument that only reveals itself over time. It goes beyond the realm of budget guitars and enters into the medium tier, where a few hundred dollars can go a long way. This Yamaha guitar doesn’t just make beautiful music; it is built to continue making beautiful music for years to come. You’ve still got to treat it well, but it’s also the best at taking a beating and continuing on. You shouldn’t drop it on purpose but if accidents do happen this is the guitar that is most likely to handle them. From beginners to professionals this guitar will give you what you need. Just remember it doesn’t come with an amp, you’ll have to buy it separately. Still, even without an amp, it’s a bargain for anyone who prioritizes quality over everything else.

5. Schecter Hellraiser C-1 Electric Guitar


  • Six strings
  • Solid-wood body.
  • Rosewood fretboard.
  • Maple neck.
  • Black chrome hardware. 
  • Adjustable bridge system and combination pickup configuration.
  • 25.5-inch scale.
  • Available in three colors
  • Made in China.
  • 12-pound guitar, 15.8-pound shipping weight
  • Covered by two-year limited warranty.
  • Three and four-year extended accident protection plans are available.


  • Comfortable to play. The arched top contour fits nicely in your hands and the smooth surface allows for effortless hand and finger movement.
  • Produces a mellow sound. It’s eat if you want to produce soulful music that is full of feeling.
  • Comes in three different colors. Choose between midnight satin black, walnut satin, or electric blue.
  • Very attractive. All of the parts are treated with the sort of attention-to-detail that usually comes at a higher price. The finish is nice on the hands and on the eyes, with a subtle shine that looks especially appealing under lights. Great for anyone who plans on performing.
  • Comes with plenty of accessories. Includes extra guitar strings, 25 picks, a strap, and a carrying case. With 25 picks, you won’t run out any time soon.
  • Includes stylish gig bag. Many guitars come with bags but few look as cool as the one shipped with Schecter guitars. It’s a black bag with the Schecter logo emblazed on the side and it looks quite cool.
  • A bargain. This is an instrument that’s quality goes above and beyond its price range. You would never guess the price on the tag from its sound and appearance.
  • Covered by a superior warranty. The guitar is covered for two years while the electronic elements are covered for one. Please note that limitations apply, workmanship issues and factory defects are covered while other issues are usually the owner’s responsibility.


  • Subpar humbuckers. Their quality doesn’t match up to the rest of the guitar. They are worth replacing if you can afford to.
  • Schecter quality control is hit or miss. Most guitars arrive with no issue but enough damaged guitars have been delivered that it’s worth consideration.
  • May have neck issues. Watch out for fret buzz, which may be a sign that the neck needs to be adjusted. Schecter is good about compensating for factory defects but it can still be a hassle to deal with these issues.
  • The available colors aren’t for everyone. It doesn’t come with the natural wooden look that many guitars come in.
  • Doesn’t come with amp. There are plenty of accessories in this bundle but it doesn’t include an amp, which is an essential. If you want to get the full electric-guitar experience you need budget for buying an amp separately.
  • Limited warranty. Warranty doesn’t cover damages that occur during shipping or guitars purchased from unauthorized dealers. Make sure that you are shopping with an authorized retailer if you want full protection.


Schecter may not be a household name like Fender but if you are a fan of rock you’ve probably heard one of their guitars being used in concert or on record. Their guitars have become popular with musicians for their superior sound and attractive design. This particular model is an Amazon exclusive that will help you stand out from other guitarists. It’s an instrument that looks as fantastic up close as it does from far away. It’s clear that even though these guitars are made in China the level of care and workmanship invested into making this guitar is on par with any other instrument in its price range. Please note that we’ve linked to the accessory bundle. You can also get an amp bundle or purchase the guitar on its own. We recommend the accessory bundle because it is the best deal on paper but you might want to choose a different option that fits your unique needs.

How to Distinguish a Quality Electric Guitar from a Cheap One

New or Used

You can never really know what happened to a used guitar. It might have been owned by someone who never actually touched it or it could have been used by someone who abused it. It’s especially hard to tell the difference online, where you might be buying your new instrument sight unseen. Used guitars may be cheaper but their lifespans are shorter, and in most cases they are no longer covered by their original warranty. If quality is your concern you should by new.

Brand Name 

You can learn a lot about an instrument by investigating the company that made it. Generic instruments can be tempting with their low prices but they will always be a gamble. If you can’t research the company behind an instrument then you can’t trust the final product to live up to the claims. Quality guitars are made by reputable companies with a history of excellence.

