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Best Fertilizers for Tomatoes [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Kellen Greene
Tomato Fertilizer, Tomato Secret 4lbs, All Natural, Loaded with Nutrients, GMO Free, Best Tasting Tomatoes!
Jobe’s Organics 9023 fertilizer, 16 lb
Tomato Fertilizer 4-18-38 Powder 100% Water Soluble Plus Micro Nutrients and Trace Minerals"Greenway Biotech Brand" 5 Pounds (Makes 1000 Gallons)
Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer
Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer
Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer
Tomato Fertilizer, Tomato Secret 4lbs, All Natural, Loaded with Nutrients, GMO Free, Best Tasting Tomatoes!
Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer
Jobe’s Organics 9023 fertilizer, 16 lb
Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer
Tomato Fertilizer 4-18-38 Powder 100% Water Soluble Plus Micro Nutrients and Trace Minerals"Greenway Biotech Brand" 5 Pounds (Makes 1000 Gallons)
Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer

I was always impressed at the tomatoes my grandmother grew.  She just seemed to intuitively know how to grow the best tomatoes year after year.  When I asked her what her secret was, she told me all I needed was the right fertilizer.  She was right.  Finding the right fertilizer and learning when to use it makes growing tomatoes so much easier, and so much more successful.

If you are looking to impress with your tomato crop this year, fertilizer is the key to success.  There are many different kinds of fertilizer which serve different supports to your plant, which can make it confusing as to which fertilizer is best and when is best to use it.  Your plant will even need different fertilizers at different times.  If you are looking to better understand your tomato plant and what it needs from you, keep reading.  We have the best fertilizers on the market for tomatoes and all the information you need to help you feed your plant the right fertilizer at the right time to get the best tomato crop not just this year, but year after year.

Top 3 Fertilizers for Tomatoes

1. Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer


Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer has been developed over 50 years to create a product with a unique blend of natural ingredients to ensure high quality tomatoes with a better taste, less bug infestation and a longer period of ripeness.  Designed to nourish the microbes within the soil, this tomato fertilizer maximizes the level of nutrition which moves directly to the plant for a premium tomato plant.

Mixed with 12 natural ingredients, this tomato fertilizer includes Dr. JimZ’s specially designed Compost Factor & Magic Mineral to nourish and support incredibly healthy tomatoes and reduce the risk of disease.  Suitable for all variety of tomato plant, this is one of the most versatile tomato fertilizers on the market.  You can even use it on other plants to reduce overall cost of fertilization.

Each four pound bag will feed up to six tomato plants so that you get the most out of your purchase, no need to spend too much to get the most out of your tomato crop..  Simply use one cup of fertilizer when planting then dress the top of the soil with another cup after six weeks for an easy to use and incredibly low maintenance fertilization.


  • The all natural blend of ingredients means a better taste, less insect infestation and longer shelf life without the use of chemicals.
  • Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer feeds the microbes in the soil to provide nourishment for the soil which moved directly to the plant to give you the best possible tomato growth.
  • Dr. JimZ’s specially designed Compost Factor & Magic Mineral supports healthy tomato growth and keeps disease at bay so that you can maximize your tomato yield with every crop.
  • This tomato fertilizer is suitable for use on all kinds of tomato so you only need to purchase one fertilizer for every plant to get the most from your crop.
  • This fertilizer can also be used on other plants so there is no need for a huge range of fertilizers for each and every plant.  This is perfect for allotment owners and home farmers with many different kind of crop.
  • Each bag dresses six tomato plants and is incredibly easy to use so there is no need to constantly fertilize your plants repeatedly.  Once when planting and once after six weeks is more than enough with this tomato fertilizer.


  • The Dr. JimZ’s specially designed Compost Factor & Magic Mineral only feeds six plants, so those with a larger crop will need more than one bag to feed all of their tomatoes.


If you are looking for an incredibly powerful, all natural blended fertilizer which will feed all of your tomatoes without the need to constantly fertilize, Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer is one of the best on the market.  The unique ingredients feed and support active soil microbes to give the plant direct nutrition so you get better tomatoes from each crop and more tomatoes from each plant.  Designed to reduce infestation and suitable for use with a range of plants, there is no need for different fertilizers.  Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer will do the job of every different kind of fertilizer, saving you time and money.

2. Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer


Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer is certified to be completely organic to support natural growth and plant health without a chemical taste or forcing the plant, providing you with better quality tomatoes with every crop.  Made in easy to use granules and provided in an easy pour bag, you can simple sprinkle the fertilizer around the plant, making it incredibly easy to use.

Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer works quickly to get the right microbes to the right places, providing fast and powerful support to your tomato plant to make sure you get the most out of your plants every year. Containing Jobe’s Biozome, the uniquely proprietary microorganism archae, this fertilizer aggressively breaks down natural materials to make nutrients easier for the plant to absorb at a higher pace, giving your tomato plant a constant supply of nutrients.  This increases the quality of the soil conditions which helps to reduce disease and vulnerability to insects and drought. Available in a range of bag sizes, you are sure to get enough fertilizer to feed all of your tomato plants all year.


  • Blended with completely organic ingredients, this fertilizer is completely natural and provides no chemical taste or damaging ingredients.
  • The granular design is easy to use and spread quickly and evenly, making this one of the most convenient tomato fertilizers on the market.
  • The easy pour bag means there is no need for measuring cups or trowels, just sprinkle as you need it.
  • This fast acting fertilizer gets to work right away to make sure that your plants get everything they need at all times to maximize your tomato harvest year after year.
  • The special ingredient, Jobe’s Biozome, breaks down nutrients to make them easier for the plant to absorb and providing it with a constant supply of nutrients for maximal growth and support.
  • Increased soil conditions provide better support from the plant and a higher protection from insects, disease and drought, ensuring the health of your tomato plants.
  • Available in a range of bag sizes, you are certain to find an option that provides you everything you need, no matter how many plants you have.


  • This fertilizer does have a particularly strong and unpleasant smell which can make working with it uncomfortable, especially if you have numerous tomato plants in a sealed area such as a greenhouse.
  • Many customers have said there is no OMRI label on the bag when purchased, which is the label required on certified organic fertilizers.


If you are looking for a top quality, reliable and convenient tomato fertilizer to feed your crops this year, look no further than the Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer.  This fertilizer is easy to spread evenly due to its granule form and gets to work quickly to provide your tomato plants with a consistent and sustained level of nutrients right away.  The organic ingredients and special Biozome supports and enhances soil conditions to guarantee the best crop this year.

Available in a range of sizes, you are certain to find enough fertilizer to feed all of your plants, whether you are a home grower or a professional gardener.  No matter what you need from your tomato fertilizer, Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer is certain to deliver.

3. Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer


Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer is an entirely water soluble tomato fertilizer which gets to work as soon as your plants are watered.  This makes it one of the fastest working fertilizers on the market to support proper soil conditions and provide nutrients to your tomato plants.  You can also use this fertilizer with a range of different soft vegetables so there is no need to purchase a rage of plant specific fertilizers for your garden or allotment. 

This fertilizer is professionally formulated and contains 4% Nitrogen, 18% Phosphorous, 38% Potassium, Boron, Copper EDTA, Iron EDTA, Manganese EDTA, Zinc EDTA, and Molybdenum, which provides your plants with a range of minerals for proper support and crucial nutrition for healthy plants.  There are absolutely no harmful metals or materials to reduce risk of disease or plant damage.

One five pound bag can make up to 1000 gallons of liquid tomato fertilizer, which makes Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer one of the most cost efficient tomato fertilizers on the market.


  • Entirely water soluble, this fertilizer sinks straight into the soil and gets to work straight away to provide high quality soil conditions and support healthy tomato crops.
  • Blended with a huge range of vitamins and minerals, you can be sure that this fertilizer will provide your tomato plants with everything they need at every stage of growth to maximize your harvest.
  • Free from heavy metals and damaging materials, this tomato fertilizer protects your plant from damage to support healthy and happy tomato plants.
  • With 1000 gallons of liquid fertilizer with every five pound bag, this is one of the most cost effective methods of fertilization, saving you money with every use.
  • This fertilizer is also suitable for use on a range of soft vegetables such as eggplants and peppers so you don’t need to purchase many different fertilizers for each crop.


  • Due to the method of use, you may need several bags to fertilize your crop all year round, as the ratio of fertilizer to water must be properly calculated.
  • Phosphorus can damage water quality and lawns so the user must be careful not to spill the fertilizer during use.


