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Best Serger Sewing Machines [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Elizabeth N. Wilson
JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine
SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger Overlock with 2-3-4-5 Stitch Capability, 1300 Stitches per minute, & Self Adjusting - Sewing Made Easy,White
Brother Serger, DZ1234, Metal Frame Overlock Machine, 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Removeable Trim Trap, 3 Included Accessory Feet and 2 Sets of Starter Thread
JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine
SINGER-Professional Thread Capability Serger
Brother Designio Serger
JUKI MO654DE Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine
JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine
SINGER | Professional 14T968DC Serger Overlock with 2-3-4-5 Stitch Capability, 1300 Stitches per minute, & Self Adjusting - Sewing Made Easy,White
SINGER-Professional Thread Capability Serger
Brother Serger, DZ1234, Metal Frame Overlock Machine, 1,300 Stitches Per Minute, Removeable Trim Trap, 3 Included Accessory Feet and 2 Sets of Starter Thread
Brother Designio Serger

Every sewing machine is different from one another. Whether it is computerized or mechanical, the way it works and runs with fabric displays uniqueness to the machine. Machine features bring about differences in their performances. Depending on your machine usage, its features dictate how much can be done and how efficient. The design of the fabric also plays a vital role in the abilities of the serger machine. You can get that an adjustable serger sewing machine enables you to manage more work. Similarly, the available accessories and support parts serve as a significant factor when the buyer wants to purchase it.

Now take a read through Surf’n’Buy’s list of top 4 serger sewing machines in 2020.

Top 4 Serger Sewing Machines

1. JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine


Clothing is a basic need. To provide it, a number of technologies have been created such as the JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine. It has a compact design for easy transportation from one spot to another. This makes storage easier. An outstanding feature of this portable sewing machine is that it has a 3/4 thread serger. This is combined with a rolled hem that is automatic in nature. The threading breakaway looper is color-coded to make it easy for you to measure the length of each stitch and perform differentiated feeding of thread to the machine. The JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine has a knife system which is fitted with a dedicated drive. This assists you to cut more accurately through heavy fabric. Versatility is a quality of this sewing machine. It can deal with fabric that is heavy or light. To keep you safe, this sewing machine will not work if the swing cover is open.


  • It is an industrial grade sewing machine. This means that it is made of hardy, stainless steel. The cutting system is powerful and easy to use. The JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine has a high-quality stitch formation and it can be adapted for use in a factory or at home.
  • To produce the desired results, the thread serging system is fully convertible. Combined with an automatic hem roller, it saves you time when creating garments. 
  • The threading in this sewing machine is color coded. The unit also has a breakaway looper to assist in correct, easy threading. In addition to that, the upper knife of the machine gets out of your way as you thread it. As such, you can change threads quickly without the risk of pricking yourself. 
  • All the adjustment controls of the JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine are located on its outer surface. This makes the process of adjustment easy. To help maintain a consistent stitch, the knife mechanism is calibrated. Thus, you can measure how deep it goes. 
  • A multipurpose foot is included in this portable sewing machine. It helps you to choose between the types of stitching activities which you want. Examples of these are elastic, tape, piping, blind stitch, cording or gathering. Safety comes first. Therefore, this machine has a micro-safety switch which locks the machine motor if the side cover is open to insert a new thread. 


  • It does not thread automatically. You have to put in the thread of your choice manually. The JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine comes with some instructions to help you do this. 
  • You cannot begin working with it immediately after unpacking the machine. Background knowledge on serging is required before you operate this portable sewing machine. Moreover, the instructions are inaccurate in some parts. Hence, the reference to pictures online will help you get started. Thus, the manual can be illustrated better.


This is a great portable sewing machine to get. It arrives on time after ordering and is well packaged. All the necessary parts are included in it on arrival. The machine is made of steel and will last a long time. It also has a safety switch to protect you while threading it. Electrically powered, it operates quietly. You can carry it to any spot since it weighs only 22 pounds. It is also compact and easy to store. You can use the JUKI Portable Thread Serger Sewing Machine for hardcore serging on an industrial scale or simply at home. It is affordably priced and gives you great value for your money. 

2. SINGER-Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine


Do you enjoy stitching and serging fabrics? The Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine is ideal for this purpose. The machine has an overlock feature. It also has thread capability ranging from 2 to 5. As a result, you have a wide choice of stitching options for various projects. The machine allows you to create professional seams, hems and seam finishing. Moreover, it allows you to engage in creative stitching options and combinations of fabrics. It is a very fast machine which is capable of 1,300 stitches every minute.

