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Best Electric Violins [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full Size Clearance (Dark Zebrano)- Carrying Case and Accessories Included - Amp and Headphone Jack - Highest Quality with Piezo ceramic pick-up By Kennedy Violi
Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings in Metallic Black, Size 4/4 (Full Size)
Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Brown 4/4 Violin
Bunnel EDGE Clearance Electric Violin Outfit BE300
Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-130SBL 'Concert Select' Silent Violin
Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full Size Clearance (Dark Zebrano)- Carrying Case and Accessories Included - Amp and Headphone Jack - Highest Quality with Piezo ceramic pick-up By Kennedy Violi
Bunnel EDGE Clearance Electric Violin Outfit BE300
Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings in Metallic Black, Size 4/4 (Full Size)
Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric Violin
Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Brown 4/4 Violin
Yamaha SV-130SBL 'Concert Select' Silent Violin

One of the great things about playing an instrument is how it allows you to express your unique personality. You can do this in the type of music you play or even in the kind of instrument you decide to play. That’s why instruments like the electric violin are so attractive; they are unique in sound and appearance. If you want an instrument that sounds great, looks cool, and allows you to stand out from the crowd the electric violin is a wise pick. It has the elegance of a traditional violin and the power and flexibility of an electrical instrument.

Picking the right instrument is never easy, but it can be especially tricky when picking out an electric violin. It’s a more niche instrument, and as such there are fewer companies producing them. Another difficulty is finding the right information. It can be hard to locate an expert on the topic who can answer your questions and point you in the right direction. That’s why Surf’n’Buy is here, to take the difficulty out of finding the perfect electric guitar.

Shopping online shouldn’t be a chore. We created this guide by carefully examining the top electric violins on the market and identifying their strengths and weaknesses. You are an individual, and you deserve an instrument that is built for your needs. Before purchasing an electric violin, you should know things like what size it is, what it’s made of, what its power source is, and so on. If you’re a beginner just starting out you will have different needs than a professional musician with decades of experience. There’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all electric violin. Take a moment to think about what it will feel like to have the perfect electric violin in your hands, ready to play.

Now read on to find out which violin will help you achieve that dream.

Top 5 Electric Violins

1. Bunnel EDGE Clearance Electric Violin Outfit BE300

Electric Violin Bunnel Edge Outfit 4/4 Full Size Clearance (Dark Zebrano)- Carrying Case and Accessories Included - Amp and Headphone Jack - Highest Quality with Piezo ceramic pick-up By Kennedy Violi
  • [PROFESSIONALLY SET UP CLEARANCE] The following instrument is listed on clearance due to a slight cosmetic defect that does not affect playability or sound in any way. Our 4/4 full size Bunnel EDGE electric violin produces a clear tone and huge amplification. Players love the rich and clear sound on this violin. This violin is professionally set up by our experienced luthiers.
  • [EASY ADJUSTING] Control sliders on the face of the instrument for easy tone and volume adjusting while performing on stage. Power supply Piezo ceramic pick-up, 1/4 inch output jack for amp, and 1/8 inch output jack for headphones.
  • [ACCESSORIES INCLUDED] Your full-size Bunnel electric violin outfit comes with; a Portland Oblong carrying case, Giuliani Brazilwood bow with real horsehair, Giuliani Rosin, powerful mini amp, over-ear headphones, American made Prelude strings, and Kennedy Violins rosin.
  • [HIGHEST QUALITY ELECTRIC VIOLIN] Kennedy Violins is known for having the highest-quality craftsmanship and performance instruments. Playing your music with the best quality violin, as you know, makes all the difference.
  • [LIFETIME GUARANTEE] All of our electric violins are fully backed by a lifetime warranty and a 45-day money-back guarantee. Are you ready to try out your new Kennedy violin outfit?


  • Full size (4/4).
  • Solid maple body.
  • Maple bridge.
  • Ebony fittings.
  • Piezo ceramic pickup.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Built-in control sliders.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery.
  • Includes bow, case, rosin, extra strings, mini-amp, headphones, cable, and a polishing cloth. 
  • Available in 3 colors.
  • 9.6-pound shipping weight.
  • Covered by lifetime warranty and 45 day money-back guarantee.
  • Accident protection available.


  • Control sliders allow for a greater level of control. Create the perfect noise by using these sliders to control the violin’s tone and volume.
  • Equipped with D’Addario Prelude strings.
  • Ships with Brazilwood bow – The bow is strung with genuine Mongolian horsehair, for the best sound possible.  The bow is made with genuine Brazilwood, horsehair, ebony and mother-of-pearl. No cheap, synthetic materials here.
  • Plenty of accessories – In the strings and the bow this package includes a hard case, mini-amp, power cable, 9-volt battery, headphones, and Kennedy Violins rosin
  • Choose from three different colors – The Bunnel EDGE comes in red, black, and blue. Pick the perfect color for your style.
  • Final assembly is done in America – If you’re buying a budget instrument then chances are most, if not all of the work will be done overseas. Kennedy violins works using a balanced approach where some work is outsourced but keeps quality up by putting its instruments together and doing quality control in America.
  • Comes with lifetime warranty – While most instruments come with a one year warranty, if they come with any at all, the Bunnel EDGE warranty lasts a lifetime.
  • Extra protection against accidental damage is available – This option is mainly for people who want to buy a second-hand EDGE or get as much coverage as possible. The lifetime warranty does have some limitations so accident protection can be a worthwhile supplement.


