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Best Euphoniums [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Mendini MEP-L Lacquer Brass B Flat Euphonium with Stainless Steel Pistons, Gold
Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium With Free Hard Case+M/P
Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium Lacquer
Mendini MEP-L Lacquer Brass B Flat Euphonium
Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium
Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium
Mendini MEP-L Lacquer Brass B Flat Euphonium with Stainless Steel Pistons, Gold
Mendini MEP-L Lacquer Brass B Flat Euphonium
Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium With Free Hard Case+M/P
Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium
Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium Lacquer
Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium

The euphonium is a musical instrument that is a member of the brass family. it is a highly recognizable musical instrument in the traditional British brass band and other musical cultures. . Euphoniums are very similar to the baritone horn and are played mainly in the key of Bb. They are mainly played by buzzing on the mouthpiece.

Are you looking for a budget-friendly euphonium that comes with beautiful features? We have done some legwork to bring you the best euphoniums to buy today. This guideline highlights the features that make them outstanding. We hope that in the end, you will be able to make a good choice of the euphonium.

Top 3 Euphoniums

1. Mendini MEP-L Lacquer Brass B Flat Euphonium

The Mendini MEP-L euphonium is designed for functionality. If you are new to the euphonium world, the name Mendini might sound strange to your ears. This is a musical instrument made by a company that has grown repute for manufacturing supreme orchestral instruments and this has earned a place on this guide. Their music equipment is highly sought-after by music teachers and professionals. It is a fast-growing company and their spirit of innovation and excellence has endeared them to the hearts of so many orchestral playing enthusiasts. No wonder the Mendini MEP-L euphonium is considered a topnotch instrument.

The Mendini MEP-L euphonium is an instrument that has sophisticated artistry that can compel and inspire anyone to play great music. Just like the company that manufactured it, the instrument embodies innovation and beauty. The instrument has a lacquered yellow brass body that makes it hugely appealing to beginners, advanced, young and old players. Made from yellow brass material, this instrument is highly durable and can be used for as long as possible.

The silver-plated mouthpiece makes it smooth and easy for buzzing on. When bought from a reputable dealer, the Mendini MEP-L euphonium comes with a 1-year warranty against defects and damages. For the production of a rich sound, the MEP-L euphonium can be relied on. Its large bore tubing and the upright bell makes it possible to play excellent and rich sound.

Its lightweight design makes it ideal for everyday practice for beginners, concerts, and used by professionals. Together with this, 4 action valves and top stainless steel pistons deliver outstanding intonation and responsiveness. The Mendini MEP-L euphonium comes with a pair of gloves, a hard case (for protection of the instrument) and polishing cloth for cleaning and maintenance. Considering how easy this instrument is to play, it is well suited for students.


  • The Mendini MEP-L euphonium has a lightweight that makes it perfect for concerts, everyday practice for beginners, and use by professionals.
  • It comes with a 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.
  • This instrument comes with a hard case, pair of gloves and a polishing cloth.
  • With 4 action valves and top stainless steel pistons, the intonation and responsiveness of the instrument is excellent.
  • It is affordable and perfect for beginners that are looking for a euphonium that does not have so many advanced features.
  • Comes with a 12” upright bell and large bore diameter tubing that delivers rich and quality sound.
  • A lacquered yellow brass body that is smooth and gives it an elegant appearance.
  • This is a beginner-friendly instrument euphonium as it is easy to play.


  • It does not come with so many advanced features for advanced and professional players.


Mendini Company has met our expectations about them with this musical instrument. What the company has achieved in terms of orchestral equipment manufacturing is brilliant. The fact that the Mendini MEP-L euphonium is a budget-friendly and easy to play an instrument makes it ideal for intermediate players and beginners. In addition, professionals can also use it. It is a product that attracts any music lover to conjure up beautiful sounds. Music teachers use it in the music class and have recommended it to anybody that is looking forward to playing the euphonium music instrument.

2. Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium

From the stables of NAUTICALMART, the Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium is a musical instrument every euphonium player will want to get their hands on. This is the second euphonium in this guide. It is one of the euphoniums that players are rapidly embracing. The construction quality is beautiful and sturdy to deliver an incredible music experience. The fact that it comes from NAUTICALMART, one of the respectable companies producing excellent musical equipment, shows how reliable this instrument is for enjoyable music experience. It comes with pro features at an affordable price.

The mouthpiece is nickel-plated to guarantees its smoothness around the mouth for easy play. It is also lightweight that makes it ideal for concerts and music playing that has a long duration. The combination of three stainless steel piston valves and an upright bell delivers premium sound production. It is one of the most popular euphoniums used in music classes by music teachers. This is because of its lightweight and how easy it is to play for beginners.

