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Best Medical Alert Systems [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Francesca Baptiste
Touch N' Talk - Talk Through Communicator
Guardian Alert 911 Phone
LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency System
Touch N' Talk Medical Alert System
Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone
Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System
Touch N' Talk - Talk Through Communicator
Touch N' Talk Medical Alert System
Guardian Alert 911 Phone
Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone
LogicMark Freedom Alert Emergency System
Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System

A medical alert system, or Personal Emergency Response System is an alarm system designed to alert the authorities to an emergency or injury of the owner. These machines will alert and summon emergency medical personnel so that the injured party can be treated in enough time. These machines are best suited for those who are of an elder age, have a long-term illness or debilitating injury, as they will provide a safety feature that is much needed when suffering from either of these issues.

Finding the right medical alert system is important, as each person will need a different number of features to suit their specific needs. This is where we Surf’n’Buy come in. Each and every one of our guides is thoroughly researched and carefully developed to give you all of the information you need to find the right product, without the difficulty and effort of having to do the research yourself.

As with all of our guides, we have recommended 3 of the best products on the market and broken down the pros and cons of each to ensure that you can find the right product for your needs. We hope that you enjoy reading our guide and that we can help you to find the right medical alert system for your needs.

Now take a read through our list of the top five medical alert systems in 2020.

Top 5 Medical Alert Systems

1. Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System


There are no monthly fees with this medical alert system, as soon as its bought, you are ready to go. There is a 600 foot range of coverage with each alert system so that you are fully in range no matter how large your home is. There is room for five numbers in the medical alert system so that you can choose who to call when an accident occurs. The call button is water resistant, making it ideal for use in the bath or shower as it will still cover you. The pendant acts as a cordless phone, allowing you to answer incoming calls with ease. There is a 60 day return policy in case you are not satisfied with the Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System.


  • The lack of monthly fees makes the Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System a cheap running alert system that will cover you in the case of any emergency.
  • The wide range of coverage keeps you covered and safe throughout the entirety of your home so that you don’t need to worry about taking a walk in the garden or moving to another area of the home.
  • The water resistant design of the pendant makes it ideal for everyday use, as you are fully covered as you get on with your day as normal.
  • The ability to use the pendant as a phone means that you do not need to struggle to reach for a hand set.
  • The 60 day return policy gives you plenty of time in case you are not satisfied.
  • The large number of phone numbers you are able to store in the Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System means that you can call anyone in an emergency without needing to remember numbers.


  • It can take longer than other models to call one of the numbers than it does with other models, and this can cause it to take longer to get assistance.
  • It can be difficult to programme in the numbers as if you make one mistake you must start from the beginning.
  • The set up can be complex and difficult to understand, especially for an elder person with little experience of technology.
  • The dialling can be slow, meaning it takes slightly longer than other models to get assistance in the case of an emergency.
  • The clips can be easily lost and are expensive to replace.


The Touch N' Talk Medical Alert System is a high quality medical alert system that will easily get in contact with emergency services and family members should an accident occur. The wide range keeps you fully covered, no matter what size your home, keeping you protected in the case of emergency. Although it can be slightly more complex to set up, once it is set up it is easy to use and gives you everything you need to keep yourself protected. If you are looking for a comprehensive alert system then the Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System is definitely one to consider, as there are no extra charges and fees after purchasing, keeping it great value and fully comprehensive.

2. Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone


With the pressing of one button you will immediately be directed to an emergency operator to aid you in an emergency. The Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, keeping you protected no matter what the time or day. There are no fees or contracts when using the alert system, so it is much cheaper to run than many other options. There are voice confirmations so that you can dial, test and shut down the medical alert system without having to get up.

This alert system weighs less than 2 pounds, making it one of the lightest medical alert systems on the market. The simple one button usage is ideal for seniors with little experience of technology. The receiver can easily be worn as a pendant so that you can press the button whenever you may need it. The Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone has a range of 600 feet, so you don’t need to worry about the size of your home. The pendant is splash proof, so can be worn when cooking and washing. The Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone has battery saving technology, turning on standby after 4 minutes.


  • The incredibly large range ensures that you are under coverage in your entire home.
  • With 24/7 service you can get in touch with emergency services no matter what happens or when.
  • Free from contracts and fees, the Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone is cheap to run.
  • The lightweight design and pendant ability of the receiver means that you can easily take the receiver with you wherever you go.
  • The one-button usage makes it easy for all users to get in touch with emergency services, no matter what the age or technological ability.
  • The waterproof pendant can be used in the kitchen and the bathroom.


