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Surf’n’Buy’s Christmas Tips & Hacks

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

It is finally that time of the year when we are secret Santas shopping and looking for the greenest x-mas trees. That means it is not only the best season of the year but also the most stressful in terms of decorations and preparations. So here are a bunch of cheats, tips, hacks, and shortcuts that you don’t find lying around anywhere. Go ahead and make this the best Christmas ever!

Cranberry Sauce

First off, think of the fruits currently in season; apples, pears, and quinces. Slice the fruits and remove the core. Next, fry them lightly in a little butter. Stir slightly and add bay leaves, cinnamon, and sugar to caramelize the ingredients. This hack lifts the taste of any standard cranberry sauce. In split time, you can turn store-bought sauce, which is convenient, to a super exciting home-made sauce.

Pigs in Blankets

What you want to do is embellish the original chipolatas by putting some sage on. Break out the skin of some black pudding and remold it like the shape of the sausage. Last but not least, add brie or camembert cheese that will cook up well. Take a little thyme and walnuts and place them on the sausages. In an oiled tray, store them in the freezer for two days. Cook them till golden and crisp for twenty minutes.

Get Ahead Gravy

Simply get an assortment of veggies, chicken wings, flour, and stock. Simmer for a few minutes. A week in advance, bag up incredible gravy, freeze if flat. Whenever you cook any meat, crack a piece of your get ahead gravy and skim the fat off using your roasting tray

Perfect Roast Potatoes

This is a shortcut that absolutely rocks the sweetest roast potato. Get some roast potatoes that have been tossed in butter and olive oil. Also, they should be golden and parboiled. Lightly squash them and put some sage on the top. Then the potatoes go in the oven for ten minutes. Spray some vinegar and enjoy the delicacy.

Individual Roasted Vegetable

Place them in foil pouches to clear space on your hob and intensify the flavor. Get an extra foil sheet and fold the edges, so they are nice and tight around the veg. Do this for all your vegetables, stack them up and place in the oven. Bake for an hour under 350F. Easy as that!

Flavored Mayonnaise

Use store-bought mayo and flavor it three different ways. The first method is to mix cumin and mayo. Give it a good whizz for the components to mix correctly. It looks impressive and is excellent in sandwiches. The next one is using roasted pepper in a jar. Cut them up, add chili, and whisk with the mayo. To close, mix garlic with mayonnaise. Add some lemon juice, and stir. These are three easy cheats in your kitchen.

Pimp Up Your Minced Meat

This last tip is to help you take minced meat up a notch. Squash some juicy cranberries in a bowl. Add brandy for an extra kick. Squeeze some lemon and lime juice to awaken the flavors. If you have any leftovers, store in a jar. It will last ages.

What are you waiting for?

Get your ingredients and spice up your dishes.

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