This machine allows you to perform special styles such as overcasting, trimming, rolling hems and decorative flat locking. Cool, huh? As such, you can complete projects very fast and in time. To give you more functionality in your efforts, this portable sewing machine has a cutting width that is fully adjustable, allows you to control the length of stitches and has a tensioner that is self-adjusting. In addition to that, it comes with color-coded threading that has lay-in characteristics for easy setting up.

When you purchase the Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine, you get some helpful accessories too. These include an Elastic, Shirring, All-Purpose, Beading and Cording foot. You also get a clean pocket, needles screwdrivers, a spool cap, knife and anti-spill net. To maintain the machine, you get an oiler, brush, spreader, tweezers and a cone adapter. It is always important to learn about your machine before use. An instruction manual and Overlock Workbook CD can help you to accomplish this.


  • The machine has a fully automated tension system that can adjust itself. It allows you to sew stitches that are perfectly balanced. They maintain this balance no matter what fabric you utilize. 
  • A color-coded diagram is delivered alongside the machine after purchase. These colors help you to thread it easily. It also weighs only 23.6 pounds and can be stored or moved around quite easily.
  • To keep your working space clean, the Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine comes with a clean pocket. This one is versatile and can be attached to your table to catch the fabric that you trim off. 
  • Professional stitching involves the use of a cover stitch. This portable sewing machine has the ability to support this stitching feature. It can handle a narrow, wide or even triple cover stitch. 
  • The machine comes with a collection of hems already built in. They are 4 in number and come in handy when working with light fabrics. In addition to that, it has an easily accessible lever that you can move to convert from regular stitching to handling a special hem. 
  • This portable sewing machine is capable of performing two unique mock safety stitches. These are the 3 thread and the 4 thread mock safety stitches. They are good for sewing knit fabrics, tricot and spandex. Therefore, the Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine gives you versatility when you use it. 


  • The instruction manual is very complicated and hard to understand. You have to download a special manual from the Singer website and use it alongside the physical, printed one delivered with the machine. This creates a complicated process. 


The Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine is a good choice for home-based sewing and stitching. It is portable, electrically powered and capable of various types of stitches. By using it, you can create unique pieces by combining fabrics. It is a fast machine. It is also light and easy to store away. A wide collection of accessories arrive with this machine. In addition to that, it can adjust its own tension system automatically. For a user-friendly stitching experience, choose the Singer Professional Thread Capability Serger Machine.

3. Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine


One of the most popular channels of creativity is fashion. To create attractive clothes, you need to have high-quality equipment. One of such is the Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine. This is a fast, electrically powered, portable machine that can make up to 1,300 stitches per minute. It allows you to create amazing garments in record time. After purchasing this sewing machine, you automatically get three types of foot pedals. These are the Blind Hem Stitch Foot, the Gathering Foot, and the Piping Foot. You also get 2 sets of starter thread. These are all provided as accessories for the serger and have a collective value of $75. They help you to get started as quickly as you can. The machine comes with color-coded threading which makes it easy for you to thread the serger. It also has a feature known as a Differential Fabric Feed that provides you with a 0.7 – 2.0 ratio on a variety of fabrics. The Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine is able to work with a variety of fabrics for example light knits and heavy cotton.


  • To produce high-quality results, this serger allows you to adjust the width of your stitches between 3.00mm and 7.0mm. This is especially important when joining different fabrics or performing decorative embroidery. It is important to note that you should not use this machine in nations which do not have 120V Alternating Current (AC) even if you use a voltage adapter too.
  • The Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine is made such that you can use it to make a pair of jeans shorter or adjust a dress quickly. It has a thread configuration of 3 and 4 threads at the same time. To help you begin using them effectively, the machine comes with an instructional DVD.
  • Versatility is one of the qualities of this machine. It can be used to create formal garments, stitch linen and manipulate spandex too. You can also use it with piping cords.
  • By using the foot pedals provided, you can gather and connect fabric. You can also finish the edges in one simple step. The foot has a channel that secures fabric. Through this, you do not need any pins to create serged edges. 
  • By using the Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine, you can manipulate strips of fabric and cord to create or hold narrow piping. The foot pedal holds zippers in place. It achieves this with a specially-made guide located on the undersurface of the foot.
  • This portable sewing machine can help you to create blind hems on a collection of fabrics. Moreover, its foot is multipurpose. It is ideal for stitching edges and connecting lace. The guide is open-toed. As such, you can use this machine to create decorative pieces such as embellishments. 
  • The sewing surface is convertible. It can become a free arm or a flatbed location. This helps you to gain access to the areas on your designs that are difficult to reach. Examples of these are sleeves and cuffs. To make stitching shoulders easier, the table section of the machine is removable. As a result, you can easily serge pieces of fabric that are cylindrical in shape.


