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Best Squash Racquets [Buying Guide] in 2020

by Kellen Greene
Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet
Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket - Full Size with Carry On Cover and Durable Strings - Made of Pure Graphite Designed to Improve Gameplay for All Skill Levels (RED/Black)
DUNLOP Force Evolution 120 Squash Racquet
Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet
Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racquet
Dunlop Force Evolution Squash Racquet
Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet
Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet
Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket - Full Size with Carry On Cover and Durable Strings - Made of Pure Graphite Designed to Improve Gameplay for All Skill Levels (RED/Black)
Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racquet
DUNLOP Force Evolution 120 Squash Racquet
Dunlop Force Evolution Squash Racquet

The squash game is among the several original games which pioneered the beginning of the racquet sports. While it sounds quite easy by smashing a ball and subsequently outplaying your opponent with both speed and stamina, among the most significant parts is the equipment necessary. Ideally, with the best squash racquets, you can undeniably do wonders for your game. However, the truth is that picking a squash racquet that ideally suits your skill level and needs can be somewhat overwhelming.

Considering the various brands, new models being released, and different prices, it is quite often that I see squash players (amateurs and professionals alike) ending up with one which doesn’t suit their expectations. So what’s the best squash racquet? And why is it vital to pick the right one for your skill level and requirements?

By picking the right squash racquet, a someone who is quite new to squash will hasten their development right from the start. While their game changes, even a fundamental change in the string can create a longevity into what may first seem like a huge investment. For the seasonal players, a replacement squash racquet is an immense opportunity not just to review their style of play, but also to make a right choice.

Having cherished the game for numerous years, I have been a witness to how much difference the game can make to both the well-being and fitness when played as a hobby. Nonetheless, this game has subsequently surged into a global sensation, and numerous individuals have gone on to become professional champions; and consequently, drawing more attention to the game in general.

If you are looking for the best squash racquet, this excerpt will be embarking on everything there is to know about the best squash racquets as well as how to purchase the perfect one for your skill level and needs. Here at Surf’n’Buy, we comprehensively outline several of the top-most squash racquets the market has to offer. We have also included a distinct buyer’s guide and attempted to answer several of your most common questions; helping you get a better understanding of everything about this sport. After reading through this guide, you can as well be a professional squash player on paper.

Here is a detailed list of the top 5 squash racquets in 2020.

Top 5 Squash Racquets

1. Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet

First on the list is the Bandit 3 Black Knight racquet. It is a remarkable product which although comprises a relatively shorter handle, it makes up for in its interface size. Although this racquet is crafted from high quality materials usually common in more enhanced racquets, it is also fairly heavy boasting medium stiffness subsequently establishing a respectable sweet spot.

Ideally, this racquet seems much better suited for newcomers as well as the player who is fresh into the intermediate level. While it is rather heavy, it is designed to offer a decent connection with the ball courtesy of the more extensive interface. This effectively ensures that you never actually miss the ball as you play stretching shots into the court corners.

What’s more, this racquet is reasonably priced, rendering it perfect for both the intermediate players as well as the passionate beginners also. Its only downside may be the added weight bump that might pose a problem, particularly for the smaller and weaker players.


  • Large interface.
  • Decent sweet spot.
  • Reasonable pricing.


  • Fairly heavy.
  • Shorter handle.


If you are serious about being a beginner, the Black Knight Bandit 3 Squash Racquet is undoubtedly one of the top options that you need to consider when starting in the game. While the brand might not be as famous, it is one of those top-quality options that will help you elevate your game in almost no time at all.

2. Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket

Skillfully made from pure Graphite, the Pro Impact Graphite racquet is designed to afford long-standing strength. Compared to aluminum, the graphite material is much more reliable and stronger, though lightweight to provide more maneuverability and control. Designed to enhance your game, this remarkable racket provides for accurate, flexible, and fast play effectively accommodating every skill level. Essentially, no matter your skill level, whether a pro, intermediate or beginner, Pro Impact guarantees to get your game on effectively.

