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How to Train Your Cat to Use a Top Entry Litter Box?

by Olivia Sutton

After what feels like an eternity of finding litter in the most unlikely spots in your home (on your favorite sofa, the coffee table and even your nightstand), and of your resident canine sticking its muzzle where it shouldn’t, you’ve finally opted for a change. You’ve gotten the top entry litter box dreams are made of. You’ve even bought the accessories to match too: natural, hypoallergenic, dust-free litter with excellent odor control, sturdy paw-proof bags and even a mat to take care of any litter which makes it past the box’s lid.

But now it’s time to face the moment you’ve avoided thinking of throughout the entire process: how to get his furry majesty to fall in love with his new litter box. If that’s you right now, then you’ve certainly come to the right spot. Here you will find helpful tips that will make your favorite feline take to their new sanitary arrangements with as little fuss as possible as well as pointers on selecting the best option which will make the transition as smooth as can be.

Encouraging Your Pet Cat to Use a Top Entry Litter Box

If there’s one thing every cat owner knows about their favorite feline in the whole world, it’s their love of all things familiar. And that means planning every change with military precision to ensure it goes just right so that your regal furry resident, feels pleased and satisfied at the end of it all. It’s pretty much the same when switching litter boxes too. And with that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite tips which will make that transition to new sanitary facilities as seamless as possible for you and your beloved tabby.

  • Place the new top entry litter box in the same spot as the old: As noted above, felines are particularly fond of routine and rather resistant to the unfamiliar.

There’s no doubt that the sight of brand new shiny facilities in place of the old will make them wonder what on earth has happened to their comfy, familiar litter box. However, the fact that it’s in their usual spot along with a whiff of something familiar will pique their curiosity and make them want to investigate further.

  • Introduce each change as gradually as possible: Although you’ve invested a great deal of time and effort in upgrading your cat’s sanitary facilities, you will need to introduce each change as gradually as possible.

And that might mean continuing to use the old brand of litter your pet is used to, for a while. Doing so will ensure its familiar scent will further reinforce the purpose of the new top entry litter box along with its familiar position as well.

  • Add a small amount of old litter: Cats are pretty smart when it comes to figuring things out.

And they also have a sense of smell that’s way more powerful than ours. Adding a small amount of old litter to their new box will send a message of comforting familiarity via those scent receptors letting them know at once what the brand new shiny litter box is meant for.

  • Positive reinforcement: Making the switch to a top entry litter box might just mean having to stock up on your cat’s favorite treats.

And when they approach the new box or attempt to explore it, you will be able to reward them with a tasty morsel, letting them know that they’re doing just great.

What Qualities Should a Top Entry Litter Box Have?

Getting a top entry litter box which your feline friend will enjoy using and which also comes with loads of desirable features, will make things a lot easier for you and your pet in the long run. So what should you look out for in a top entry litter box? Find out right here to ensure you’re able to select a product which is worthy of your favorite furry resident.

Ability to Reduce Litter Tracking

The best litter boxes in this category often come with a lid which has been designed with grooves or a grid to remove any excess litter clinging to your cat’s paws as they leave the box. This feature is particularly beneficial since it will significantly reduce the likelihood of litter turning up in all the wrong places. Occasionally, certain manufacturers may even ensure such lids have openings or can be flipped. These extra features are especially welcome since they mean that excess litter gets to stay where it belongs – right in the litter box.

Ease of Cleaning

Cats are renowned for being especially fussy about their hygiene. Hence selecting a product which is really easy to clean is also especially important. Several manufacturers ensure their top entry litter boxes or at least parts of them can be disassembled pretty easily so you can clean them as frequently as possible.


Certain manufacturers also provide top entry litter boxes which have been specially designed to prevent canines from helping themselves to their contents. Selecting such a product will ensure you won’t have to worry about your pet dog ingesting an unhealthy amount of cat litter, and putting themselves at risk as a result.


Cats are by no means fond of tight spaces. Hence,one of the most important factors which should influence your decision is the size of the top entry litter box you’re interested in. Especially if your pet happens to be on the larger side. This mostly holds true for larger breeds such as British Longhairs, British Shorthairs, Ragamuffins, Ragdolls, Norwegian Forest Cats and Turkish Vans, for example.

In Conclusion

Getting your cat to approve of their new top entry litter box often involves easing them into the new change and rewarding them for each step they take towards accepting it. However it’s also important to select an option which they will find convenient to use too. And once they’re used to the sight and scent of the new product, they’ll forget the old litter box ever existed. The result? A happy satisfied pet and a sweet smelling, spotless home. Which we think is simply awesome (and we know you do too).

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