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How to Make a Christmas Wreath

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

A Christmas wreath is the dose of this approaching festive cheer. As the pandemic grumbles on, most people are in the holiday spirit and in a rash to get into it. A Christmas wreath brings so much joy to the exterior of your home. Therefore, a warm, inviting, and gorgeous wreath will adorn doors, walls, and festive mantels. They are an absolute way to welcome guests to your home over this festive season. It is essential on the doors, and a good wreath should last past the festive season, cute enough to keep up for long! So, why not start now with us?

If you feel ambitious, making a charming wreath is quite simple. You pick the apt essentials, seasonal decors, and combine them with a huge dose of festive spirit. Your Christmas décor needs a Christmas wreath to make it complete. Consequently, follow our guide below on how to make a Christmas wreath. Let us create an idea of flow and natural growth.

What you will need:

A Wireframe
• Scissors
• Pine branches
Flexible wire
Red satin ribbon
• Moss
Red berries
Snow spray
• Pinecones
Hot glue

Step #1

A moss base is essential to start creating a Christmas wreath. To make a moss base, you need to make a moss base using a wreath wireframe. To make the moss base, start by placing a handful of moss around the wreath form made from the wireframe, pack it tightly as you twist the flexible wire around it as you go. Ensure not to scrimp. Continue to add moss until the Christmas wreath is filled with an equal amount of moss all around. You can twine the wire on the reverse to ensure it’s firm for a sturdy base to work on. Note that the moss should look thick and dense.

Step #2

Please take a few bunches of your pine boughs, attach them to the base of your moss. It would be best if you mixed them up as you place them on the sack of moss. Use the flexible wire to twine them and ensure you overlap them until all the moss is covered up to avoid creating gaps. Securing tightly, use the flexible wire to wrap around both the bundle and the moss base a few times to be hanged on the door. Ensure to check the pattern set from all angles to ensure you have built a great shape.

Step #3

Time to add some aroma to your festive cheer. Bundle red berries together with wire. To finish up, make a few bows with the red satin ribbon. Leaving spaces, attach them to the wreath using the flexible wire to be firm enough.

Step #4

Decorate your Christmas wreath until it looks appealing and satisfying. You can use hot glue to add some pine cones. However, a plain cone can be boring. To spice them up, you can use a snow spray to add your favorite colors.

To make a catchy wreath, ensure the twined flexible wire is not visible, hide its end to appear authentic. Lo and behold, you have achieved your goal of making your Christmas wreath!

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