This racquet features a teardrop shape that comprises longer strips, offering a tremendous trampoline effect not to mention packing an extra punch. Together with a unique open throat style, the Pro Impact will subsequently generate more power regardless of your skill level. With an ideal blend of control and power, this racquet will effectively deliver consistently in your on-court performance. Moreover, with its top-notch quality construction not to mention the exclusive teardrop shape that gives it an extra crispness, this racquet can effectively help you advance your game as well as squash the opponent.

Finally, for further convenience, this racquet includes a distinct included cover boasting a zipper closure, designed to keep it completely protected. This included cover also comes outfitted with an exclusive shoulder strap, meaning that you can quickly move it from one place to the other.


  • Sturdy and lightweight construction.
  • Included cover for easy transportation.
  • Open throat style for more power and control.


  • Not many reviews backing its quality and efficiency.


Offering a beautiful blend of distinct features, the Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racquet is designed to serve a simple purpose-offer top-notch control and power. Stronger and fairly more reliable than the typical aluminum, the racquet is designed to offer you long-standing service. To add to it, since it is made using pure Graphite, this durable yet somewhat lightweight racquet is the real deal for anyone looking to achieve better maneuverability and control. It is ideally your best bet at a mesmerizing court display.

3. Dunlop Force Evolution Squash Racquet

This particularly stunning racquet boasts a standard 120/130 gram load and its design takes into consideration a fairly more grounded power albeit with a slightly slower swing. Nonetheless, this excellent squash racquet isn’t an excellent suit for a typical left-handed player, although as it may, this is the ideal racquet for subsequent extended play periods.

What’s more, it comes with a 75.9 square inch head size that is uniformly adjusted effectively guaranteeing that it offers a somewhat reasonable measure of intensity while you play and it generates remarkable flick shots and volley. The subsequent processing strings that are used on this excellent squash racquet is the unmatched 17G white string that boasts a stunning 14 by 18 distinct string pattern. Ideally, the spectacular open string design on this product makes the racquet’s string increasingly apt to breakage.

Furthermore, the racquet utilizes the unique AeroSkin Cx innovation that can effectively alleviate haul through the air by a remarkable 34-36 % that empowers to establish both snappier swing speed and a uniquely superior move while you are playing so that you can effectively hit all the more dominant superior shots. Moreover, the racquet’s Hybrid Cross-Section can ideally set the racquet’s pole that guarantees an increase in shot arrangement and charge.


  • Remarkable shot control.
  • Outstanding grip.
  • Great balance.
  • Tapered shaft stiffened frame
  • AeroSkin Cx Technology.


  • Problematic for left-handed players.
  • Prone to breakages.


Another remarkable racquet that any squash devotee can basically take a gander is definitely the stunning Dunlop Force Evolution Series. Typically, the primary material used in the design of this product is the high-grade graphite material with the racquet’s hold being made from Hydra Max Professional. What’s more, with its relatively large head size, this is the best option for any player looking to have more control and improve on their volleys and flick shots. And with a somewhat lightweight characteristic to it courtesy of its moderate 120/130 gram weight total, this is ideally among the finest products of its class.

4. Tecnifibre Carboflex Squash Racquet

Typically, while the famous TECNIFIBRE brand might not boast the most storied or the most extended history, the brand has however been existing for little under six decades-a rather long time to be in the position to work out everything it takes to create a high-end and top quality squash racquet. If you are playing squash and on an advanced level, then this stunning racquet is the real deal to help you up your game.

Ideally, it is undoubtedly the best available squash racquet, particularly for any advanced level player. Not only is this product lightweight, it is however somewhat heavier compared to other typical racquets, but it is an ideal fit for players who love putting some cracks on walls. Since this racquet is ideally accessible in multiple weight options, it is excellently suited for any player whatsoever. The weight parity of this racquet has been superbly conveyed to afford an added edge for value to any player, and it is effectively intended to include a degree of flex.

What’s more, it works perfectly for the rather quick-paced game like the power game, and with this; you will have a remarkable time on the court. In case you choose the lighter version of this fantastic racquet, you will identify that it actually holds up typically well, especially when you are managing somewhat longer volleys. Surprisingly, this is not something you frequently see at the amateur game level, although, it has a stunning effect on the more seasoned tournaments and games.