This euphonium is made from brass, which guarantees its long usage and can be played in any weather condition without any compromise. It comes with a hard case. This is used for the protection of the euphonium instrument from wear and tear. It also comes with a mouthpiece. It is played in the key of Bb/F


  • Made from brass, which guarantees its durability for long usage.
  • Has three stainless steel valves and an upright bell for excellent and rich sound production.
  • With all the pro features it has, it is affordable.
  • Comes with a hard case, for protection, and a mouthpiece.
  • It is played in the key of Bb/F.
  • This euphonium like other euphoniums has a nice finish. The gold lacquered finish gives it a solid and sophisticated appearance.


  • Does not come with a 1-year warranty against defects and damage.


NAUTICALMART shows why they are one of the best companies when it comes to the business of manufacturing top of the line euphoniums and yet offered at an affordable price. This euphonium product of theirs reflects their objective to provide euphonium players with well-designed euphoniums for excellent playing experience.

The Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium is an excellent euphonium by all ramifications. It has a solid appearance, rich and ear-pleasing sound production and is easy to play. For beginners that have a shoestring budget, this instrument is well suited for them. This impressive feature has made it earn our cut on our well-researched guide. There is no reason why you should not own this fantastic musical instrument.

3. Yamaha YEP-321 Series 4-Valve Euphonium

The Yamaha YEP-321 is another product from Yamaha that is of great quality. Yamaha is a household name in the manufacturing of high-quality musical instruments. The sound quality of the Yamaha YEP-321 during play reflects why Yamaha is a popular brand in manufacturing music instruments.

The Yamaha YEP-321 is a 4-valve euphonium. The valves are nickel-plated for the quick response and easy play. Coming with a .571 tubing and a small shank receiver, it is ideal for easy tone production making it a staple for intermediaries and beginners. This euphonium comes with accessories such as a hard case (for protection against wear and tear),  valve oil (lubrication of the valves), and a small shank mouthpiece.


  • Pressure Formed Tubing Perfectly tubing that allows for smoother airflow and less turbulence.
  • It comes with a hard case (for protection against wear and tear),  valve oil (lubrication of the valves), and a small shank mouthpiece.
  • The high responsiveness of the Yamaha YEP-321 makes it well suited for beginners who are trying to understand what the euphonium is about.
  • The Yamaha YEP-321 just like every other Yamaha brass instruments comes with a 5-year warranty.
  • It features an excellent intonation.
  • There is no leakage.
  • Made from brass, which guarantees its long usage and durability.
  • The lacquered and silver finishing of the Yamaha YEP-321 gives it a beautiful and sophisticated appearance.
  • Has 11 inches upright bell that delivers great sound and performance.


  • It does not come with pro features for professionals.


The Yamaha YEP-321 is a beginner and budget-friendly music instrument. Most especially for the fact that it is from Yamaha coupled with the excellent features, it comes with made us consider adding it to our list. We highly recommend this euphonium to you. It is also a popular choice among advanced players.

Types of Euphonium

3-Valve Euphonium

This type of euphonium has three valves and is mainly designed for those that are economically and desire a durable euphonium. They produce high-quality sound, play fine but do not come with all top of the line features and artistry that are found in professional models. They are usually played in the key of Bb.

4-Valve Euphonium

A 4-valve euphonium is more advanced than the 3-valve counterpart is. This type of euphonium comes in two categories including compensating and non-compensating. The compensating euphonium has extra tubing that is used in lowering the pitch and makes the tune more balanced. The 4th valve is positioned on the left side of the instrument.

Features of the Euphonium


The brass material mainly makes the euphonium. Other materials that euphoniums are made from include yellow brass and rose brass. Each of them usually has a contrasting ratio of zinc to copper. A euphonium containing copper and zinc in the ratio 80:20 are considered high-end and is seen in professional and beginner models. Rose euphonium has the highest copper content up to 90%. This material enables such an instrument to produce a mellower and rich tune.


The valves on euphoniums are an important component that determines its smooth performance. They are traditionally nickel-plated. Euphonium valves are resistant to wear, durable and can be played for a long time without maintenance. Monel valves are used for euphoniums designed for a higher standard of play. This type of valve is corrosion resistant but requires more maintenance. The valves are usually oiled to keep them in a good functional state.

Bore Size

A conical shape is the characteristic form of the euphonium bore. Its diameter increases down the length of the bore. The increased diameter delivers a warmer and mellower sound quality during play. The smaller the bore the brighter and more compact the tone is. The euphonium bore sizes mostly come in the sizes 14.5mm and 16.8mm.


Another integral part of the euphonium is the bell. The bell size influences the sound effect of the euphonium. A larger bell size is used to project sound over a wide area. The material the bell is made from also impacts on the quality of sound produced.


If moisture is accumulated in the euphonium, it can distort the sounds, projected reducing its quality, and may affect negatively its lifespan. Waterkeys are used to drain moisture from the euphonium.

Baritone Vs Euphonium: What is the difference?

So many people confuse the euphonium with the baritone. Both belong to the same brass family of musical instruments, produce similar sounds but are not the same. There are so many differences between them and we are going to dissect them below.

Bore Size

One of the main differences between the baritone horn and euphonium is the bore size. The shape of the euphonium bore is conical and gets bigger in diameter from the mouthpiece down to the bell. It also features a continuous taper that makes it produced an undirected sound.