  • The location where you can use this machine is very limited. You can only use it in countries which provide 120V AC from their outlets. Moreover, if you use it outside the US, the warranty becomes null and void. 


For lightning-fast stitching, reliability, and versatility, the Brother Designio Serger Sewing Machine is the machine to pick. It only weighs 18.1 pounds hence you can move it around as you wish. The unit comes with a collection of accessories too. These ones help you accomplish your stitching and embroidery goals. The threading is color coded to help you get it done quicker. Moreover, you can measure the width of your stitches. It is a good investment for commercial or home stitching. 

4. SINGER ProFinish Serger 


To create attractive garments and fabric items, it is important to use capable machinery. The Singer ProFinish Serger is ideal for this purpose. It has a 2-3-4 thread capability. As a result, you can enjoy a lot more variety as you stitch and save your time too. The machine also has a differential feed system that gets rid of stretching and puckering on fabrics. It has a total of 4 rolled hems which are built in. They give you more options for hem designs. This is especially beneficial with light fabrics. The Singer ProFinish Serger allows you to control the dimensions of your stitches. You can control how long and how wide they are. In doing so, you can keep your seams robust and avoid bunching up the fabric. The threading system in this sewing machine is color-coded. As a result, it is easy to set up this machine. This sewing machine requires an 110-volt power source for it to work. As such, it can only be used in the United States and Canada.


  • For easier sewing of cuffs and sleeves, this portable sewing machine has a free arm. Moreover, it can make 1,300 stitches per minute. It trims the fabric automatically. As a result, you can go through your projects more easily. 
  • When you buy the Singer ProFinish Serger, you get a number of accessories. These include hems that are flat-locking as well as easy rollers. They make it more pleasurable to design and sew up high fashion items. Other accessories which you get with the machine include a needle set, a spreader, tweezers, small screwdriver, power cord and a foot pedal. You also get an instruction manual and a stitch guide. To help you get accustomed to it, there is an introductory DVD included with this sewing machine too. 
  • Some areas on our garments are difficult to reach. Examples of these are cuffs and armholes. To deal with them, you can simply remove the cloth plate of the machine. This gives you access to a free arm to help in sewing these particular parts of your garments.  It also comes in handy for sewing up children’s clothing. 
  • Once you buy the Singer ProFinish Serger, you get a 25-year warranty on manufacturer’s defects. It also has a 2 year cover on all electronic and electric components. In addition to that, you have a 90-day warranty cover on all labor and parts.
  • You can adjust the tension on this sewing machine. This helps you to keep stitches well balanced throughout. Combined with the 4 rolled and built in hems, you get more options for stitching your garments. 
  • It has a carry handle to help in transporting it from one spot to another. 
  • One of the unique stitches that you can perform with the Singer ProFinish Serger is the thread mock-stretch stitch. It is ideal when you are sewing up a knit fabric. This is because the stitch stretches alongside the fabric. As a result, you get a professional finish that is strong and does not pop when stretched out. 


  • This sewing machine can only work with a power source of 110 volts. As a result, you can only use it in Canada and the United States. This puts all the other potential customers across the world at a disadvantage. 


This portable sewing machine is one of the top models available today. It is very fast hence, you can use it to complete projects that have a short deadline. It is also highly versatile. You can make a collection of stitches by using this machine. The Singer ProFinish Serger can work with a variety of fabrics and allows you to measure the length and width of every stitch you make. Delivered with a long warranty, it is a good choice of serger to pick. 

How to Distinguish a Quality Serger Machine From a Cheap One

Investing in a sewing machine can be a hard task but again very exciting. Getting the right machine depends on its quality and your intention on how you going to use it. The Surf’n’Buy can distinguish them based on a number of factors:

First, the quality used to manufacture serger machines is different in the market. It only depends on your choice but if you wish to purchase a machine that is of best quality then it is vital to consider a machine that is built with a strong material. Most cheap sewing machines are made of plastic materials which are not durable since they break easily. The price of a machine dictates its quality. A more expensive serger machine clearly indicates that the quality used to manufacture it is much better.

Service also dictates the quality of a serger machine. The one that provides the poor service is usually cheap. Most manufacturers strive to ensure that their machines are more efficient and modern in order to suit the consumers’ need. In order to compete favorably in the market, mostly serger machines are well equipped with attachments to ensure optimal service. The attachments come with the machine can distinguish whether it is cheap or expensive. Some serger machines come along with complicated attachments that can only be used by an experienced sewer. This kind of machine is of best quality since it can perform different tasks for a very short duration.