  • Tuning pegs are a little loose – Be prepared to have your tuning slip. Fixing this issue may require professional assistance.
  • Finish is uneven – This can give the instrument an unfortunately streaky appearance.
  • The included amp is subpar – With these package deals the accessories are rarely as good as the instrument itself. It’s clear that a cheap amp was chosen to keep the overall price down. If you want the best sound possible you should plan on upgrading the amp sooner rather than later
  • The bow is also disappointing – The bow is cheap and it should be replaced if you want to get the most out of your violin.
  • Doesn’t include a shoulder rest – This can make it difficult to play for extended periods of time. Plan on buying this accessory in the future if you purchase this electric violin.


This is the full package. If you want to make just one purchase that will start you out on your path as an electric violinist this is a great choice to make. That’s because you don’t just get an instrument that looks and sounds great, you’re also getting plenty of accessories and a fantastic warranty. The word “accessory” can be slightly misleading when it comes to electric violins. This is because accessories like a bow and amp are essential for playing the instrument the way it’s meant to be played. Other add-ons like rosin and a case are almost as necessary. With this package, you get those accessories and more, which means you’ll have everything you need to perform as soon as the package arrives. The Bunnel EDGE Clearance Electric Violin Outfit BE300 is an electric violin that we can recommend with full confidence. That’s why we are awarding it our top option pick. If you’re busy and you only have time to look at one electric violin, then you should definitely give the EDGE your full attention.

2. Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric Violin

Cecilio CEVN-2BK Style 2 Silent Electric Solid Wood Violin with Ebony Fittings in Metallic Black, Size 4/4 (Full Size)
  • Size 4/4, style 2 electric / silent violin in metallic black varnish (full size)
  • Hand-carved solid maple wood body with ebony fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece with 4 detachable nickel plated fine tuners
  • Powered by a 9V Alkaline battery (included)
  • Includes: lightweight hard case, Brazil wood bow with unbleached genuine Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, a bridge, aux cable, and headphones
  • 1 Year Warranty Against Manufacturer's Defects


  • Full size (4/4).
  • Solid maple body.
  • Maple bridge.
  • Ebony fittings.
  • 1/8″ output jack.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery.
  • Includes bow, rosin, bridge, cable, and headphones. 
  • Available in 5 colors.
  • 5.3-pound shipping weight.
  • Covered by one-year warranty.
  • Accident protection available.


  • Available in both full and 3/4-sizes – If full-sized violins are too large for you this allows you to downsize and get a violin that fits you.
  • Feels firm and substantial – This doesn’t feel cheap or flimsy. It’s clearly built with quality wood and you can trust the body to last.
  • Quick to setup and play – The violin comes pre-strung, though not pre-tuned. A little bit of tuning and prep will have this electric violin ready to play in no time flat.
  • Choose from five different colors – The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Electric Violin comes in black, blue, white, mahogany, and yellow.
  • Packed with accessories – In addition to the bow, it also comes with a case, rosin cake, bridge, aux cable, and headphones.
  • Comes with one-year warranty – This warranty specifically covers against manufacturer defects.
  • Extra protection against accidental damage is available – The limited warranty won’t help if the violin is damaged in an accident. If you want to fully protect your new violin the two and three-year plans are both very affordable.
  • Highly affordable – This is a budget instrument that doesn’t have a budget sound.


  • Hit or miss quality control – It’s clear that Cecilio instruments are available at low prices because they don’t pay for careful quality control. Accessories can arrive damaged and the appearance of the violin itself can be uneven. If you buy one get it new so that it’s still covered by the warranty.
  • The bridge is subpar – This is the weak link in the violin. It isn’t symmetrical and it likes to pop out of place when the violin is in use. Fortunately the bridge is easy to purchase.
  • Bridge is too high – If you keep the standard bridge chances are you’ll have to sand it down to the point where you can play it comfortably.
  • The grain of the wood is obscured by the finish – This isn’t the violin you get if you want to be able to tell that your instrument is made with wood. The colors are vibrant, but even the mahogany looks unnatural.
  • Batteries are hard to fit in – Installing and removing batteries from this violin can be tricky and sometimes you have to pull so hard you might worry about breaking the instrument.
  • Packaged with uneven accessories – Quality levels vary widely across the accessories. Serious musicians should be prepared to replace or upgrade more than one of the pre-packaged accessories as soon as possible.


If budget is your top concern, then the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric Violin should be the first violin you look at. This is the perfect electrical violin for anyone who is on the fence about whether or not they want to play the instrument. It’s so affordable that you can buy it and get your money’s worth in less than a month. And chances are you will get your money’s worth; this violin is easy to pick up and fun to play. The one thing you need to remember when considering this violin is how Cecilio was able to achieve their unbelievable prices. Overall the instrument is a great deal, but sometimes you get what you pay for, especially when it comes to accessories. You might find that you have to replace a cheaply made accessory sooner than you’d like. Still, the violin itself is solid and produces a lovely sound when properly set up. The quality available is really unbeatable at the CEVN-2BK’s price level, making it our best buy option.