The bore of the baritone horn is cylindrical and maintains a consistent diameter down to the bell. The taper curves at the bell to project a more directed sound than the euphonium. This is one of the characteristics that make it an ideal musical instrument for marching parades and concerts.

Sound Quality

Courtesy of the bore size of the euphonium, the sound projected is warmer and mellower. The sound is richer and fuller and is similar to that of a French horn. This contrasts that of the baritone horn that is brighter because of the consistency of the diameter of its cylindrical bore.


The baritone horns always have three valves in standard configuration. Modern euphoniums feature three to five valves. The extra valve is usually lengthier than the others are and is set up in a different position, usually on the left side of the instrument. This extra valve enhances the tune of the euphonium.


The euphonium is an intermediary and beginner-friendly equipment. It has a simple configuration that enables learners to get a hang of what the euphonium is about. Baritone horns are much easier to learn. This is because they have a simpler configuration that makes it easy to play.

Occasion Played

The baritone horn is specifically designated for marching bands to complement other musical instruments. The euphonium is mostly played at orchestra settings, operas, bands, and various other places. Now that you know the differences between the euphonium and baritone, you stand a chance of making a better decision in which musical instrument you want.

Baritone or Euphonium?

Judging from the differences, the use of either musical instrument is hinged on them. Most bands play the baritone horn since it sounds similar to the euphonium. The sound of the baritone horn is narrow owing to its uniformly sized tubing. This makes its sound similar to what you will hear from a trumpet or trombone. For music enthusiasts that lover a softer and richer sound, the euphonium is ideal. This contributes to the reasons that make it a perfect choice for different music settings than the baritone horn.

Choosing between the baritone horn and the euphonium all comes down to one’s preferences. If you want a music-playing instrument that has a narrow and bright sound, the baritone horn is what you should aim for. For a fuller and softer sound quality, the euphonium is ideal.

What to Consider When Buying a Euphonium

When buying the euphonium instrument there are vital considerations to have at the back of your mind. These will enable you to make a better choice and invest properly in this unique music equipment. Below are certain things to consider when buying a euphonium.

  • Test Them Before Paying: This is an age-long ritual performed before purchasing any product. The best way to find out if the euphonium has the sound quality you are looking for and is free from any defect or damage is to try them out. Most reputable dealers do allow this.
  • Assess the Mouthpieces: If you have decided to play the euphonium before paying for it, you should try out different mouthpieces. There are the European shank and large shank mouthpieces to check. If you want to be flexible on the euphonium, you can use narrow mouthpieces. The large shank mouthpiece is also good for a fun and wonderful playing experience.
  • Consider the Size: Ensure that you go for the sizes you can handle. There are different sized euphoniums designed to match each of the users’ abilities. Make sure that you go for one that matches your ability.
  • Price: It is not every euphonium that has a huge price tag that delivers the experience you want. They are many budget-friendly euphoniums that come with pro features to deliver you great value for your money. Before you embark on buying one, solicit the guide of advanced players or professionals to assist you with the right euphonium for your budget.
  • How Big the Euphonium Is: If you are a euphonium player that requires one that needs more air and control to play, then a large euphonium is good for you. However, handling this euphonium size may become a challenge if you are a smaller player. Always ensure you go for one that you will be comfortable to play.
  • Playability: The euphonium instrument is easy to play and is beginner-friendly. Before you purchase one you should go for one that is lightweight, easy to carry and does not have complex body parts. This overall makes learning easier and fun.

The Valve Setup

The valve setup of the euphonium comes in various types including the traditional and professional setup. Each of these types has different positions of the valve on the euphonium. The traditional and professional valve setups have three valves at the top of the instrument’s horns and one at its side. For beginners, the inline valve euphonium should be avoided. They are complex and difficult to master. You should go for a euphonium that has the traditional valve setup. As you advance in learning, you can go for euphoniums that have a more enhanced valve setup.


The euphonium is a fantastic musical instrument to play that blends easily with any music setup. It is suitable for beginners and professionals. They are made from durable materials that also give them an elegant feel that makes them appealing to play. This is a wonderful musical instrument to invest in. If you looking for cheap euphoniums to buy that comes with exciting features, you can opt for the Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium, Mendini MEP-L euphonium, and the Yamaha YEP-321.

The Bb/F 4 Valve Flat Brass Finishing Euphonium has a simple configuration and is ideal for intermediaries and beginners. The sound production is rich and soft that you can use to stun any audience. The Mendini MEP-L euphonium having a lacquered yellow brass body has astonishing craftsmanship. It is the euphonium that any euphonium enthusiast will want to lay their hands on. It is fun and simple to play. If you are looking for a euphonium that does not come with many features and is yet awesome to play, the Yamaha YEP-321 is there for you.

We at Surf n’ Buy believe that buying a euphonium should not be a hard task for you. This one of the things that prompted us to come up with this guide. We do hope you will find this guide resourceful in making a better choice of euphonium to have memorable and great playing experience.


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