Finally, when it comes to the pricing, this product is rather pricey for novices, although for the professional players, the price would not be much of a concern. Considering that a standout player uses it among the best in the business, you can be confident that this racquet will ideally support and improve your game. This racquet is best suited for the next level squash players who not only have a great deal of experience but who has a better understanding of this game.


  • Incredibly attractive and tough.
  • Perfect for power players.
  • Versatility.
  • Ideal head size.


  • Expensive.
  • Vibrations especially on center hits.


A remarkable racked suited for typical power players, particularly those who are either professional or intermediate, this racket is popular for its stunning balance and much more to delight in. moreover, it is fast, accurate, and comfortable. If you are already an accomplished squash player, nothing on this list can match the quality and effectiveness of the exceptional Carboflex Tecnifibre Squash Racquet. Nonetheless, before you proceed to invest in this remarkable product, it is important to ensure that before you begin playing that you be an advanced player or else, you might have to deal with difficulty with ball control.

5. Head Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet

Finally, HEAD’S Microgel 145 racquet is yet another stunning although newer model squash racquet types currently on the market. Although it has undoubtedly not garnered as much of a following to actually regard it as among the greats in the business, it, however, is a reliable option.

Constructed from pure graphite material, this racquet ideally affords both durability and quality to your games. In essence, this is a stunning racquet and one that is effectively ideal for the intermediate players as well as beginners for improving your overall gameplay. This Microgel product offers you virtually everything you would expect from any standard professional racquet including accuracy, enhanced speed, and power, not to mention the most notable feature of the racquet which is its overall feel.

It features an ergonomic design that ensures that once you get a hold of this racquet, it fits comfortably into your hand and fits every player’s aspect subsequently providing that you can effectively play to the fullest of your capacity without too much compromise. What this means is that with this racquet, you can expect the most comfortable squash experience.

In addition, you will note that any vibrations are subsequently channeled down through this racquet and effectively down out through its handle. In fact, you get virtually zero vibration or feedback through the racquet’s head, subsequently offering you much more precision and accuracy than you would otherwise expect.

Finally, the most significant X-factor in this racquet ideally lies in the exclusive Micro-Gel Technology, which has been incorporated into the product to ensure that it functions correctly. The inclusion of this technology means reduced weight and offers more distribution, especially for the player using it. Additionally, it can add a unique touch to your gameplay, not to mention ensuring that you get all technical aspects subsequently corrected the proper way. In essence, if you want to achieve control in your squash gameplay, then you can never do any better than this fantastic racquet.


  • It comes stringed
  • Lightweight for enhanced speed and power
  • Exceptional grip
  • Cover for added protection
  • Handle effectively absorbs vibrations


  • Expensive
  • No color choice


The lightweight characteristic of this stunning Head Micro Gel 145 Squash Racquet renders it a stunning option for any player looking for both speed and power. With its handle designed to absorb the vibrations not to mention its ergonomic design effectively, this racquet is typically a must-have for players of virtually all levels. Not only will it boost your gameplay as a professional, but it is also a game-changer for typical beginners. With this product, you are guaranteed to have better accuracy, power, and speed altogether.

Quality and Durability of Squash Racquets

Numerous factors can influence the behavior and characteristic of a squash racquet among them balance, weight, material, and even grip. All these factors generally determine the overall quality and durability of the racquet, not to mention its overall durability. As such, when choosing the right squash racquet for your needs, quality, and durability are among the primary factors that you ought to take into thought. So why are quality and durability important?

In essence, the quality of a racquet determines both its effectiveness, reliability, and of course, how long it will serve you. When looking for a squash racquet, be sure always to pick that not only suits your personal skill-level and needs but one that is of top quality. Why? Top-quality racquets are ideally built with relatively better qualities and will eventually outlast standard quality options.

When it comes to quality and durability, the main factors you need to check out are the materials used in the construction of the racquet as well as the brand among several other factors. Usually, materials make a significant impact on quality. For instance, compared to aluminum, Graphite can effectively last longer and offer consistent service over a long period of playtime.