3. Yamaha SV-130SBL ‘Concert Select’ Silent Violin

Yamaha SV-130 Concert Select Silent Electric Brown 4/4 Violin
  • Feels and plays like a high quality instrument
  • Allows you to practice silently
  • Onboard reverb for adjustable ambiance
  • MP3/CD input for play-along practice
  • "1/4"" output has been added for plugging into a standard instrument amplifier"


  • Full size (4/4).
  • Solid spruce body.
  • Maple neck.
  • Ebony fittings.
  • Piezo pickup
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Auxiliary input.
  • Built-in control sliders.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery.
  • Includes aux cable, headphones, and two AA batteries. 
  • Available in three colors.
  • 1.4-pound instrument weight. 
  • 3.5-pound shipping weight.
  • Covered by five-year limited warranty when purchased from an authorized Yamaha dealer.
  • Accident protection available.


  • Produces an incredibly clear sound – When you hear this violin in action it’s easy to recognize it’s exceptional quality.
  • Looks fantastic – Yamaha’s experience and dedication to aesthetics shows through in this instrument.
  • Feels like a traditional violin – The design of this violin reflects the design of acoustic violins in every essential way. This means that violinists can jump from one instrument to the other with ease.
  • Available in brown, black, and navy blue – These colors are all simple but elegant way to express your unique tastes. They will suit the needs of most musicians.
  • Comes with three reverb settings – Pick the perfect reverb setting for any venue you’re performing in. Choose between “Large Hall,” “Medium Hall,” and “Room.”
  • Makes it easy to practice along to your favorite music – Comes with a built-in CD/MP3 input that allows you to easily play along with any song you might want to learn.
  • Very light – Weighs in at just 650 grams or around 1.4 pounds. And that’s with the batteries properly installed!
  • Covered by a fantastic warranty – Yamaha’s standard warranty plan covers electric strings for five-years. Please note that this warranty only covers electric violins purchased from officially authorized Yamaha dealers.
  • Additional protection is available – There are three and four-year plans available that will protect your purchase in case of any unforeseen accident.


  • The plastic outline looks a little cheap – The plastic is definitely durable but it doesn’t look as nice as it should.
  • Doesn’t come with a bow – You can’t play a violin without a bow and yet this deal doesn’t include one. If you want to play your new electric violin as soon as possible you need to make sure and buy a bow as soon as possible, even if it adds to the money you’re already spending on the violin itself.
  • Limited accessories overall – This package doesn’t include a bow, a case, or rosin. All of these things are essential for playing and taking proper care of an electric violin. If you decide to buy the SV-130 you should remember to buy these accessories separately.
  • Chin rest is a little small – It’s not full sized and may be uncomfortable for some people.
  • Chin and shoulder rest are both too hard – Using either for an extended period of time can leave you sore.
  • Not cheap – This isn’t a budget violin. This instrument is designed for the needs intermediate to advanced electric violinists rather than beginners.
  • Warranty coverage doesn’t extend to models purchased from retailers that aren’t authorized by Yamaha – If you want to make sure your purchase is protected you need to contact any potential seller ahead of time to see if they are authorized by Yamaha or not. 


Quality instruments are more affordable than ever before, but this doesn’t mean that going with the cheapest option is always the best choice. If you’re a musician that is serious about the craft you need to look beyond bargain instruments. That’s why electric violins like the Yamaha SV-130 exist. It allows students and professionals to take a step up in quality without having to spend thousands of dollars. The pricing on this instrument might be higher but so is the level of design, attention to detail, and quality control. Yamaha also does its best to help its customers feel comfortable purchasing their products. They cover electric violins with a five-year limited warranty. This is one of the best warranties available, but buyers need to understand the deal. If you don’t buy their instruments from authorized dealers, you won’t receive coverage. Anyone who is serious about playing the electric violin at a higher level should give the Yamaha SV-130SBL 'Concert Select' Silent Violin serious consideration.

4. Kinglos DSZA1311: Best Electric Violin for Intermediate Player

Kinglos 4/4 Black Grid Colored Solid Wood Intermediate-A Electric / Silent Violin Kit with Ebony Fittings Full Size (DSZA1311)
  • With patented coloring technology of locating and docking the networks of pigment and wood, Kinglos makes traditional electric violins more beautiful and individualized
  • Hand-carved solid spruce body with ebony fingerboard, pegs and chin rest; Carbon fiber tailpiece with 4 detachable fine tuners
  • Pick-up system: DV-9 active pick-up, with tuners of volume and tone, sockets of line out, mic and phone, on-off
  • Powered by a 9V alkaline battery (not included). Outfit Includes: case, bow, rosin, aux cable, shoulder rest, extra bridge and set of strings


  • Full size (4/4).
  • Basswood face and back.
  • Maple top.
  • Maple neck.
  • Ebony fittings.
  • DV-9 pickup.
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Built-in control sliders.
  • Powered by 9-volt battery.
  • Includes bow, case, rosin, aux cable, earphone, shoulder rest, two bridges, and two sets of strings. 
  • Available in 6 different patterns.
  • 6.6-pound shipping weight.
  • Covered by three-month quality guarantee.