Vendor Reputation

It’s not enough to look for a brand name guitar, you also need to make sure you can trust the name on the guitar. Less reputable dealers may try and sell counterfeit guitars with labels like Fender and Gibson because they know those names bring in money. The best way to separate authentic guitars from fakes is looking up the official price of an authentic model. Reputable online vendors can provide some great deals but if things seem too good to be true then you might want to think twice about making the purchase.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Guitar


If you want to play the guitar properly you need to be able to hold it. That’s why it’s important to buy a guitar that fits your size and strength. Don’t buy a large, heavy guitar just because you feel you need to. There’s no shame in purchasing a smaller and lighter instrument that you can play comfortably for an extended period of time. There are two factors you need to consider here, the physical dimensions of the guitar and its weight. Most of the time the two go together, smaller guitars tend to be lighter. Still, there are some companies that make full-size guitars that are quite light.

Neck Dimensions

Digging deeper into the issue of size, you need to pay special attention to the guitar’s neck. If you can’t comfortably hold onto the neck while playing you are going to have a bad time. If you have small hands you’ll want a thin neck and if you have short arms you’ll want a shorter neck. This is especially important if you are shopping for a child. Too many people accidentally discourage their children buy purchasing them a guitar that isn’t designed for their body.


The type of body a guitar has impacts the way it performs. There are three basic types, solid, hollow, and semi-hollow. The solid-body guitar can only be played with an amp and it is most popular with rock guitarists and anyone else who wants a harder sound. Hollow-body guitars have empty space inside that allows them to produce a warmer sound that makes it popular with jazz guitarists and other musicians that like a softer sound. The Semi-hollow body guitar design is known for a brighter sound that has drawn country guitarists and other looking for a more organic sound. It’s not easy to tell a hollow-body apart from a semi-hollow just by looking at them so be sure to figure out the body type before purchasing your next guitar to make sure it fits the sound you’re going for.


Your first concern should be finding an electric guitar that sounds good, but that doesn’t mean that you have to settle for a bland instrument. After all, no one chooses the electric guitar just because of its sound; it’s also about the way they look and feel. Electric guitars can be found in a wide range of styles so musicians can find the perfect instrument for their style. Consider how you want to look on stage and find an instrument that will help you reach your goal. 


Electric instruments are unique because they’re hardly instruments at all without a few accessories. If you don’t have an amplifier and a chord to connect the guitar to the amplifier then you’re not going to be able to play the guitar the way it was meant to be played. You can buy a guitar and its accessories separately or you can save time and money by purchasing a bundle. Just understand that most guitar bundles include very cheap accessories. It’s common for good guitars to be packaged with low-quality accessories, which can be problematic because the sound an electric guitar makes depends on its amp. If you want the best accessories possible you should buy the different pieces separately, but if you want the most convenient shopping experience possible you might enjoy Investing in a package deal. There’s no right or wrong answer, it all comes down to your personal preferences.


You should know who made your guitar for a few reasons. First of all, if you want to feel confident that you’re buying a quality product you need to buy a guitar produced by a company that has stood the test of time. There are plenty of no-name companies that pop up, unload cheap products, and disappear. If you buy from a company like this you might get a workable guitar or you might get a piece of junk. Either way you’re not going to get the sort of customer service you deserve. That’s why it’s worth buying from companies like Epiphone, Fender, and Yamaha. If a company has been around for decades and has become a trusted name in the industry you can buy their products with confidence.


Why are you purchasing a guitar? Did you decide to try and learn on a whim? Are you buying a gift for your child? Are you looking to become a professional musician? Answering this question honestly can help you narrow down your choices. Too many people buy guitars that are unfit for their purposes. Consider someone who buys a top of the line guitar with all the bells and whistles only to decide they don’t feel like becoming a guitarist after just a week or two. That person is going to feel a lot more frustrated than they would have if they dipped their toes into the water with a cheaper guitar. On the other hand, if an experienced musician who is looking to go pro decides to cut corners and buy a bargain guitar they might not look serious to their peers and miss out on jobs. There are guitars out there to fit every need, so start by deciding what your needs are and then go from there.