Lastly, the make of the machine and where it is being sold also dictates its cost. All sewer machines are not manufactured equal and they do not all have the same parts attached to it. Some machines are sold in some stalls that are untrusted and anyone can doubt if they are duplicates or original.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing a Serger Machine

Before getting started in the world of sewing, it is first to consider the features you will need in the serger sewing machine. Furthermore, you will need to identify the best brand type and how much the user is willing to sacrifice to get the best machine for his use. There are several Surf’n’Buy suggested factors to put into consideration before purchasing a serger machine:

The User

If the serger machine is intended for a learner, you will need a machine with several basic stitches. An individual who is well versant with sewing will need a machine with more advanced features. You will also need to look at the long-term use of the machine, as well as the short term. If you are a beginner, but your plan is to improve your skills and go to a more developed sewing project, then you will need to identify a serger machine that comes with more features than you may need at the start. But those features will be available when you are ready for them.

Your Projects

Carefully look at the types of projects that you want to do with your sewing machine. Is it designing and dressmaking, or simply doing alterations and repairs? A simple machine with 10 stitches is adequate to perform this task. It is vital to make sure there is a “buttonhole stitch” feature if you are making a dress. If your plan is to sew trouser legs and sleeves, you will require the “free arms” feature option on the machine. Will the machine be used for purposes of constructing domestic upholstery and furnishings? You will need to consider a machine that can manage heavier fabrics. Maybe you are planning crafts such as quilting or embroidery. If it is your niche, you will need a sewer machine with a wider range of stitch choices.

How Often are You Performing the Task?

If you are planning to do some sewing tasks on an occasional basis, it will not be appropriate for you to buy a serger sewing machine with costly attachments and a wider selection of stitch options. In fact, consider to buy basic compact sewing machine. If you are planning to use the sewer machine on regular occasions, especially if you are planning to do it daily, you will need a sturdy serger machine constructed with a metal frame.

Storage and Mobility

Will the sewing machine have immobile sewing table to call home, or a rolling cart to hold it? If that is the situation, the weight of the serger machine does not basically have to be a consideration in deciding which to buy from the market. If your plan is to take the sewer machine to class, or it has to be kept away after each function, then the machine’s weight becomes a factor that must be looked at. Make earlier plans as to where the machine will be kept for storage. In case you might be having an immovable sewing table, then storage space should never be an issue. Most machines are available with a hard case or a soft dust cover to store the machine for easy and safe storage and transportation. You will still need to make a wise selection on where you will store it: either beneath a cabinet or in a closet. Many sewing machine models are bought with a storage compartment at the bottom to assist in keeping up with sewing accessories such as pins, scissors, extra bobbins, needles, and small attachments.


Buying a sewing machine can range from a very cheap price to several thousands of dollars. How much you are going to spend on your machine depends on you. Just be certain that you are going to get the features that are going to meet your sewing needs. Be certain there is a warranty attached to the machine purchased, it should be either a general warranty from the manufacturer or a specific warranty from the store. Be sure and clear that you need and understand what is covered and what is not.

Easiness of Controls

This is another important aspect to consider. It is nice that you have advanced controls over the sewing machines, but you must have a wider knowledge in order to handle them. There is no reason in having so many controls if you are sure you not going to stitch the same clothes in the whole year. Also, consider if additional features are needed. For example, some serger machines come with the whole support for monogramming. That said, if you do not really want to experience with crafting or quilting, these may not be useful to you.


Durability is an aspect to consider before settling to a particular serger machine. Some machines are designed to last longer and others shorter depending on the type of material used to manufacture them. If you intend to use the machine for a long duration of time. Therefore, while buying, select the heavy-duty feature models. In some cases, you can compromise features of extra controls or automation. Even then, the longevity of the sewer machine is an important feature for sure.

Power and Stitching Rate

Lastly, Power and stitching Rate is vital for a sewing machine you are buying. In fact, if you consider different products in the market, you will find beginner, mediocre and high power devices. There are serger machines that have 1100 Stitches per minute that is a really high amount of power. Basically, a starting sewer machine does not require a heavy-duty stitching rate. It is only for those who are experienced and are focused for an upgrade ahead.

Take a peek at some of the other Best Sewing Machines you can find online.

