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How to Create a Wooden Christmas Tree with Lights

by Nicole

Traditional Christmas decoration makes use of evergreen coniferous, or an artificial lookalike, with lights to make a room to create a festive atmosphere. But did you know you could also make a Christmas tree out of scrap wood?

Competing with yourself year after year for a unique Christmas tree gets old too quickly if you keep designing the same thing. If you desire to put a spin on this time-honored tradition, a simple wooden Christmas tree with lights will brighten your house and make it cozy just the same. Here is how you can make one like this tree below:


  1. A bunch of scrap wood pieces
  2. Sanding sponge
  3. Finish nails.
  4. Multicolor Christmas lights
  5. Protective clear finish spray


  1. A small circular saw: a Rockwell RK 3441k will just do fine.
  2. Glue
  3. Nail gun

Step 1: Throw a bunch of scrap wood pieces together to create a tree

The first step is to stack scrap wood pieces together until you get the height of the tree that you want. So lay your scrap woods down piece by piece, putting their ends together into triangle shapes. If you have pieces that look like each other, connect them. But if you don’t have similar pieces, don’t worry; the art is going to come out beautiful either way. Keep putting the pieces together until you get the height of the tree that you want.

Step 2: Prepare a trunk

The next step is to get a trunk onto which the pieces will be joined. This is going to be the centerpiece of the Christmas tree. A piece of scrap wood of the right size as the tree you want to build will do fine.

Step 3: Line your table

Go ahead and line your table so it won’t get ruined during the session. An old PVC tablecloth will keep wood glue off the table as you work to create your Christmas tree.

Step 4: Stack the pieces onto the trunk

Start stacking the scrap wood pieces onto the middle piece of wood and secure using glue and nails. Apply wood glue first, then place the pieces and secure with a nail gun. Start at the top of the tree, then work your way down piece by piece resulting in a triangular-shaped design. Don’t worry about nail marks because you are eventually going to drill large holes to insert some lights, and this is going to pull your eyes away from nail holes.

Step 4: Make holes for lights

When making holes for Christmas lights, don’t just drill holes anywhere, thinking you will simply pop lights into those holes. The lights just don’t go anywhere; the distance from one hole to the next matters. So, use the lights to mark access points and drill them. This way, you won’t experience trouble fitting the lights.

Step 5: Sand over the entire thing and apply a protective finishing

After drilling the light holes, sand over the entire thing and apply a protective clear finish spray if the tree is going outside the house; exterior wood spray protects from extreme weather elements, keeping wood from fading or rotting.

Step 6: Add the base

To make sure your wooden tree is standing. Using your circular saw, cut 4 pieces of wood in the exact size, then glue and screw them into the shape of an X around each corner of the base of the tree to keep it from wobbling.

Step 7: Put the lights in the holes

Put the string of lights through the holes drilled earlier and create a cheery and celebratory Christmas tree.

Wrapping Up

Creating a wooden Christmas tree from scrap wood is a fun and straightforward activity. It is going to require a few trials and errors, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

The wooden tree is the best alternative if you don’t have a big space for a conventional Christmas tree. Plus, it is harmless to people who are hypersensitive to real trees. It will be a great addition to your entryway or front porch, pairing well with a wooden door. You can also keep it inside the house to light up the interior and achieve festive vibes. Feel free to alter and personalize the design to fit your home’s aesthetics.

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