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Heating Options: How to Heat Your Garage Efficiently

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Whether you reside somewhere cold or you want to keep your garage warm in the winter, heat is something you have perhaps considered adding in the garage. You have also weighed in the efficiency of items like requirements of the work associated with correct insulation, fitting of the source of heat, as well as its maintenance. Below find out how to heat your garage efficiently:

Heating Options

There are lots of options of heaters for garage, but to ensure you go for the one that’s best for you, continue reading to find out how they work, how to install and the expenses involved:

1. Forced Air Heating

These heaters force hot air into a vacuum to heat it. Most of the time, these systems include duct-work; therefore, you will perhaps need to hire a professional to install it. It comes with one of many different types of units, and they can all work with various system options such as an electric furnace or a gas, among others. This gadget will then pair with a kind of blower like a fan or air handler to dispense the heated air, and then force that air into your garage.

In case you are only using your garage for a short while, the forced air heating system could be too big a project for that. On the other hand, if you are turning your garage into a living space or work-space, this will be an ideal option since it is not as expensive as some other duct systems, and it is relatively efficient when it comes to power consumption against power output. Also, it is an excellent solution if you want to incorporate it with an already existing HVAC system in your home.

2. Convection Heater

This is another good option you can go for. You can select a unit that is powered using electricity, propane, or natural gas. Convection heaters run using air convection currents circulating across the unit’s heating element, and therefore heating the air around. Considering the kind and size of your device, it could heat quite fast, while others will take some more time to warm your garage. Thus, consider how cold the garage gets and how long you are prepared to wait for it to warm the room when you go for this kind of heating system.

3. Electric Ceiling Panels

These 1-inch panels go on the ceiling and can be a very energy-efficient choice which heats your garage quickly. Besides, if your garage needs to look good and still function properly, this is the option to go with.

Even though some options for heating the garage include swift heating, they don’t quite cool as fast when switched off. If you require finishing your ceiling to install the panels, ensure that you hire a roofer and not an HVAC professional and give them details of why you prefer a tile ceiling so he can offer you a detailed estimate and organize the area suitably for your needs.

4. Portable Space Heater

This is a simple method to boost an existing source of heat to warm your garage better during cold times. Depending on how much extra heat you want, a garage heater comes in almost any size to suit any budget. Besides, they are readily available and portable.

5. Propane Heater

When looking for a source of heat, you will see many options like a propane heater. Propane is a reasonably priced source of heat, and it produces plenty of warmth. With this option, you can either go big or small, depending on what you need. With this kind of heater, you pour the fuel in the device and start to warm your garage immediately. This appliance offers a manual ignition or an automatic setting typically; they are a good option due to their efficiency, mobility and affordability.

6. Mounted Electric Heater

This is somewhat larger than a portable space heater, and it is one of the best means to heat the garage. You are looking at fitting a 240-volt-hard-wired system. Another advantage of this heater is that they are straightforward to install; therefore, you might not require to hire a professional to do it.


Indeed, choosing electric garage heaters can be quite challenging since there is plenty to consider during this process. You can select any of the appliances mentioned above, depending on your budget and needs.

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