  • Well constructed – The beauty of this violin really shows when you get up close, partly because it’s crafted by experienced professionals. The detailing is done by hand by luthiers trained at the Shanghai Conservatory of Music.
  • Built-in tuners allow you to choose the right volume and tone. This allows you to customize your sound so that it matches the environment you’re performing in perfectly.
  • Available in unique designs -These designs will be especially appealing to children and anyone else who wants a brightly colored instrument.
  • Bridge customization is available – If you want a unique bridge color you can contact Kinglos and they will work with you to create the perfect electric violin for your taste.
  • Comes with plenty of accessories – You really couldn’t ask for more accessories. You even get an extra bridge and set of strings.
  • Included shoulder rest is comfortable – This is especially helpful if you plan on playing your new instrument for an extended period of time.
  • Good customer service – If you contact Kinglos directly you can talk to real people about your issues and concerns. They are easier to deal with than many instrument manufacturers that are based in the US.
  • Special rebate available – If you send Kinglos a photo of someone playing your new Kinglos violin they will send you $5.


  • Warranty only lasts three months – While it’s nice that purchase protection is available, the 3-month guarantee is shorter than average. Most companies guarantee their products for at least a year, so Kinglos falls short in this department.
  • Patterns can be overly complex – If you don’t want a floral design you’ll have to go with the pure black design. Even the black option is actually made out of hundreds of squares that vary in shade.
  • Tuning slips over time – If you have trouble tuning your violin this can be frustrating. This electric violin needs to be tuned more often than average.
  • Takes a while for delivery – Kinglos doesn’t do these things quickly. They say it usually takes between 5 and 14 days for orders to arrive, though sometimes they take 20 or more. 
  • Accessories in general are hit or miss – The headphones and rosin are especially cheap. The headphones aren’t much of a problem since most music fans have their own headphones, but the rosin can be an issue. If you want your bow and violin strings to work well together you should probably invest in a higher caliber rosin.
  • No additional accident protection – Additional accident protection is not available with this electric violin, as of writing. If something happens to your violin after the first three months you’ll have to pay full repair prices yourself.


Electric violins are known for their unique appearance, but the models produced by Kinglos are even more visually striking. This is because Kinglos makes instruments that are covered in colorful patterns that are perfect for people who want to stand out. We’ve linked to their Kinglos DSZA1311 “black grid” design, but you can also pick designs that include a wide range of floral patterns. The unique visuals are the cherry on top of a well-built electrical violin that’s capable of making some beautiful music. That’s why it’s unfortunate that the  It’s also important to note that Kinglos takes a while to deliver their products. If you order through them, you should expect to wait at least a week for delivery. In some cases, it can take up to 20 days. If you’re willing to wait, you can get some truly unique and colorful instruments from Kinglos.

5. NS Design WAV-5 Electric 5-String Gloss Black Violin with Hard Case

NS Design WAV-5 Electric 5-String Transparent Red Violin with Hard Case
  • Designed and built to deliver great sound, excellent playability, and long, dependable service, the NS Design WAV-5 Electric 5-String 4/4 Violin with Transparent Red Finish provides an affordable option for the serious professional and student player.
  • Beautiful Transparent Red Finish - Polar Pickup System Gives Great Natural Sound - Volume & Tone Controls - Passive Meaning No Battery Is Required
  • Ebony Fingerboard is Shaped for Effortless Play - The Maple Neck & Body Offers Rich Tone and Visual Grace - Accurate Rock-Stable Precision Tuners Rarely Need Adjustment
  • Highly Carved Interior for Light Weight Comfort - The Ergonomic Shoulder Rest is Fully Adjustable for Stable and Comfortable Support
  • This beautiful transparent red WAV-5 violin comes complete with a fabric covered hard foam case, padded on the inside, with room for 2 bows, shoulder rest, output cable, and extra gear.


  • Full size (4/4).
  • Maple body.
  • Maple bridge.
  • Ebony fittings.
  • Polar pickup
  • 3.5mm headphone jack.
  • Auxiliary input.
  • Built-in control sliders.
  • Passive power.
  • Includes case. 
  • Available in three colors.
  • 1.4-pound instrument weight. 
  • 7.7-pound shipping weight.


  • Doesn’t require batteries to play – The passive circuit built into this instrument delivers the output you need without any sort of exterior power source. No need to buy batteries or constantly search for plugs.
  • A sturdy instrument – This violin was clearly made with quality materials. It feels tough and it can hold up during intense practice sessions and performances.
  • Minimalist design – Everything that can be removed has been removed. This is a sleek instrument that will help anyone who uses it to stand out.
  • Produces a unique sound – This instrument produces a softer sound that has a more acoustic feel than the music usually produced by electric violins. This makes it a good choice for someone who wants to try an electric violin without getting anything too harsh.
  • Control sliders allow you to change volume and tone with ease – Change the sound and strength of your music with just a few gestures.
  • Easy to tune – The 40:1 tuners allow musicians to precisely tune this instrument. Once that goal has been achieved the string clamps hold the tune secure;y.
  • Lightweight – Weighs in at just 695 grams, or around 1.5 pounds.
  • Comes with a quality case – The case is hard shell with foam padding on the inside to protect the instrument during transit. The case includes a handle and a shoulder strap for easy transport. An exterior pocket is there for music and other accessories, while the inside has compartments for accessories like rests and bows.