The final tomato fertilizer in our guide today is the Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer.  This fertilizer is quick and easy to use, simply dissolve it in water to spread evenly around your tomato plants to maximize your harvest.  Suitable for a range of different soft vegetables, there is no need to purchase multiple fertilizers for your garden, so you can really maximize your purchase with this tomato fertilizer. 

Capable of producing up to 1000 gallons of fertilizer, you can fertilize all of your plants with one five pound bag, making this one of the most cost efficient tomato fertilizers available.
Blended with unique vitamins and minerals and free from heavy metals and harmful materials, you can be sure in the knowledge that your plants will love this fertilizer and will be protected from damage.

Types of Tomato Fertilizer

There are many different kinds of tomato fertilizer with different methods of use.  The best type of fertilizer for your garden will depend on many different factors, such as the pH of your soil, the age of your plants and the stages of growth.  The first step is to test your soil to check the nutrient and pH levels so as to rule out any deficiencies.  However, if you have bought your soil especially for the tomato crop, this information will be provided on the soil packet itself.

In order to get the most effective tomato fertilizer for your garden, it is important to know what is out there to get the right option for your needs. For healthy growth, tomatoes need three different key nutrients: Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium.  These nutrient levels will be provided in a ration such as 20-15-10 (N-P-K).  At planting stages, it is best to find a fertilizer with even levels of each of these nutrients to provide your plant with all round support during growth.

Nitrogen encourages healthy leaf growth and is the first of the three numbers in the ratio.  Most fertilizers have a high level of nitrogen because it makes leaves and lawns thick and green.  On a tomato plant, however, too much leaf growth reduces the number of flowers and tomatoes, so make sure the nitrogen level isn’t too high.

Phosphorus encourages flowering and therefore fruits, which makes it an important factor in the type of tomato fertilizer you buy.  This is an important nutrient to have high levels of at the growing phase to produce a larger crop. Potassium is the final nutrient which the tomato plant needs once it starts flowering to produce a healthier and thicker fruit.  Once your tomato fruit reaches flowering stages, swap from a high level of phosphorus to a high level of potassium to maximize your yield.

The best way to fertilize your tomato crops is to have a rotation of fertilizers which offer different support at different times.  However, we have a more in depth guide about this further on, so keep reading to find out more.

Problems You Can Prevent by Using Tomato Plant Fertilizer

Fertilizers are like the magic cure all to many problems gardeners face when growing tomatoes.  There are a number of problems tomato fertilizers can prevent depending on the fertilizer, so if you’re suffering from any of these common issues, a fertilizer exists to fix the problem.  Below are the most common issues gardeners face when growing tomatoes and the ways in which certain fertilizers can help solve these problems.

Poor quality soil

If you are growing tomatoes in the ground rather than in purchased soil, it may not be of a high enough quality to provide the tomatoes with what they need to grow properly.  This is where a fertilizer can be an excellent addition to your tomato plant.  Fertilizers can fix the pH of the soil as well as adding nutrients and vitamins your plant needs to grow healthy and happy.  Simply test the soil you are using to find out what the problem is, then look for a fertilizer with the right nutrients or pH level to put it right.

Low Yield

If you have a large tomato plant which isn’t producing as much fruit as it should, you might not have enough phosphorus at the growing stages.  A high phosphorus, low nitrogen fertilizer can help the plant to grow more flowers which will yield tomatoes and limit the amount of leaf growth which can reduce the number of flowers.  This will give your plant more likelihood of a higher yield in the following years so that you can really get the most out of every plant.

Small Tomatoes

If you have plenty of flowers but your tomatoes just aren’t reaching the size you want them to, you might not have enough potassium at the flowering stage.  A tomato fertilizer with a higher potassium level is the way to fix this because it supports the growth of the fruit rather than the plant.  Add this fertilizer at the flowering stage to support healthy growth of the tomato and you will find your tomatoes getting much larger.


Infestation is the enemy of the tomato grower and can be a difficult problem to solve if you’re only using insecticides.  Soft fruits and vegetables are more prone to infestation because they are easier to eat, which can make tomato plants very vulnerable to insects.  Many fertilizers, such as the Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer, are made with strong smells or are made to make the soil uninhabitable for insects to keep them at bay and keep your plants safe all year round.