Quality Assurance

Before you purchase a product you need to think about what you’ll do if something goes wrong. Hopefully you’re buying a trustworthy model from a reputable company, but even the best companies make mistakes from time to time. If you want to make your purchase with confidence you need to get some sort of quality assurance. A one-year limited warranty is standard, just make sure you read the warranty to understand what the limitations are exactly. Every company draws a line when it comes to what they will or will not cover.

Best Electric Guitar Brands


If a company survives for a hundred years they must be doing something right. Epiphone has gone above and beyond that point. They started manufacturing instruments in 1873 and have continued to this day. Epiphone had incredibly humble beginnings. It was founded by a Greek immigrant who had to travel from Greece, to Turkey, and finally the United States before he could earn a living repairing instruments. He would go on to produce his own instruments and raise children who would carry on the family business. The business has grown for over a hundred years now and the instruments they’ve produced have shaped the sound of jazz, rock, and popular music. Every Beatles album from Help to Abbey Road was made using the Epiphone Casino. Other musicians who have used Epiphone guitars on stage and in the studio include Radiohead, Nirvana, and Lenny Kravitz. Their electric guitars remain popular because of their history, quality, and affordable pricing.

Davison Guitars

It’s no secret that instruments don’t usually come cheap. For much of human history musicians had to save for months or even years to afford a professional-grade instrument. Davison Guitars is one of the companies that is dedicated to changing this. They believe every musician deserves to learn with a quality guitar. They make guitars and basses that balance workmanship and affordability. Their name isn’t as big as other brands on our list but that’s because they are more focused on making guitars for beginners and students rather than touring professionals. They are very focused, while others spread their attention out Davison concentrates all their energies on making the best electric guitars and basses for beginning musicians. If you’re on a tight budget but you still want a solid guitar then Davison is the name to look for.


It’s hard to think of a more iconic instrument manufacturer. The name Fender and the word guitar just seem to go together like peanut butter and jelly. They started out small in 1946, when electronics technician Clarence Leonidas “Leo” Fender decided to use his expertise to produce a new kind of electric guitar. While other companies on our list started out selling acoustic instruments Fender was making electronic guitars before it was cool. The basic designs they came up with in their first decades are still in use today, with minor tweaks. Since then they’ve become a household name on the strength of their product and the musicians who decided to use them. Some of the guitarists who have used Fenders include Kurt Cobain, Paul McCartney, Bruce Springsteen, Eric Clapton, and Bob Dylan. Many young guitarists choose Fender because they want to emulate their idols but stay with the company because of their dedication to quality. If you want to become a part of this 70-year tradition then it’s worth investing in a Fender.


These days the Yamaha Corporation is known for their diverse product line. They make everything from clarinets to motorcycles. But they started out in 1887 making pianos and ever since then instruments have been the foundation of their company. They make dozens of different instruments, including electric guitars. When you pick up one of their instruments you can feel the more than 125 years of expertise that have gone into making their electric guitars. Given their reputation and dedication to quality you can buy from them with confidence. Their warranties are especially trustworthy, as long as you purchase your guitar new from an authorized dealer.


Since 1976 Schecter has been working to help guitarists get the most out of their instruments. When they started out they were a replacement part manufacturer, helping guitarists to repair their existing instruments. After years of repairing guitars made by other people the team at Schecter decided that they could really make a difference by producing guitars that are less likely to need replacement parts. Since then they’ve made guitars that are affordable, durable, and popular. Their guitars have been used by bands and artists like Cheap Trick, Prince, The Cure, Disturbed, and more. They produce a wide range of guitars that suit everyone from absolute beginners to touring professionals. Whatever your goals might be Schecter has a guitar that will help you get where you’re going.

Choosing the Best Electric Guitar for Your Needs


What sort of sound do you want to play? Many people think that all electric guitars sound the same or that the sound is really decided by the amp but that simply isn’t the case. Every aspect of an electric guitar’s design impacts the sound it makes.  Think about what type of music you want to make.  If you want a powerful, hard-edged sound then you would do well with a solid-body guitar. For something a little more mellow and vibrant the hollow-body body design has what you need. If you want something that has a folksy chime to it then you should look for a semi-hollow body guitar. Untrained ears may have trouble picking up the subtle differences, so for beginners this isn’t as important. Still, as you develop your playing and your appreciation of guitar music you’ll feel how the design of your guitar impacts the music you can play.


