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Best Heated Stadium Seat [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Kellen Greene

Are you looking for a stadium seat that won’t just provide you comfort but will also keep you cozy in the winter months? Surf’n’Buy have the seat for you. The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat is the best heated stadium seat on the market in 2020. It offers the warmth and comfort you need while you watch your team win. We also recommend a portable charger so that you can keep this seat warm on the go so you never go without luxury.

Top Heated Stadium Seat

POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat

POP Design The Hot Seat, Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat, Reclining Back and Arm Support, Thick Cushion, 4 Storage Pockets Plus Cup Holder, Extra Wide Feature, Battery Pack Not Included
  • BEST SEAT IN THE STADIUM: The Hot Seat features adjustable USB-powered heating technology (portable USB battery not included). Safely penetrates into the body to relax and warm your muscles at any outdoor or indoor events. Three different heat levels and a simple push of a button can warm up your seat up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit. Works with ANY USB battery pack and lasts for hours. Simply plug the USB cable into the USB Port of your battery and feel the warmth!
  • BENEFITS OF A HEATED CHAIR: Keeps the blood moving to the extremities to allow you to sit long periods of time with more comfort during any season. Heat can help avoid sore muscles after long periods of being seated. The adjustable heat will help you focus on the game rather than how cold or uncomfortable you are. With warmth and comfort built into the chair, you will not have to carry extra necessities like blankets or portable heaters.
  • VIP SEATING: As roomy as a first-class airplane seat, Hot Seat’s High-Density Foam Cushion supports and cradles your lower back and tush. The Padded Armrests help prevent back fatigue, so you can be comfortable during any event or outing. The Hot Seat comes with 6 reclining positions. For a wider seat simply fold down the armrests and enjoy 20 inches of padded comfort. The Hot Seat is also extremely portable and compact for effortless carrying and stowing away.
  • AMPLE STORAGE AND WATER RESISTANT: The Hot Seat comes with 1 oversized pocket for larger items and 3 smaller pockets for smaller quick-access items. Also, keeps your drink from spilling with the handy hidden cup holder. With a waterproof bottom and water-resistant material, the Hot Seat is perfect to protect you from wet bleachers.
  • QUALITY BACKED BY GUARANTEE: We always thrive for 100% customer satisfaction. That’s why offering a 2-year warranty for the Hot Seat was a no-brainer for us. If anything is not to your complete satisfaction, simply reach out to us and we will make it right! Guaranteed.


The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat is crafted with USB-powered heating technology to safely penetrate and warm your body up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit as you watch your favorite team play. This makes it ideal for winter games when the weather gets cold. 600D heavy duty and waterproof polyester, making it one of the most watertight options on the market to ensure safety when in use.

The large and roomy design ensures a high level of comfort and support to prevent ‘bleacher back’ during long events. With six reclining positions, you can decide on how much or how little support you want from your bleacher seat. You can move around during the game to keep the blood flowing and reduce pressure during long periods of sitting. With an oversized pocket, a cupholder and three smaller pockets, you can store all of your favorite drinks and snacks within arm’s reach and stop spills.


  • The watertight design ensures safety when using the POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat and makes it easy to clean and mop up spills.
  • With three different temperatures and a maximum temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you will be warm and cozy in the winter months.
  • The large seat is perfect for users of all shapes and sizes so you can be comfortable and supported as you cheer for your time.
  • Adjustable reclining positions allow you the freedom to move around without sacrificing support.
  • With multiple pockets, you can have all of your favorite things at your fingertips so you never have to root around for your favorite drinks and snacks and will never miss a play again.
  • At only 9 lbs., this seat is incredibly lightweight for all it offers.


  • The portable USB charger is not included with the heated bleacher seat itself and needs to be purchased at an extra cost.
  • The battery pack for this stadium seat can be a little hard to find which makes it difficult to use the chair for its intended use.
  • This chair is a little bulkier due to its design and this can be a little awkward when navigating crowded stadiums or tighter areas.
  • The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat burns through the batter quite quickly and this can be an issue during longer games and will need to be recharged frequently.


The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat is the best heated stadium seat on the market to provide you comfort, warmth and support during all months of the year. This allows you to get out and cheer for your favorite team even when it’s cold out. Without the need for cables, you can quickly and easily charge the POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat at home and take it out on the go without fuss. If you need the seat for a long period of time, simply pack a few charged batteries with you so you can keep it running through the whole game. There are plenty of pockets for storing all the essentials so you never have to leave the chair during the game and you won’t miss a moment. The lightweight design is easy to carry with you and store in the car so you can use the seat wherever you go.

Why Would You Choose a Heated Stadium Seat?

A heated stadium seat is the best option for those who love winter sports. The colder months can make it difficult to enjoy a game because the weather can give us a bad chill. Some tackle this with sweaters and blankets, but in much colder areas, even this might not be enough.

Those who want to get out and watch the game without fearing the cold can really benefit from seats such as the POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat. These seats can warm the body up to 115 degrees Fahrenheit to keep you warm and enjoying the game no matter what the weather.

How Is This Seat Heated?

This chair is charged through a USB charging port which you can charge up before use. You can also purchase battery packs to recharge the chair on the go. Once you turn it on, you can choose between three temperatures to pick the one which is most comfortable to you. With a maximum temperature of 115 degrees Fahrenheit, you are sure to find the right temperature for you. Heat then spreads from the Thermagridz Heating pad in the seat of the chair through the Soft Tusion Foam base to evenly spread and distribute the temperature and warm your entire body.


RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAh

If you are looking to buy a POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat, you should consider a portable power bank so that you can recharge the seat on the go. This is vital for long periods of use in when watching games so you don’t get caught short in cold weather.

The RAVPower Portable Charger 20000mAh takes only 6 & a half hours to charge to provide up to impressive 20,000 Amps of output charging power so you can keep the heated seat going as much as you need it. Its slim design fits easily into a pocket, making it the perfect portable charger for late games.


So there you have it, the best heated stadium seat currently available. The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat is the perfect partner to all of your sporting events. Don’t let the cold keep you from supporting the team.

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