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How to Organize Your Woodworking Tools

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Woodworking is undeniably one of the most unique and fascinating activities that a person can take part in. Being able to craft something beautiful how of a measly piece of wood is truly astonishing, and it’s something that woodworkers do every single day. Whether you’re a beginner or a pro, you more than likely have a load of tools that you use on a regular basis when it comes time to do some woodworking. However, when you’re not woodworking, where do those tools go?

Woodworking tools come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, and large number of them are often required when working on more intense and precise projects. That’s perfectly fine, but what do you do with these tools when you aren’t using them? Locating spots and different areas to store and organize your woodworking tools can often be a bit of a hassle if you aren’t entirely sure what you’re doing, so we’ve complied a guide on some of the most important tips to keep in mind when it comes to put the tools for your woodworking away.

Peg Boards

With any shop out there, one of the most common and practical ways to store woodworking tools is by way of a peg board. Peg boards are essentially perforated hardboards that are mounted on the wall of your workspace. Within these perforations, you can place pegs and hooks throughout it that your tools will hang and rest on. Peg boards make great use of vertical space in your shop, and allow you to take your tools off of your floor and benches and onto the wall. It’s a relatively cost-effective way to go about things, and is definitely one of our go-to recommendations for organizing woodworking tools.


If you’re familiar with the world of woodworking, you more than likely are familiar with the term ‘sawhorse’. However, if this is a field that’s still relatively new to you, you may not have any idea at all as to what we’re talking about. Sawhorses are essentially just little, temporary tables/benches that you can create to place certain tools and other items on. These are frequently uses to store large tools, like miter saws, as these have a tendency to take up the most room. If built properly, sawhorses are sturdy enough for even the biggest of woodworking tools, but still easy to move around when you’re done working with the tools that are on them. This isn’t all that necessary if your woodworking tools are all smaller, but if you’re serious about your woodwork, chances are you’ve got some big tools that need proper storage solutions.

Woodworking Shop

If you have an extra space at your home and you do a tremendous about of woodworking, it might be worth considering converting or building an extra space into a shop that’s dedicated solely to your woodwork. This won’t be necessary if you simply do a little bit of woodwork here and there, but if it’s something that you’re absolutely serious about, this can be a great way to help you concentrate, focus, and have quick and easy access to only the tools you need for the task that’s at hand. This won’t be the most practical solution for everyone out there, but it can definitely be very beneficial if you have the necessary resources.


While a shop dedicated to woodworking certainly sounds like a dream come true, not everyone has the necessary room to make something like this happen. But honestly, you don’t need an entire shop just for woodworking in order to better organize the tools that you use for this trade. While it can be easy to go all out with crazy ways to get your stuff organized, there’s something to be said about simply making better use of the cabinets that are already in your existing shop or garage. By sectioning off what different areas of your cabinets contain, you can easily have quick access to the tools you want and know exactly where they belong. Maintaining the organization of your cabinets will be up to you, but if you’re strict about keeping things in their assigned position, finding your woodworking tools when the time calls for it will be easier than ever.

Organizing your woodworking tools might seem like a hassle at first, but as you can see from this list, it really doesn’t have to be! Woodworking is an awesome trait to know, and the tools you use deserve to be properly stored. Follow these rules and you shouldn’t have any organizational problems at all!

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