You need to dress for the job you want to get and you should buy a guitar that looks like it plays the type of music you want to make. Think about it this way, if you are looking to play black-met you probably shouldn’t get a bright pink guitar. When it comes to style the first thing to consider is the color of guitar you want, but that’s just a place to start. You also need to decide if you want a guitar with a traditional body, a flying V design, or something more exotic. If you’re willing to pay extra you can get some crazy looking guitars. They may not sound any different but they can help you stand out when you’re up on stage. And isn’t that why people learn to play the guitar?


It pays to buy the best guitar you can afford, but that doesn’t mean that you should go broke purchasing a top-of-the-line guitar. Some people will do better with a bargain guitar than something fancier. Beginners can actually feel too intimidated to play on an expensive guitar, afraid that they might make mistakes and damage it. If you’re just beginning and unsure about committing yourself to a life spent playing the guitar then there’s no shame in picking a beginner guitar. On the other end of the spectrum, if you are a serious guitarist you can really shoot yourself in the foot by purchasing the cheapest guitar available. Musicians might not be the richest people in the world but it’s a lot harder to make beautiful music on a cheaply made guitar. No matter how committed you are to the guitar it’s worth finding a guitar that is designed with your goals and skill level in mind.


 To fully unlock the power of your guitar you’ll need some accessories. The most basic add-ons are an amp and some guitar cables. Picks, a case, and extra strings are also must-buys, even if they aren’t as urgently needed. As you shop for guitars you’ll find many that are sold by themselves and others that are bundled with accessories. If you want your shopping experience to be quick and cheap it’s worth focusing on guitars that come with accessories. Still, before you make a purchase it’s worth looking at the cost of buying the accessories separately so you can figure out just how much you’d be saving with a single bundle. Some people find they like the greater level of customization they get picking out their own accessories. 

Electric Guitar Accessories and Parts

Fender Frontman 10G Electric Guitar Amplifier

You can’t play an electric guitar without some electricity. Without an amp an electric guitar doesn’t really sound like anything, it’s the power of the amp that unleashes the full, rocking potential inside your instrument. That’s why it’s worth investing in a quality amp. Most amps that come bundled with guitars are small and cheap. They might be fine for practicing as a beginner but if you want to perform you need something with some power.

 Fender Performance Series Instrument Cables (1/4 Straight-to-Straight) for electric guitar, bass guitar, electric mandolin, pro audio

Guitars don’t connect with amps psychically, they need to be physically wired using cords like these. Good cords need to be sturdy and long. No one wants to feel tied down like a dog that’s been chained up to a fence when they are on stage. Of course, long cords can also be problematic if you are playing in a small room. Consider grabbing a string and measuring out how much you need to operate comfortably in the area you plan on playing in.

Ernie Ball Cobalt Regular Slinky Set, .010-.046

Good strings are an absolute must-have. Your instrument is only as good as the strings on it and over time the strings will wear out. Even if you bought a guitar that comes with top-quality strings you should still invest in backup strings. Even the best strings break and you can’t tell when that will happen. Don’t wait for them to snap before you order more, that’s a good way to fall behind on your practicing or miss out on gigs.

Protec Guitar Strap with Leather Ends and Pick Pocket, Black

Your new guitar might look light but if you try and hold it up for an hour you’ll find that it gets heavy quick. It’s also next to impossible to strum a guitar using a pick while holding it with your bare hands. You can address both of these issues at once by investing in a good guitar strap.

ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case

If you’re willing to invest in a quality guitar then it only makes sense to buy a quality case. Without a case your guitar will be exposed to everything that might bump into it and leave scratches, dents, and other kinds of damage. A soft case is easier to carry around but if you want the most protection possible we recommend a hard case.

ChromaCast CC-EHC Electric Guitar Hard Case
Lockable wood hard case with plush lined interior that Includes extra neck and Bridge padding

Dunlop Tortex Standard .60mm Orange Guitar Pick – 12 Pack 

Electric guitars use metal strings and it can be a painful experience constantly strumming metal strings with your bare fingers. Building up callouses is a rite of passage for guitar players but you don’t need to put unnecessary stress on your fingertips. By investing in picks you can protect your fingers and produce music in an easy and intuitive way. Even if you plan on focusing on strumming with your fingers it’s still worth learning to use picks so you can become a more flexible musician.