  • No written purchase protection – Buying this violin means taking on a certain degree of risk. If something damaged the product during assembly or delivery you might be out of luck if the seller doesn’t offer a warranty of their own.
  • No accident protection is available – Even if you are willing to pay extra you can’t get your new violin protected from accidental damage.
  • Its unique design isn’t for everyone – This is an electric violin but it doesn’t look much like its acoustic cousins. Some will like the design but others will find it confusing.
  • Doesn’t come with a bow – You won’t be able to actually make music with this violin until you’ve purchased a bow, so you could say this package is incomplete. Remember to budget for purchasing a bow separately if you don’t have one already.
  • The case isn’t as big as advertised – You can fit the violin, a bow, and some other accessories in the case but not as many as the marketers would have you think. Be prepared for a tight fit rather than anything spacious. 
  • Mediocre strings – The strings that come packaged with this violin aren’t up to the quality of the instrument itself. If you want to get the best sound out of this instrument you’ll need to remove the standard strings and replace them with something better.
  • Not cheap – The pricing is mostly a problem because of the violin’s other limitations. Usually an electric violin priced like the 5-String Electric Violin from NS Design would come with things like a bow and an explicit warranty.


The NS Design WAV-5 Electric 5-String Gloss Black Violin with Hard Case is the most minimal instrument on our list. The people at NS Design have stripped away everything that isn’t necessary from the violin to produce a unique and striking instrument. It isn’t for everyone but it doesn’t have to be, it’s an instrument for performers who want to stand out. This violin has a lot of things going for it, which is why it’s so unfortunate that it doesn’t come with an explicit warranty. Purchasing this electric violin means taking on a risk, and given the pricing of this instrument, it isn’t a small risk. If you do decide to purchase this instrument, you should try and contact the seller to see if you can get some written promise regarding the quality of your purchase. Even with this risk, the WAV-5’s unique sound and design are still attractive draws.

How to Distinguish a Quality Electric Violin from a Cheap One


Always check to see what an instrument is made out of. Because we’re looking at electric violins rather than their acoustic cousins you might think that synthetic materials would work fine, but this isn’t the case. High-quality electric violins have solid wood bodies and fittings made from ebony. Certain parts might be made of plastic, but the body itself should be wood in order to achieve the sound people expect from an electric violin.

New or Used

If quality is what you’re after then, it’s best to fight the urge to buy a used instrument. Delicate instruments like the electric violin are easily damaged by seemingly harmless forms of mistreatment. An instrument might look perfect at first even if there are deeper issues that render it unusable. Worst of all, most warranty plans only cover the original buyer. So if you buy a used electric violin and it won’t play right, you might just be out of luck.


Before buying an instrument, you should always try and learn something about the people who made it. Where do they make their instruments? How long have they been in business? What is their reputation? Generic instruments are always going to be a gamble; you can never be sure what you’ll get when you buy from a company without a track record.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing an Electric Violin


When choosing an instrument size is one of the first things you need to decide on. Most instruments have a standard size, and these sizes tend to be the most popular and valuable. That’s why all of the violins we’ve linked are 4/4, which is “full-sized” in violin terms. This size will work for the vast majority of musicians but if you have short arms or if you’re shopping for a child then you might want to look for a smaller instrument. If you think a 4/4 violin would be too large for you we would recommend the CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric/Silent Violin from Cecilio, because it’s also available in a 3/4 size.


Electric violins produce minimal sound when played acoustically, which makes them great for practicing in silence. Unfortunately, it also means that you can’t really hear music coming out of an electric violin unless it’s hooked up to something. Things like amps and headphones need to be plugged into the violin before it can be played the way it is meant to be. The kind of audio devices you can play your music out of will depend on the jacks built into your violin. Consider what you’ll be playing your music over and look for a violin that comes equipped with the right jacks to properly connect the instrument’s output with the speaker’s input.

Power Source

When shopping for an electric instrument you can’t forget about electricity. The vast majority of electric violins require batteries or a cord running to a power outlet. If you want the highest degree of flexibility you need to look for an instrument with a powerful internal battery. That way you can perform even when you aren’t near a plug.


An instrument is only as good as the material used to make it. This is why it’s worth looking into the types of materials used to make every electric violin you look at. Maple is an extremely popular and trustworthy material that is used to make bodies and bridges on both electric and acoustic violin. Similarly, ebony is used for fittings on every type of violin. This doesn’t mean that you should only buy a violin if it’s made with maple and ebony, but if different materials are used you should see if those materials are better or worse than these. Instruments made from quality materials last longer, and the longer your new electric violin functions the more you’ll get for your money.