Choosing the Best Serger Machine for Your Needs

Manufacturers of serger machines have come up with several assortments of stitch patterns and features. There are serger machines available for every purpose and cost. Deciding to choose the best sewing machine will go a long way to ease the work and to create beautiful designs. After formulating a budget, you can verify several serger machines and choose the best available type that can suit your purpose.

Evaluating Your Skill Levels

It is important to consider your level of skills before going for a particular serger machine. Some serger machines are made with a steep learning curve. You have to consider your current expertise not forgetting your intention to improve a more advanced sewing knowledge and skills in the near future. The machine is supposed to match your current performance level and enhance advanced techniques as the level of know-how increases. A well-chosen machine provides a better service for a long time.

Determining the Types of Sewing Projects

The main factor in the choosing process is the type of sewing activities that someone wants to perform. A simple well-built machine can be able to handle simple clothing repair that makes use of nylon, cotton, and other lightweight fabric materials. Certain projects demand machines with more advanced features that can do a variety of specialized sewing activities. 

Assessing the Types of Sewing Machines

There are four major categories of serger machines namely electronic, mechanical, embroidery, and computerized. Each of those types is suitable for a specific skills level and bring about different sets of capabilities. The serger machine should be able to provide the versatility needed for current and coming sewing projects in future.

Comparing Different Serger Machines

After choosing the best type of machine for your sewing project, compare at least three or four different models. The manuals convey detailed instructions, which enable customers to evaluate serger machine characteristics. Some additional features to consider are the ease of setting the serger machine speed and selecting the length, type, and the stitch width. Compare the available number of speeds and stitches. Some serger machines enable individuals to adjust the position of the needle stop.

Observe the Serger Machine Reliability and Level of Maintenance

It is also important to assess the machine maintenance costs and its reliability. In comparison to higher end serger machines, these plastic machines cannot compare but remain good investment assets for occasional sewers. Some of the machines need weekly oiling and cleaning for every use.

Serger Sewing Machine Tips and Tricks

The first time you use a sewing machine might seem like a very hard task. Once you get to understand a few simple tips and tricks, you will start to master the sewing machine and perfecting sewing straight lines instead of encouraging frustrations to be the order of the day. The first step in order to obtain a straight line of stitching, you must require the seam guide on the serger machine. The seam guide is the exact location you wish the edge of the fabric being used to form the correct seam allowance.

The Key to Success for Sewing Straight

If there is something a learner must understand that will enable him to do a perfect job is to avoid watching the needle. It is vital to train him to watch the seam guide and not the needle in the sewing machine. The needle is always constantly in motion. If you tend to watch a needle that is in motion, you will not do a good job and therefore you might come up with a zigzag line on the piece of cloth you are sewing. Concentrating on the guide that is not in motion and maintaining the fabric to the guide enables you to produce a straight line.

Speed Control

When being taught sewing lectures, It is required that the student’s test drives the serger machines before threading the sewer machine on fabric. This provides for them time to understand very well speed control and ensure they master basic sewing machine knowledge and skills. The learner should often stress about handing out a ticket when he hears a sewing machine has started to zoom along. When learning to sew, regulating the speed of the serger machine is a very important move in controlling the stitching. Many of these machines can be set to ensure that in the case of a failure it can be rectified.

Sewing Machine Needles

A serger machine needle that does not correctly penetrate can result in crooked or zigzag stitches. While the stitches are being formed, the needle should be correctly placed so as to ensure straight lines are produced on the cloth. Using the right needle for the clothing you are sewing is a vital part in allowing the serger machine to form beautiful stitches.

Know Your Sewing Machine

You have to get to understand your sewing machine. There would not be many serger machines in the market if they were all the similar. Understanding the sewing machine and its ability will go a long way in helping you solve any sewing challenge that might arise during performing the task. You must read and understand the manual very well to minimize future errors.

Practice Intensively

I do not know someone who just decided to sew the first time and did a perfect job. It can be abnormal to sew on the first try. The activity of sewing takes commitment and practice. Collect scraps of clothing and involve yourself in practicing different sewing techniques and skills. By doing that, you will develop more confidence when you commence sewing even for business purposes. An experienced individual will attract many customers because of his perfect service. There are so many free patterns for learners that have just begun this activity. They are advised to use scraps of clothing so that they can practice, succeed in something while they are practicing and keep trying different sewing skills or techniques.


If your desire is to make your own clothing then a serger sewing machine can help you to perfect your self-sufficiency and creativity. Making your own decor or clothing can bring a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. Maybe you require a machine for commercial purposes, still, a serger machine is the way to go. Nevertheless, try to find an adjustable sewer machine which will encourage you to do more sewing projects.


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