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Tips and Tricks


  • Play with headphones on. People think of electric guitars as the loudest instruments around but they can actually be one of the quietest. There are amps you can plug headphones into and even headphone amps that allow you to plug your headphones directly into your guitar. With these accessories you will be able to hear yourself perfectly while people in the room next to you don’t hear a thing.
  • Start out playing slowly. Everyone wants to play songs just the way they hear them but it’s best to start slowly and then speed up. The most important thing is getting the notes right, not getting the speed right. Start out playing slowly and you’ll build up the muscle memory that will allow you to play the song quicker once you have it down. On the other hand, if you play sloppy in order to keep up the tempo you might learn the wrong notes and that’s a hard habit to break.
  • Invest in practice tools. You don’t have to learn everything the hard way. An electric tuner and metronome can really help the learning process. You might also look into one of the training programs that allows you to hook your guitar into a computer or video game console to help you learn quicker.
  • Build calluses. To play the electric guitar properly you need to work through the pain of building up calluses. To speed up the process put your fingers in salt water and let them soak a bit. 
  • Pick a practice time and stick to it.. You don’t need to play 8 hours a day to learn to play, consistency is the most important thing. One hour of practice a day is better than one eight hour marathon practice every week.


  • Keep your guitar clean. Wipe it down with a soft, clean cloth regularly. Allowing dirt and grime to build up will cut down on your guitar’s lifespan and can even impact its sound. Don’t wait for it to become filthy, be proactive about cleaning.
  • Keep your guitar dust-free using compressed air spray. It’s especially helpful for getting into tight areas that you have trouble getting down into.
  • Wipe strings down after playing with a clean, lint-free cloth to remove oil from your skins that could damage the strings.
  • Don’t get the pickups wet. If you spray down your guitar make sure you aim away from the pickups. Clean around them using a damp rag instead of spraying the area and risking corrosion. If you do get any liquids on them wipe them off as quickly as possible. When you need to clean the pickup itself you need to use a dry cloth.
  • Use a razor-blade to crape dirt and grime off of an unfinished maple fretboard. Fretboards made from other materials can be cleaned with oil soap. Just be careful to carefully apply tiny portions, you don’t want the soap to get on the pickups or any other metal part. After cleaning wipe the fretboard with a clean paper towel to remove any remaining dirt or soap.
  • Don’t use furniture polish to clean your guitar. The oil in it can damage your guitar by seeping in and impacting its density. When possible use cleaning products made specifically for use with guitars or similar instruments.


  • Keep your guitar in a case when you’re traveling. If you’re traveling on your own you can use a soft case that is easy to carry around. If you are traveling with a band and keeping your instruments together a hard-case is better. In fact, if your guitar is going to be stored in an area other instruments, luggage, and people might bump into it then a hard case is the way to go. They’re a little heavier and a bit more expensive but they can protect your guitar from breaking. That makes them a wise investment.
  • Keep an eye on your instrument. If you are in public you don’t want to leave your guitar alone out in the open. They’re flashy instruments and if something thinks they can steal your guitar they might try. Stay near your guitar when possible and if you do have to leave it try to lock it up or at least store it some place out of sight.
  • Store your guitar in a room that is lukewarm and dry. Humidity and extreme temperatures can both damage your guitar in a major way. When storing your guitar in your home avoid areas hit by direct sunlight and anywhere that might get damp. Also, never leave your guitar in a hot guitar for more than a few minutes.


There is no such thing as a perfect guitar. Instruments are like tools; it’s important to find the right one for the job at hand. That’s why it’s important to figure out what it is you want from your new electric guitar before you even start to shop for one. With that being said, there is one guitar that stood above the rest. That’s the Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar. It’s a fantastic instrument that looks as great as it sounds. It was a clear choice for our top option. If you’re more budget-minded, we would recommend the Full-Size Electric Guitar with Amp, Case, and Accessories  from Davidson. It’s everything you need at a price that can’t be beaten.

The other three instruments all have their own strengths and weaknesses. We recommend our top two guitars not because they’re perfect for everyone, but because they will satisfy the largest group. If you think you need something more particular we suggest you read through the “Choosing the Best Electric Guitar for Your Needs” and using it to narrow in on your perfect instrument. Still, any of the five instruments on our list will allow you to make beautiful music. Otherwise, we would not recommend them.

We hope that you’ve found this article to be helpful. It is our firm belief that the internet should make shopping easier, not more difficult. And yet with so many websites out there shopping can be a stressful experience. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to gather together only the most useful and accurate information so you can find everything you need in one place. If you liked this guide, you should check out one of our many other guides. If you can’t find what you’re looking for check back later, we are constantly adding new articles to help improve the online shopping experience.


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