One of the fun things about shopping for an electric violin is looking at the wide range of styles available. Acoustic violin designs are extremely restrained because any variation in shape and size can alter the sound it makes. If you’re just going to use your new instrument by yourself then you can get any sort of violin you want, but if you want to play with a group you have to consider how you will fit in. If you get a violin with a brightly colored, floral print then you might have difficulties landing a role in a more conservative group. In an ideal world talent would trump everything else but in the real world appearance matters.


The first order of business if finding a solid electric violin, but an electric violin on itself isn’t sufficient if you want to perform. First of all, every violin needs a bow in order to be played properly. Electric violins add even more requirements because without an amp and an AUX cable you won’t be able to perform for an audience. The violin itself won’t be entirely silent but the volume definitely won’t be loud enough if you want to perform for a crowd. So you always need to look at what accessories are included with the violin. You don’t need to pass on a violin because it doesn’t come with the right accessories but you will need to consider the extra money you’ll have to spend to unlock your new instrument’s full potential.

Head and Chin Rests

Few musicians hold their electric violins up for long periods without any assistance. Accessories like head and chin rests provide support that can keep you playing for much longer. Some instruments are actually made with these support items in mind. Look to see if the violin includes any supports. If they do you should see if those supports are adjustable, because human body differ in size and proportion so adjustments are usually required to find the most comfortable performance posture.

Purchase Protection

Shopping online can be risky if you aren’t careful. Unscrupulous sellers have made a lot of money unloading questionable merchandise on unsuspecting buyers. If you want to make a purchase you won’t regret you need to make sure that you’re buying a product that has something backing it up. Look for things like warranties, money back guarantees, and anything else that will help you get your new instrument repaired, replaced, or refunded if it’s not up to par. Just make sure that you read the fine print, every type of purchase protection comes with limitations. For example, most warranties go out of effect if the instrument is resold. This is why buying used instruments is so risky.

Manufacturer Reputation

If your goal is to find a trustworthy instrument it helps to focus your search on instruments made by reputable brands. In this day and age, it’s easier than ever to start up an instrument manufacturing company and sell cheaply made instruments at low prices. This may be great news for people who only care about cost, but if you are concerned with quality it means you need to practice some skepticism. Don’t just take companies at their word, look into the company’s history and reputation. To start with, companies that have been making electrical violins continuously for decades probably know what they are doing.

Best Electric Violin brands

Kennedy Violins

For almost two decades Kennedy Violins has been producing and selling string instruments to musicians at every level. Students, amateurs, and professionals of all ages use their violins, violas, and cellos every day. Based out of the city of Vancouver in Washington state they are proud to say that all of their instruments undergo final assembly in the United States. While they still have work done overseas this balanced approach provides a high level of quality control without resulting in out of control prices. One of the most impressive things they offer is their warranty. While most instruments come with one year of coverage, instruments from Kennedy Violins are covered by a lifetime warranty. When Kennedy Violins was founded in 1999 it was built from the ground up with customer service in mind and that dedication can still be seen in how their company is run today. This is partly because the company is run by musicians who understand the frustrations that come from dealing with a company that doesn’t respect the people who use their products.


Thanks to the internet Cecilio instruments are ubiquitous today. They have practically cornered the market by producing some of the most affordable instruments available on the market today and selling their instruments in bundles packed with accessories. The name Cecilio comes from the historical figure of St. Cecilia, considered by Catholics to be the Patron Saint of music. Since its founding in 2004, Cecilio has produced an incredibly wide range of products. In addition to electric violins, they also produce other string, woodwind, and brass instruments. They can outfit an entire orchestra, including accessories, at an affordable price. They aren’t known as the top of the line in terms of construction quality or customer support, but when it comes to value it’s hard to beat Cecilio.


Most modern instrument manufacturers have ties to China, but most of them try to hide or downplay those connections. Kinglos is different. After all, they are a Chinese company. They were founded in 2009, and their full name is “Shanghai Kinglos Industrial Co. Ltd.” They understand the bad reputation Chinese instruments have had in the past, and they are working hard to show people that instruments from China can be the best in terms of quality and affordability. They are a very diverse company; they have a catalog of over 100 different types of instruments to serve the needs of just about every musician. Still, their focus is on string instruments like guitars and violins, which makes them a natural choice if you’re shopping for an electric violin. One of Kinglos’ trademarks is their wide range of colorful designs. Their instruments stand out because of their colorful and artistic design motifs. They also produce more traditional instruments, but their brightly colored student instruments are a great choice if you want to stand out while performing.


When shopping for quality instruments, you can’t go wrong with Yamaha. They aren’t just the most established name on this list; they are one of the oldest names in the musical instrument business. Today Yamaha is known for their wide range of products, including four-wheelers, but they started out making instruments. The Yamaha Corporation was established in 1887 as the “Japan Musical Instrument Manufacturing Corporation.” The first products they produced were pianos and reed organs, and to this day their pianos continue to be one of their most popular products.