Similarly, when it comes to brands, going for the most respected and renowned brand is usually the best way to go. After all, would a brand be in the market for a relatively long time with good reviews if they were known to manufacture sub-standard products?

Other Key Factors to Consider When Choosing A Squash Racquet

Properly understanding the distinct features which ideally make squash racquets so distinctive is one aspect you need to take into consideration. Typically, the best squash racquets comprise sophisticated features and when compiling this list, Surf’n’Buy put into account some various features that industry experts recommended, therefore, guaranteeing that we only outline the best in the market for your pick.

This article has broken down the major characteristics and factors that not only comprise a top squash racquet but also make it quite easier for you to pick the best racquet that effectively matches all your needs. What’s more, you will also find answers to some of the common questions individuals ask concerning squash racquets. Below are some of the key features you should consider when choosing the right squash racquet.


Usually, the weight of a racquet determines how effectively you play on the court. Essentially, the racquet weight is dependent on both your strength and power level. When choosing a racquet, weight is also important since it has a significant impact on your overall fatigue level. Racquet weight also impacts your distinct playing style. For an attacking player, you will, of course, be moving across the court fairly more hence the need for a lighter racquet while for defensive players, a heavier racquet will afford you the power needed to outplay an attacking opponent.

Generally speaking, the weight of a racquet ranges between 110 and 170 grams, and it is usually engraved on the frame of the racquet. Nonetheless, the weights marked on this item are often unstrung weights although, with the addition of grommets, paint, and the grip, this adds to a few grams to the initial weight. For smaller players, the ideal weight is something under 130 g. As for the power-oriented players though; a somewhat advanced racquet with some added weight ideally suits their inclination to smash the shots. Lighter racquets are best suited for the attacking players as it allows easy maneuverability.

Also, they are ideal for juniors wanting to use a full-sized squash racquet without worrying about getting weighed down. Alternatively, heavier racquets are best suited for players with a more traditional playing style consisting of slower swings. Ideally, a suitable racquet weight is dependent on an individual’s preference.


Undoubtedly, the material from which a squash racquet is made from also makes a significant contribution to the quality and durability of the item. Graphene or Graphite is among the most conventional options, mainly due to their reasonably moderate weight. Nonetheless, they, however, guarantee a substantial durability level, particularly for high-level players. What’s more, incorporating additional material such as carbon fiber and titanium is also advantageous. While it makes the racquet slightly costlier, and potentially heavier, it, however, adds to the power generated.

Racquet Construction/ Throat Shape

Racquets are generally available in two major throat options mainly:

  • Open (teardrop),
  • Closed.

With the open throat racquets, they feature a relatively more extensive string-bed section, as well as a much larger sweet spot hence, tend to offer more power. Nonetheless, they may not be as durable, especially with playing scraping shots off the walls. As for the closed throat racquets, they tend to boast a somewhat smaller sweet spot and string-bed. They are therefore better suited for a more seasoned player looking to achieve boosted control. With this in mind, you will have to pick the appropriate throat shape depending on the skill level.


Another crucial factor worth considering when choosing a squash racquet is balance. Typically, squash racquets comprise three types of balance options mainly:

  • Evenly balanced,
  • Headlight option,
  • Head heavy option.

Typically, the headlight type of racquets is easier to maneuver since most of the mass is around their handles. They are particularly ideal for players who prefer quick flick shots and volleys. This type of racquet balance options is more popular with racquets boasting heavier weights. As for the heavy head option, they are designed with a more considerable chunk of the mass settled towards the racquet head. This makes it easier to control as well as produce a relatively easy swing compared to heal light options. This superb balance empowers a player to generate more power as well as allow you to play slightly longer. Finally, the last one is the evenly balanced option that is typically an increasingly flexible racquet which creates an exceptional volley as a well as a conservative intensity measure.

Strings and Tension

Choosing the right squash racquet also means picking the ideal type of string as well as tension. Usually, the string type you go for is dependent on your overall playing style. More technical players often prefer high string tension while for powerhouse players; they go for low string tension. In extension, attacking fast-paced players are best suited by medium string tension in combination with top quality strings. Another important factor with tension and strings is the string quality. With superior strings, the racquet will afford more maneuverability and grip as you play a complex shot to kill off your opponent.