  • The frequency can interfere with the house phone due to the frequency and must be installed away from other electrical equipment, which can be difficult.
  • The Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone only works if you have a landline phone that works, as otherwise it will not connect properly.
  • The alert system must be tested frequently in order to keep it working, and this can be difficult for seniors and those with limited ability to do.
  • The pendant is rather large and can be uncomfortable to wear around the neck for a long period of time.
  • The talk time is only 30 minutes before the battery runs out, which can be an issue if there is a delay in the response time.
  • The pendant is not suitable for wear in the shower, which limits the coverage of the alert system.


The Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone is an easy to use medical alert system, perfect for those who have little experience with technology or those who may suffer serious falls, as it is a simple, one-touch system to alert the authorities. There is a 24 hour service 7 days a week to give you full coverage whenever you need it, and the 600 foot range keeps you protected and safe throughout your home and at all hours. With no added fees or expected contracts to use the Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone, it is one of the best valued medical alert systems with the easiest mechanism to use. Wear it as a pendant or keep it on the holder, you can decide with the Logic Mark Guardian Alert 911 Phone.

3. Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System


The Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System has a 600 foot range to cover the entirety of your home. The pendant has a two-way voice service so that you can explain your emergency to the authorities in order to receive the proper aid. There are no extra fees or contracts needed to use the medical alert system, as there are with other brands and models. The pendant can be used to answer incoming calls from your landline. You can save up to 4 custom contacts in your alert system so that you can contact family members with ease.

The pendant is waterproof and can be used in the shower. The battery lasts for an hour when talking so that you can be supported until the services arrive. You can have up to four pendants connected to one machine so that you can cover any losses or damages. There are three ways to carry the pendant: wrist, neck and belt clip.


  • There is a large coverage range that will cover you throughout your entire house and garden.
  • The two-way voice ability of the pendant means that you can explain your emergency to the operator and talk to family members until the services arrives.
  • With up to 4 pendants being supported you can easily give yourself spares in case there are any issues or losses.
  • With many ways to carry the pendant, you can choose the method that is most comfortable for you.
  • The long battery life will last until the emergency services reach you.
  • With up to 4 custom contacts and the ability to call 911, you can contact any family member if the accident does not require emergency services.
  • The pendant can be worn in the shower, where many dangerous accidents can occur, meaning that you are fully covered.
  • The pendant can be used as a two-way phone for incoming calls so you do not have to reach for the phone.


  • Setting up the customisable numbers can be difficult and confusing for senior users, as there are a few steps to go through before the medical alert system is ready for use.
  • The single button does not differentiate between family and emergency services easily, which can also be confusing for seniors.
  • The pendant itself is rather bulky and can be uncomfortable to wear or carry around with you.
  • Connecting the Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System with the landline can make it difficult to use the landline, as the connection may interfere with the landline signals.
  • Replacing the pendant and receiver can be very expensive once out of the company warranty.


The Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System is another high quality, low cost medical alert system that can easily be installed in the home to provide full coverage over the home and give you the peace of mind that you need when at homme or caring for senior relatives. The long battery life and large number of contacts means that you can contact the relevant person to help you and stay on the phone until help reaches you. You can easily carry the pendant in several different ways for ease and comfort, so you can keep the pendant with you and stay safe throughout the home, even in the shower. So, if you’re looking for a simple way to protect yourself or your loved one, the Logic Mark Freedom Alert Emergency System is the perfect medical alert system for your needs.

Quality vs Cheap Medical Alert System

Finding a quality product is one of the most difficult achievements when shopping online, and many products can be deceiving as to the quality of them, but you need a high quality medical alarm system to give you and your family the peace of mind you need. This part of our guide helps you with five of the most basic areas that you should look to in order to find the best medical alert system for your needs and the needs of your loved one.


There are a number of higher tiered products that require a monthly subscription in order to connect you with operators and to keep the service running. These products are generally much higher quality than other options and give you an excellent level of service. However, there are other options that can offer you the same level of quality and service without the need for expensive subscriptions. Depending on the level of care and service that you need, both options are worth looking into, as both can offer you excellent service as well as round the clock connection to assistance.

