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Drive Medical CPN22FBA Folding Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair [Review]

by Francesca Baptiste

This incredible wheelchair by Drive Medical is truly a next generation mobility aid device. It comes with a very rich, unique design comprising of an appealing carbon steel frame with silver finishing. It is easy to fold and lightweight ensuring ease in carrying and transportation. This easy to maintain electric wheelchair is well accessorized with items such as a seat belt, comfortable seat cushions, wheel locks, and a swing away foot rest among other things, to enhance user experience.

The joystick comes with the ability to adjust in terms of length hence accommodating a majority of user’s needs.  The 5 inches front wheels work perfectly in tandem with the 8 inches rear wheels ensuring  you can handle any rocky paths with ease.it comes with armrests that can be adjusted in height to accommodate tall individuals and can also be detached for easy access. This durable chair has managed to surpass the ANSI RESNA test hence guaranteeing it is beyond efficient in performing its tasks.

For added security, you can purchase the Peace of Mind protection, offered by Drive Medical. This wheelchair is the true definition of style meets comfort thanks to its sleek and unique design as well as efficient accessories hence you can never go wrong with the Cirrus Plus Power wheelchair.


  • Adjustable armrests – The armrests that come with this device are able to increase in size as well as detach allowing you easy all round access to the exit and entrance of this wheelchair.
  • Adjustable joystick length – The joystick can be able to increase or reduce in length so as to target the specific needs of different individuals.
  • Flat free wheels with wheel lock – The Cirrus Plus comes with impressive flat free front and back wheels ensuring you can travel upon rocky paths with gravel without harming the wheels. The wheel lock provided is also a bonus as it locks the chair preventing it from rolling while on steep ground.
  • Lightweight and foldable design – The cirrus Plus comes with a total weight of 126 pounds which is not too heavy for lifting and transporting. The ability to fold allows it to be stored easily without taking up a lot of space.
  • Swing away foot rest with calf strap and heel loops – The foot rest provided is in a swing away design allowing you to access and part them by easy swinging action. It also comes with calf straps and heel loops for supporting your legs if need be.
  • Comes with standard accessories – The Cirrus Plus is accessorized with all the necessary items a normal wheelchair should have. This includes items such as a seat belt, a battery and a charger among other things.
  • Unique and durable carbon steel frame with silver design – The design on the Cirrus Plus is not only appealing but also durable thanks to the strong frame it comes with. The durability is also ascertained by the ANSI RESNA test carried out on this product.
  • Up to 400 pound weight support – This wheelchair is able to support an extra 100 pounds in addition to the standard 300 pounds supported by other wheelchairs. This makes it ideal for a majority of users.
  • Maximus speed of 5mph with a turning radius of 35 inches – The maximum speed of the Cirrus Plus is an impressive 5mph giving you freedom on the road. It also comes with a turning radius of 35 inches allowing for easy and fast maneuvering of the wheelchair both indoors and outdoors.
  • Powerful battery with a 15 mile travel range – The battery that accompanies this devices is powerful enough to sustain it for up to 15 miles without the need to recharge. This opens you up to a smooth travel experience without interruptions.


  • Adjustable joystick length and armrest. This allows for meeting of specifications of a wide variety of users.
  • Supports a weight of up to 400 pounds. It accounts for all user’s needs.
  • Can still be used as the traditional wheelchair. It comes with handles at the back of the chair allowing you to be pushed in case of battery drain.
  • Easy to fold and lightweight.  This is very convenient especially when it comes to carrying and transporting.
  • Flat free tires. The tires that come with the Cirrus Plus are durable enough to allow it to withstand harsh terrains.


  • Absence of a headrest. A headrest is ideal for supporting the neck and head of the user. Lack of a headrest may result in discomfort while using the wheelchair.
  • The seat length is short hence uncomfortable. The seat comes with a short backrest that tends to be uncomfortable especially to individuals who spend a long time on the wheelchair.
  • Swinging foot rest tend to be unconfutable compared to flip-able ones. Using a pair of swinging foot rest is discomforting as it may tend to slide away from reach hence unstable compared to a flip-able one.
  • The charger is not off-board. To charge this device you have to connect the chair together with the battery hence not convenient.

Key Pros

  • Supports a maximum weight of 400 pounds
  • Can be used as a traditional wheelchair

Key Cons

  • Short backrest

Final Verdict:

The Drive Medical CPN22FBA Folding Cirrus Plus Power Wheelchair does not take anything to chance when it comes to your comfort. With a well cushioned flexible chair and a boatload of accessories you are guaranteed to feel relax while using this wheelchair. The Circus Plus gives all other wheelchairs companies a run for their money when it comes to design. Thanks to a beautiful carbon frame coated with silver and paired with matching black cushions, this wheelchair is able to rank among top wheelchairs in terms of design. The flat-free tires paired with a 15 miles travel range make it excellent for outdoor use by allowing you uninterrupted smooth travel even on tough, rocky paths. The indoor experience is also admirable as a result of its compact design. Bottom line is, the Cirrus Plus Power wheelchair is the best choice for anyone looking for a decent mobility aid device with a killer appearance.

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