Top-quality racquet strings usually afford more feel and grip, but this does not necessarily mean they are more durable. Why? This is since some are relatively finer gauge indicating they are working rather harder when playing since they are gripping the squash ball. Tighter or higher string tension offers more control but less power. This is since strings function like trampolines. Once the ball hits a racket, it catches and subsequently shoots it back out but with greater force.


This is a vital aspect of the squash racquet, and even though every racquet affords virtually a similar grip, you must get one that suits your preference. Usually, these racquets often feature standard size when it comes to the handle, although the shape of the handle varies with the manufacturer. The two common shapes are round and rectangular handle shapes. Since most racquets offer a similar and standard grip size, you can customize the grip to match your preference by using over-grips or replacement grips ideally. Since control stems right from your fingers, thicker grip means less feel and control.


Finally, one other essential factor to consider is the price of the racquet. As you would expect, the prices vary depending on the manufacturer and features of the squash racquet, so it all comes down to finding the right fit for your needs. A starter squash racket for beginners can start from anything between $30 and $50 although the best value usually ranges from $100 to $ 50 for serious individuals. Nonetheless, there are also pricier options that range well over $200.

Which Are The Best Squash Racquet Brands?

When you are playing any sport, you need to do some homework and identify some of the best brands. Once you have an idea of the top brands, it gets easier, and you can make a more informed decision when picking the best squash racquet. Ideally, this is why Surf’n’Buy has outlined the most popular and reliable brands in the market. Below are some of the top squash racquet brands.


This is perhaps the most dominant brand within the industry. They are widely reputed for offering quality products as well as guaranteeing value for your money. This brand also sponsors the best player across the globe.


This is another popular brand and perhaps among the oldest one available. If you are searching for a blend of quality control and reliability, this brand will guarantee you just that!


Finally, Dunlop is another popular brand, especially with beginners. Nonetheless, they offer top quality racquets, although their biggest advantage is their affordability.


Now that you’ve read everything that you should know about squash racquets as well as the essential components that make this interesting, entertaining sport. All the racquets on this Surf’n’Buy guide are selectively picked to ideally produce a list of some of the best squash racquets in 2020.

Essentially, squash racquets clearly differ. There are different models for all types of skill levels ranging from beginners to professional athletes. As such, choosing the best squash racquet is undoubtedly a fun but challenging task, however, with all this information, you should be well informed to effectively accomplish this. For amateurs and beginners, the ideal types of racquets are those with a balanced weight that is effectively distributed across the product. This effectively establishes balance in the racket’s middle, subsequently simplifying control.

If you want the ideal fit as a beginner, The Black Knight Bandit. Racquet is undoubtedly among the top options. It offers these features and so much more. As for lay players, the ideal suit is a huge head squash racquet that enhances the sweet spot. With this squash racquet, the area the ball hits is more prominent compared to other racquets. Therefore, the ball is significantly more comfortable to hit. These racquets allow beginners to play both defensively and offensively. Knowing the right squash racquet is the best way of enhancing your game and playing better and what better way to do this than by picking the right racquet!

All things considered, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete, the Pro Impact Graphite Squash Racket is the ideal fit. Perfectly crafted to suit any skill level, this is among the best options, especially if you are looking to improve your game-play. Seasoned squash racquets players, on the other hand, use a top-heavy or headlight with either option being a preference depending on which one the player feels more comfortable with. Since professionals have impeccable ball hitting skills, the head needs not to be massive anymore.

Additionally, professional athletes are also aware of their distinct game behavior; hence, their best racquet options are those that focus on play-style. As a seasoned player, you can never quite go wrong with the impeccable Tenifibre Carboflex. In the end, while choosing the best and right squash racquet is a fun but challenging process, Surf’n’Buy has worked to make your decision easier by outlining every essential detail to help your searching process. These five items are some of the most exceptional options the market has to offer and are ideal for virtually any squash-loving player. In fact, all you need now is to identify one that perfectly suits your game and effectively meets your needs. All the best!


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