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DIY Wood Turned Christmas Ornaments

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

Christmas is here, and for DIYers, it means an opportunity to make decorative ornaments to add a personal touch to their Christmas decorations. One of the best tools that you can use to shape your wooden pieces is a wood or metal lathe.

However, if you have to choose between the two, it would be better to go for a metal lathe instead of a wood lathe. The reason is quite simple; a metal lathe is the best for DIY model making because it can be used on wood and metal projects, while a wood lathe is only suitable for wood projects.

Metal lathes can also be used for both industrial and artistic projects. But first, what is a metal lathe? A metal lathe is a machine used to hold a piece of wood or metal in place to allow a different machine to be used to shape the wood. So what are some of the best DIY wood turned Christmas ornaments you can make?

1.   Wooden Christmas Tree Decorations

Using metal lathes, you could make wooden Christmas tree decorations of any size and use them as Christmas decorations around the home. You could use lighter wood such as Poplar or Aspen that can be turned more easily than hardwood. You could then paint the tree luminescent green, add some white for snow, a few dots to represent ornaments, and you’ve got yourself a magical Christmas tree full of beautiful colors for your Christmas holiday.

2.   Wooden Holiday Light Tree Ornament

You could style your wooden light bulbs after traditional Christmas lights, and the best thing about them is that they won’t need any electricity to shine. The ‘lights’ can be made by turning them on a metal lathe and then stained with a luminescent dye that glows in the dark to bring about a natural Christmas experience.

3.   Wooden Jingle Bell Ornaments

Wooden jingle bell ornaments are also great ornaments that you could make with your metal lathe. They come out looking great and can be a fantastic, unique supplement to your regular jingle bells. Color them in different luminescent colors, and you have yourself bright and beautiful Christmas decorations.

4.   Wooden Icicles

You could use these wooden icicles to show the thinness of your turnings. Since real icicles are not symmetrical, you could take the liberty to get a little creative around your design. You could then sand them and give them a shiny finish that reflects the lights from the Christmas tree.

5.   Snowman

Using a metal lathe, you can make a wooden snowman of various sizes. You could color the snowman white, add a few black spots for their buttons, glue their nose on, and you’ve got yourself a miniature snowman.


Metal lathes are best for DIY model making since they can be used on several different sized wood pieces. They also have the sturdiness that can handle hardwood, making them versatile enough for any wood project. Add a personal touch to your Christmas decorations and make it memorable for you and your family.

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