Diseased plants are born from a lack of nutrition.  If your plant is not getting what it needs, it will start to die and rot, leaving it susceptible to diseases.  Fertilizers provide your plant with adequate support to ensure that it gets all the nutrients it needs to stay healthy and strong.  By using a fertilizer, you are helping your plant protect itself from disease and damage so that it will keep producing crops year after year.

Best Way to Fertilize Tomatoes

The best way to fertilize tomatoes is to have a cycle of different fertilizers at different stages of growth. There are many different methods of fertilizing tomatoes, such as with a soil based fertilizer, granules or a water soluble fertilizer.  These methods have benefits at different stages of growth, also.

Tomato plants should be fertilized at the planting stages with a balance of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium to support seedling growth evenly.  This should be done with a soil based fertilizer to surround your plant with the nutrients it needs for proper growth and development.

Once the plant grows to the point where it begins to grow flowers, you can change to a lower nitrogen and higher phosphorus fertilizer which will help the plant produce more flowers which will grow tomatoes in the coming weeks.  This can be done with a water soluble fertilizer or granules, as long as the plant gets an even source of fertilizer.

When the flowers begin to produce tomatoes, switch to a higher potassium fertilizer to help your plant produce juicier tomatoes.  This can also be done with a water soluble fertilizer or with granules but a water soluble option is best to get the nutrients to the roots of the plant as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Whenever you fertilize a tomato plant with a water soluble or granule fertilizer, make sure that you spread the fertilizer around six inches from the base of the plant.  If you fertilize too close to the plant, the fertilizer may burn the plant stem which can cause irreparable damage to the plant.  Also make sure that the plant is watered well before fertilizing, as you can damage the plant if there is not enough water to dilute the strength of the fertilizer.

Tips For Using Tomato Plant Fertilizer

To make sure you get the most out of your plants, Surf’n’Buy have a few tips and tricks to using your tomato fertilizer.

Water, Water, Water

Fertilizers can be your best friend or your worst enemy.  If you haven’t sufficiently watered your plant before fertilizing, you can burn the plant and cause permanent damage, which means you will lose the plant.  Make sure to adequately water your plant before fertilizing and keep the fertilizer about six inches away from the base of the plant to keep your plant safe.

Create a Fertilizer Schedule

Your plant will need different things at different stages of growth, so to make sure it gets what it needs when it needs it, creating a schedule of different fertilizers at different times will help you give your tomato plant the right support for maximum growth.  We have given a full run down of what your plant will need at different stages of growth, so try to create a fertilizing schedule along these lines.

Keep Checking on Your Plants

Keeping a schedule is one way to make estimate when your plants need the right support at the right time, but plants are still a little unpredictable.  To make sure you know what your plant needs at all times, it is important to regularly check on your plant to see if it is flowering or beginning to produce fruit so that you can swap the fertilizers at exactly the right time.

Go Organic

Chemicals can produce fruit faster and more efficiently, but over time they will damage the plant and give it a shorter lifespan.  To protect your tomato plant and give it the longest life possible, organic fertilizers are the best way forward.  They can do all of the things that chemical fertilizers do whilst being better for your plant and better for the environment.  With all of the benefits of an organic fertilizer, why would you ever use chemicals?


So there you have it.  The secret to the perfect tomato crop is fertilizer and it is the key to getting the maximum growth from each of your plants this year, and every year after.  Starting with the Dr. JimZ Tomato Fertilizer will help your plant grow tall and strong at the initial phases, giving your tomato plant the best start in life. Once your plant gets a little older, it will need different kinds of nutrients and minerals.  This is where the organic fertilizers such as Jobe’s Organics 9023 Fertilizer and Greenway Biotech Tomato Fertilizer will continue to support the plant as it goes through flowering and producing fruit.

We here at Surf’n’Buy are happy to share our tomato growing secrets with you so that you can get the most out of your plants this year.  The ability to grow your own produce is one of the most simple yet satisfying joys in life.  Provide food for your family and friends, or even sell it at market.  No matter what the purpose of your growing is, we are certain that with the right fertilizers at the right times, you will grow tomatoes to rival the ones in the supermarket.  They will probably taste better, too.

We hope we have helped you to find the right fertilizer to solve all of your growing issues and get the most out of your tomato plant this harvest time.

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