NS Design

In 1990 Ned Steinberger was already known across the globe for the instruments he had designed. After all, he’d had his own woodshop since the age of 13 and had been designing instruments professionally since 1976. After years of working for other people, he decided it was time to strike out on his own. The result of this fateful decision was NS Design Instruments, a company which is still going strong over a quarter of a century later. The company has been able to stand out due to its focus on bowed electric instruments, an area that is an afterthought for other instrument makers. Instruments from NS design are also easy to recognize because of their unique design. They live by the phrase, “less is more.” Their minimalist instruments give musicians everything they need and nothing that they don’t. Today the company is based in Nobleboro Maine, though their instruments are manufactured in the Czech Republic. This allows them to deliver cutting edge instruments to the public at an affordable price.

Choosing the Best Electric Violin for Your Needs

Audio Jacks

Even the best electrical instruments are almost useless without some sort of speakers that the music can come out of. Those speakers might come in the form of amps, headphones, or something else. Ultimately the possibilities are limited by the audio jacks built into the violin. If your violin doesn’t come with the right inputs, you might have a hard time performing. For example, the plugs on most earphones are 3.5mm. So if you want to be able to listen to yourself playing over your headphones, you should look for an electric violin with a 3.5mm output. Figure out what you’re going to play your violin over and make sure your new instrument has the correct outputs.

Sound Controls

One of the great things about electrical instruments is the control they offer musicians. You aren’t limited to simply adjusting the tuning; electric instruments offer more customization options. The most basic option is volume control, but that’s just the start. Electric violins can also include controls for adjusting things like reverb. Using these features you can achieve the perfect sound for the setting you’re in and the style of music you’re playing. The less features a violin has, the more limited you will be, so pay attention to what you’re getting and what you’re missing out on.

Visual Style

What sort of a musician do you want to be? What style of music do you want to produce? These are questions you need to ask when buying any instrument. The instrument you choose should reflect both you as an individual and the type of music you want to make. Oftentimes the answers to these questions will align, but sometimes they won’t. For example, if your favorite color is pink, but you want to play in an orchestra you might have to sacrifice your dreams of a neon pink violin to play the music you want to. Only you can decide on a look that balances these concerns.

Electric violins vary widely in style because they don’t have to stick to the same strict requirements that traditional violins have to. While looking at violins ask yourself which shapes and colors match up with your goals.


In a perfect world you could shop for the perfect violin without paying any attention to the bundled accessories, but in the real world, money can get tight. If you want to play the electric violin, there is at least one accessory you absolutely need, a bow. Without a bow, you won’t be able to make the music you want to, so you either need to look for an electric violin that comes with a bow or budget for buying a bow separately. You might be able to save money upfront by purchasing a violin body and nothing else, but as you find yourself needing to buy more and more accessories, the total costs can quickly eclipse the price of a fully-equipped package deal. With that being said, these bundles often include some of the cheapest accessories available, so buying separately allows you to ensure that you’re getting the best accessories available. There’s no right or wrong answer here; you have to decide which package suits your unique needs.

Electric Violin Accessories and Parts

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4

You can’t play a violin, electric or acoustic, without a bow. A quality bow is essential for getting the best sound out of your instrument. You can find cheap bows on the market, but when it comes to this sort of thing, you get what you pay for. That’s why we’re recommending a quality bow that is built to last. This bow is made with carbon fiber, copper, and genuine Mongolian horsehair. The idea of a bow strung with horsehair might sound strange but it has been the standard for hundreds of years and different materials just don’t produce the same sound.

Fiddlerman Carbon Fiber Violin Bow 4/4
Fiddlerman Handmade Carbon Fiber Violin Bow; Quality Siberian Horse Hair; Nicely Decorated Copper Mounted Ebony Frog

D’Addario Prelude Violin String Set, 4/4 Scale, Medium Tension

Even if your new electrical violin comes with quality strings eventually they will need to be replaced. It’s important to keep in mind that you can’t just put any violin strings onto an electric violin and expect it to work. Metal strings are a must have when it comes to electric violins. You should also pay attention to the string’s tension. If you’re not sure what you want then you should consider starting off with medium tension strings because they offer a good balance for beginners. We’re also recommending a full set because you never know which string might give out on you when you least expect it.

Jade L’Opera JADE Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello

Rosin is easy to overlook. That’s probably because it’s possible to play the violin without it, but that would be a mistake. Rosin is applied to the bow so that it has an easier time gripping the strings of the violin. Without it musicians will find that it’s very difficult to produce the sound they’re looking for with their bow constantly slipping and sliding out of place. If you invest in some quality rosin and learn how to apply it properly you’ll have a much better learning experience.

Jade L'Opera JADE Rosin for Violin, Viola, and Cello
For Violin, Viola and Cello; A smooth yet firm grip; Dust-free adhesion; Will not scratch fine varnishes

Aroma Guitar Mini Portable Clip Amplifier by LC Prime

You might be able to practice just fine with only a pair of headphones, but if you want to actually perform for the public with your new instrument you will need an amp. It’s very portable, with a built-in handle and the option to play on battery power alone. It also has all of the options you need, like knobs for changing distortion, gain, bass, and treble. This amp will allow you to start performing for friends, family, and strangers as soon as possible.