Hours of Service

Different emergency responce system offer different operation times, and this can range anywhere from 9-5, daylight hours and 24 hour service. For those who are more vulnerable, the 24 hour service options are best recommended so that you are constantly able to reach support should it be necessary. If you are more mobile or not a senior in need of constant care in the home then you can go for options with less coverage time, but this is not recommended for most clients. 24 hour service hours can be more costly, but are well worth it for your safety and assurance.

Water Resistance

Some medical alert system pendants are only splash proof, meaning that they are capable of being worn when cooking and cleaning, but will become damaged and unusable if worn in the shower. This level of water resistance is suitable for those who are steadier on their feet and are unlikely to encounter an issue in the shower. However, for those who are less stable on their feet, a completely waterproof pendant is highly recommended to ensure that you can access help and support should you encounter any issues in the bathroom. These options are slightly more expensive, but well worth the money.


Different brands will offer you different levels of technical support and support during the set up and installation of your medical alert system. For those who struggle with technology and do not have the capabilities of installing the medical alert system by themselves, you should seek as much assistance as possible to ensure that everything is correctly installed and you understand what you need to do should you ever have to use the alert system. This support can also help when customising personal messages and contacts into the system so that you can alert family members to your needs as soon as possible.


The size of the medical alert system is also an important factor of what differentiates a quality medical alert system to a cheap one, as it is all a matter of comfort and portability. The cheaper versions usually have much larger receivers and this can make them very uncomfortable to wear as a pendant and can be difficult to carry around with you. Higher quality medical alert systems, however, are specially designed for your comfort and ease of use, creating much smaller, lighter and sleeker pendant receivers so that you won’t even notice it is being worn.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Best Medical Alert System

As with any major purchase, there are many factors to consider in the buying of a new product, but when it comes to a product that is being used for healthcare and wellness, there are even more factors to consider to ensure that you get the right product. Below are a few of the factors that you need to take into consideration before looking for a medical alert system so that you can find the perfect product for your needs and preferences, or the needs of your loved one, to provide the entire family peace of mind.


Portability is another important factor to consider, as the pendant receiver must be with the customer at all times so that they can attract help should they need it. This means it must either be worn, clipped onto a piece of clothing, or carried in a pocket, so it must be small and light enough to make this easy and comfortable. There are many options with different ways to carry the receiver so that you can find the way that best suits you, but the smaller the receiver the more comfortable it will be to carry around with you.


Accessibility is the ease at which you can use and operate the medical alert system and the ways in which the alert system makes it easier for you to use. Most medical alert systems will have a simple one-button use in order to get in contact with an operator or family member, but other medical alert systems will run on different and more complex systems. These more complex systems will require getting used to and can be difficult to use for seniors and those with little experience with technology. These are all considerations that you need to take when purchasing a medical alert system for your family member.


There are a number of options in our recommended list that allow you to set up and save a few of your own contacts such as family members, allowing you to contact them instead of the emergency services of the accident is not an emergency. More extensive features offer a full profile with medical information and history so that the emergency services have all of the information that they need to help you as soon as they arrive. These options are generally more expensive but can be well worth the money in serious situations.

Contracts and Fees

When using a medical alert system there are two main ways to connect to the system. Most of the simpler medical alert systems offer you the option to simply connect the alert system to the landline in order to make a connection, but these connections can cause issues and interference with the phone lines. More expensive models require a rolling contract or service fees and this can be more costly, but will offer you a much more reliable connection to the operators and family member when you need to use the alert system to attract attention or support.

Set Up

Setting up the medical alert system can be complicated in a number of different ways. To begin with, you must be able to install the alert system in the home, which can be difficult for elder clients. Once the machine is set up, you then need to set up any customisable numbers and profiles, which can also be difficult. In order to set the device up properly it can be helpful to ask family members for help or to call tech support in order to help you set up the medical alert system properly so that you get the best support.


There are a number of different ways that you can be supported when using your medial alert system so that you can get the most out of your purchase and have access to each and every feature. The first is a warranty, which will help to cover you in the case of any losses or damages. Customer and tech support is also important in case you need any features or issues explained in order to solve them yourself. This support helps you to make sure your medical alert system is up and running properly and keeping you safe.


Cost is an important factor to consider as, with every big purchase, you need to make sure that you define a budget and stick to it. With any healthcare device, however, it is always better to spend more than less, as this will give you more features and a higher level of support in the home when needed. Define what your needs are and look at the products that will fill these needs in order to create a budget, but make sure to look at what could be offered to you if you spend a little bit more for a better product.

