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Football Season: How to Cheer Your Team and Beat the Cold

by Kellen Greene

We all love watching getting out to support our favorite teams when game season rolls around. There’s nothing quite like the glow of a stadium when everyone gets together for cheering their beloved teams. The atmosphere, the excitement, the anticipation of a big win. The comradery is difficult to match. Even when the weather gets cold, there’s nothing quite like bundling up to watch the game and getting out there to show your support. Yet, sometimes, the elements can get too harsh to really enjoy the sport to its fullest. 

When it gets cold, some of us can struggle when getting out pitch side. There’s nothing worse when you’re trying to concentrate on the plays than shivering in the cold, fighting the wind and getting wet from the rain. It can really detract from the overall experience when we’re fighting to stay warm, no matter how many jumpers we put on or scarves we wrap up in. If only there was a way you could cheer on your team and beat the cold at the same time.

Well, luckily for you, Surf’n’Buy has the solution to the only negative aspect of getting out to watch the game: the weather. 

Beating the Cold and Avoiding the Rain

Wintertime can be magical. The cold air can be bracing, and the snow can be beautiful. However, when you’re trying to concentrate on a game, the weather isn’t what you want to be focusing on. You want to be watching every play and every point. Thankfully, there are a few options out there that you can make the most of to make sure you’re performing at your best when you’re cheering your team to the win.

The first solution we have to this problem is a cozy stadium blanket. These blankets are specially crafted to be incredibly lightweight and incredibly insulating.  Surround yourself in a soft, warm fleece and protect yourself from harsh winds with an insulating outer layer. Stadium blankets keep the cold out and the warmth in so that the cold weather won’t touch you.  

FANCYWING XL Hooded Stadium Mat

The FANCYWING XL Hooded Stadium Mat is an excellent option and even has an attached hood to protect your neck and head from the burliest of breezes. If you like to get up and cheer with all your might, this stadium blanket is the perfect option to help you beat the cold. This blanket is designed so as not to need held in place so it will keep you warm as you move and cheer, without getting in the way. Highly portable and incredibly lightweight, you won’t even notice when you’re wearing it once it’s on and, even better, you won’t even notice the cold. 

DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Premium Large Stadium Blanket

Larger options such as the DOWN UNDER OUTDOORS Premium Large Stadium Blanket are perfect for sharing with friends and loved ones so that you can stay close and enjoy the action.  Stadium blankets such as this one are a great option for kids, who can struggle with the cold more than adults. This lets you cuddle in for warmth and enjoy the experience together.

Stadium blankets are easy to store and carry so that you can get cozy and enjoy the action without even having to consider windy weather ever again. 

Another solution which you may not even think about is the addition of a stadium seat to your game night supplies. Stadium seats are an excellent way to get comfy during the game. Their thick foam inserts can provide an extra layer of insulation between you and the bleachers so that you don’t lose heat to the metal or wood of the stadium chairs. By providing an extra layer, you can retain a remarkable amount of heat. 

ONIVA Stadium Seat for Bleachers

Not only that, but these chairs can provide extra back support and some, such as the ONIVA Stadium Seat for Bleachers have multiple reclining positions so that you can move around without losing support. This is especially beneficial for young children who can find sitting for long periods of time uncomfortable, especially when it’s cold. Most stadium seats even have numerous pouches to keep snacks and drinks within arm’s reach, talk about a bonus!

POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat

Sometimes, the winter weather can be so bitterly cold that you might need to garner heat from another source. This is where a heated stadium seat will become the best purchase you have ever made. The POP Heated Stadium Bleacher Seat is an innovative, USB charged stadium seat which doesn’t just offer you added support and comfort, but the heat of an electric blanket. This is an excellent option for those who really struggle to stay warm in the cold because it does the hard work for you. Simply settle in, warm up and enjoy the game. 


Want to finally win the battle against the weather and immerse yourself in the game this season? Surf’n’Buy have all the information you need to find the right solution to beat the cold this season. If you’re looking for something to provide you a little extra support during the game, check out Surf’n’Buy’s extensive guides on the best stadium seats and stadium blankets on the market in 2020 so that you can find the right comfort and support that you need to keep cheering.

Your team needs you; and you can give them 100% when you’re cheering them on by making sure that you are at your most comfortable when pitch side. These simple products can make all the difference in making you comfortable so you can concentrate on the game regardless of the weather. Don’t let the cold beat you this season. Beat it instead with a cozy stadium blanket and a comfortable stadium seat so that you don’t miss a single play or a single game.

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