Tips and Tricks

Read the Manual

If your electric violin comes with a manual or any other sort of informational material you should be sure to read it. We can give you general advice, but we can’t go into details the way that a manual can. You should also keep the manual somewhere safe and memorable, like a pocket in your violin case. That way you’ll be able to turn to it quickly if you ever experience issues with your violin.

Straighten Your Bridge Regularly

As you play and tune your instrument the loosening and tightening can put pressure on the back of the bridge should always be at a 90-degree angle in relation to the top of the instrument. This pressure can lead to warping over time if you don’t straighten out your bridge. If the bridge is visibly warping you should consider getting it fixed at a shop or getting it replaced. If you wait until the bridge breaks permanent damage might be done to your instrument.

Buy Metal Strings

There are many things about acoustic violins that carry over into their electric counterparts, but string choice isn’t one of them. While traditional violins use strings made out of metal, natural fibers, and synthetic materials, with an electric violin you should stick to metal. Copper, steel, or other metals are the way to go. Only metal produces the sort of vibrations that can transfer through to the pickup and make real music.

Wipe Rosin off When You’re Done Playing

Having rosin on your strings while playing is great, but once you’re done performing or practicing you want to clean your instrument. This is especially true for the body of the violin, rosin will likely end up on the bridge and so it needs to be cleaned regularly.

Don’t Get Water Near the Electronics

The electronics inside of your electric violin are delicate. Everyone should know that water and wires don’t mix but some people forget when they’re in a cleaning frenzy. If you absolutely need to use water on your violin you should get a clean cloth damp and use it carefully. Keep a second, dry cloth on hand to dry it off as soon as the damp cloth has done it’s job.

Watch Where You Put Your Violin

Whether you are practicing or performing you need to watch where you put your violin. The more people are around the more chances there are for your electric violin to get kicked, stepped on, or stolen. That’s why it’s worth keeping your violin in your hands whenever possible. When you do need to put it down you should put it in the safest place possible. Put it high enough up that people won’t step on it accidentally, and place it far enough from the edge of the surface that it isn’t likely to fall off. If you’re around strangers you should also try and keep it out of sight, you never know who might be looking to make a quick buck by pawning your instrument.

Keep Your Instrument in a Case When Possible

Instrument cases aren’t just for moving your instrument in, you can also use them to protect your electric violin when you’re not using them. Hard cases are especially good in this respect because they minimize damage even if the case is dropped or otherwise mishandled. That being said, you shouldn’t deliberately abuse the case. The violin inside can still get damaged. Also, make sure that the case it latched, buckled, or zipped up tightly before picking it up. Many violins have been damaged do to careless packing.

Avoid Extreme Temperatures

The heat and the cold are both the enemies of any sensitive instrument and especially the electric variety. This is something to remember when storing your violin at home, but it’s especially important when traveling with your violin. Don’t leave it in a car for long periods of extreme weather. A day in a hot car can ruin your instrument.

Keep Out of the Elements

Electric guitars should be stored in well-protected areas. Direct sunlight can damage it, both high humidity and completely dry air can damage it. If you have purchased an expensive instrument it can be worth buying an instrument humidifier to keep it properly balanced. In most cases you’ll do fine keeping it somewhere safe where it won’t get too hot, cold, or wet.

Dampit Moistener Violin
Comes with own humidity guage; Easy to use; Can use while playing; Hal Leonard (Author)

Don’t be Afraid to Get Professional Help

If you are having issues with your violin you shouldn’t be afraid to get help from someone who works with instruments for a living. The electric violin is a delicate instrument and tinkering around with it can do permanent damage that even a pro will have trouble fixing. Before you do anything try and think through the possible outcomes. If you think there’s a chance you might break your violin and you’re not absolutely sure you know what you’re doing then you should take it to a professional.


If you’ve read through this article, you now have the information you need to make an informed purchase. All five of the electric violins had their strengths, but two stood out as smart purchases. The first is our pick for top option, the Bunnel EDGE Electric Violin. It’s a well-rounded instrument that will fit the needs of just about everyone. For those of you looking for a bargain, we recommend the Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Solid Wood Electric Violin. We named it our best buy option because it’s a package that combines a solid instrument, plenty of accessories, and a price that’s hard to beat. The other three violins are worth looking at, but if you skipped to the conclusion because you’re in a rush, those two are worth your immediate attention.

Don’t worry if you still find it difficult to make a choice. With so much information available it’s easy to get overwhelmed. One of the best ways to find the right instrument is focusing on the one or two things that are most important to you. Check out Surf’n’Buy’s section titled “Choosing the Best Electric Violin for Your Needs” if you need help prioritizing. Once you figure out what you absolutely have to have, you can eliminate the options that don’t have it. This is a quick way to focus in on the electric violins that are most likely to suit your needs.

We hope that you found this article to be helpful. We wrote it so that you would have the most useful and accurate information possible as you search for the perfect electric violin and as you put it to use. If you have anything else, you’re looking to buy you should check out one of our other articles. We have plenty of other articles like this on a wide range of topics. If you can’t find a guide on the product, you’re looking for please check back later. We’re adding more articles every day to help take the hassle out of online shopping.


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