Medical Alert System Brands

As with many major purchases, there are a huge number of brands that offer their goods and services for you to purchase in order to get the product that you need, and it can be confusing understanding what each brand can offer you. This part of Surf’n’Buy’s guide gives you five of the best brands on the market so that you can find the right brand that offers the right product with the best features, giving you everything that you need to maintain your health and safety.

Life Alert

Life Alert specialises in personal emergency response and home medical alert systems so that lives are protected and assisted in any way possible. Based in the United States, Life Alert now ships and sells their products on a global scale, so they are available anywhere to help protect you and your loved ones. With a year long warranty and zero contracts and fees, you can give yourself peace of mind for a low cost, whilst still receiving high quality protection and assistance. For an excellent brand, you can put your trust in Life Alert medical security and alert systems.

Philips Lifeline

Philips Lifeline is a branch company of Philips electricals, and they have ensured the same amount of quality in their healthcare products as they do in their other products. Philips Lifeline has been developing medical alert systems for over 40 years, and have developed extensive knowledge in the area, as well as some of the best products available on the market today. Each of their medical alert systems gives you 24 hour access to an operator 7 days a week, so you are fully protected and can always gain assistance when needed. If you want the highest quality products then Philips Lifeline is one of the best brands out there.

Logic Mark

For over 10 years, Logic Mark has been developing and creating products to revolutionise the healthcare market and offer the public innovative products to maintain and protect the health of those who need it. Each product is rigorously tested to ensure safety and quality, so you know that you can trust Logic Mark with your healthcare support and the support of your loved ones. There are several Logic Mark products in our recommended list so that you are able to find the right product for you.

Life Link

Life Link aims to reduce the stress of age and caring for elder loved ones by manufacturing innovative products to ensure safety and protection within the home, giving the entire family peace of mind. Life Link centres their services around the client so that you can get a product that best suits your needs, no matter what they may be. Established over 20 years ago, Life Link has developed a wealth of knowledge in the healthcare service and can offer you some of the most innovative products with the best and most extensive warranties and coverage.


MedicAlert provides life saving support systems and alert systems to ensure the safety and assurance of all clients with many healthcare products to help make your life easier. Should the unexpected occur, MedicAlert medical alert systems are some of the best on the market to access support and assistance should an accident occur. There are many different products available to purchase and each comes with extensive warranties and full technical support should you encounter any issues. If you are looking for a high quality brand that offers you everything you need for peace of mind and safety assurance, MedicAlert is the perfect brand for you.

Consider Your Needs When Choosing the Best Medical Alert System

The purchase that you make depends on what your needs are, and with a medical alert system you need a product that will fit your needs to a T, as it is important to keep your health supported in the home. This section of our guide will help you to define what your needs are and recommend certain features and specifications that can help fill those needs so that you get a product that will properly support you and keep you safe and supported in your home.

Size of the Home

The size of your home determines the range of the medical alert system, as the larger your home the larger the range of coverage you will need to ensure your safety in all areas. Most medical alert systems will have a range between 300 feet to 600 feet in order to cover the entire area of the house, but others will go to a higher degree. You should know roughly what size your home is in order to gage the range that you will need from your medical alert system to cover the entirety of your home and protect you wherever you are.


Your mobility affects the medical alert system that you choose as you need to be able to wear it easily, get up to charge it and decide whether or not you need to wear it in the shower. If you are of low mobility then you will need a waterproof receiver that is lightweight enough to wear around the neck and requires infrequent charging. If you are of high mobility then you will not need these features, however if you feel that your condition may deteriorate then it can be valuable to purchase a medical alert system with these features to save money in the future.


Most medical alert systems have the ability to programme in customisable contacts so that you can contact family members or loved ones rather than emergency services if the situation is not an emergency. This ranges from 3-5 contacts and allows you input the numbers as well as having the emergency services as an extra contact so that you can contact the relevant persons in the case of an emergency or accident. This allows you control over who is called when you need assistance and you can call the person relevant to the situation.


The installation of the medical alert system is also important when defining your needs, as most medical alert systems require some form of installation and maintenance that can be difficult for those with limited mobility. If you do not have a family member or friend to help you with the installation then purchasing a medical alert system with little maintenance can be a big help, as well as hiring an official to install the medical alert system for you. This can help you to ensure that the installation is a success and that you are fully covered and protected.

Financial Considerations

There are a number of financial considerations to take when purchasing a medical alert system, as there are two methods of connection. If you can afford to spend a bit more then a contract is recommended to ensure a high quality connection with operators and family members. However, lower cost medical alert systems mean that you can buy the alert system itself and simply connect it into a telephone landline port so that you can connect easily and not have to spend any extra money on a contract or extra fees on top of the cost of the medical alert system.

Extra Features

There are a number of extra features available with medical alert systems, such as fall detection and health and wellness monitoring so that you can keep track of your health and wellbeing and ensure your safety should a serious fall or injury occur. These features come at an extra cost but provide peace of mind for both the customer and the family when taking care of someone in need. These features are not required for those who are more mobile and steady on their feet, but they are a great help for those who feel that their condition requires them or may deteriorate.

Medical Alert System Tips and Tricks

With all of our guides, we aim to help you find the right product for your needs with the least amount of hassle and confusion possible, but we also like to go the extra mile to help you get the most out of your purchase. This part of Surf’n’Buy’s guide brings you some clever tips and tricks that you can use after your purchase so that you can get all that you need and want out of your new medical alert system, helping you to stay safe and protected in your own home.

Cellular Connection

The cellular connection in your home and surrounding area can make a big difference in your choice of medical alert system. If the connection is weak then it is much better to purchase an option that connects into the landline for optimum connection, or to upgrade the cellular service for your home so that you can use a cellular product. If you want a contracted option that does not run off the landline then you will need to consider the cellular connection in order to get a good connection and coverage for your entire home.


Taking your pendant receiver around with you can make all the difference in the protection and support that you receive. It is always best to have the medical alert call button with you at all times in the case of an accident or emergency and there are a number of ways to do this. The first is wearing the receiver as a pendant, which is ideal for smaller and lighter receivers so that you can simply put it on and forget it’s there until you need to use it. This is also much more subtle, as it will fit under your clothes and can be used in the shower also.

You can also wear these kinds of receivers on your wrist as another way to keep it with you at all times. Wearing it this way is also a way of allowing the receiver to keep track of your health and wellbeing if you have chosen an option with these features. If your receiver is slightly larger then you can choose to wear it on a belt clip so that it is still with you, however this can be uncomfortable when sitting and moving around.

Renting or Buying

If you do not see yourself needing the medical alert system for a long period of time then you always have the option to rent a system for the temporary coverage and protection that you need. However, if you require long term care then it is highly recommended to purchase your own medical alert system so that you can get used to the features and specifications of the system. Having a system that you own gives you plenty of time to get used to it by using the same system every day and that you are accustomed to when an accident occurs.

Stay on the Phone

When an accident occurs it can be a stressful time, for both the victim and the family members. To remove some stress from the situation it is important to stay on the phone and keep talking to someone, as this can help to calm your nerves and you can explain any changes in your situation to someone who is able to help you. If the accident is more serious then the emergency services will keep you on the phone anyway, but calling a family member to talk through the emergency can be an excellent stress reliever in the long run.


When moving to a new house it can be difficult to move the medical alert system with you as it will need to be uninstalled, reinstalled and then recalibrated. However, there are some product features that can make this a lot easier, such as saving your personal profile on the system itself so that it simply loads up when restarted. This can be helpful if you see yourself moving to a smaller home as you age or as your needs change, as it allows you to keep your saved customisations and preferences without having to go through the set up process again.


Having to purchase medical equipment for the home can be difficult, especially if this is one of the first purchases you are making to accustom your home to your new and changing needs. A medical alert system is one of the best ways to protect yourself in the case of emergency or accidents and purchasing your own and growing used to using it is another way to protect yourself as much as possible.

The Surf’n’Buy guide aims to help you make the right decision for your needs and get everything that you want for your current needs and any needs that may develop in the future. Our top 3 recommended products can offer you some of the best protection and supporting alert systems to give you aid when it is needed. The Touch N’ Talk Medical Alert System is one of the best on the market, and is our best buy for medical alert systems, and we are certain that it will fit the needs of anyone, no matter what your needs or wants. It is excellent value and offers a huge range of features to help protect you in the home in the case of any accident or emergency.

We hope that we have helped you to define your needs of a medical alert system and demonstrated the various features that you will need from the system in order to be fully protected so that you can get everything you need to live a healthy, happy life with as much normalcy and independence as possible. For any other major purchases make sure you check out some of our other guides, as we have many buying guides and we are constantly developing more, so we can certainly help you out with any major purchases that you need to make.


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