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How to Use Nail Gun?

by Jonathan Logtenberg

When the goal is to drive a nail into a wall or any other object, everyone will think about using a hammer. However, while you use this tool, you have to make sure you apply the right amount of force. So let’s dive deeper into the question of “how to use nail gun.” A better option would be to use a nail gun, which will make tasks involving nails easier in every aspect. Whether you like to take up DIY projects on the weekend or you are a woodworking enthusiast, it is an excellent tool to use.

Why Should You Use a Nail Gun Instead of a Hammer?

For starters, when you go with a nail gun, you can complete all types of tasks quickly. Even if you have a lot of experience handling hammers, you still won’t be able to keep up with the speed of this tool. Another advantage of using a nail gun is that you don’t have to put your fingers in danger. While you need to follow the necessary safety measures, the chances of injuring yourself are quite low.

Regardless of the toughness of the material, it will only take one hit from the nail gun to drive the nail. When compared to a hammer, you will need to try at least two or three times, before you get the same results. Carrying nails around is always a safety problem. With a nail gun, you won’t be facing this issue. Accuracy is essential when you are driving nails, and you must pay close attention to how you use the hammer. With a nail gun, every job will turn out excellent, as these tools are known to be accurate and precise.

Types of Nail Guns

When it comes to nail guns, there are two major types – pneumatic and electric variants. In the former, you need an air compressor to run this tool. Make sure you get the right length of the air hose so that you won’t face any restrictions with movement. The second type is the electric nail gun, which comes in corded and cordless variants. For the corded version, you need to attach it to an appropriate power outlet, which has enough amperage to run the tool. If it is a cordless version, it will either be fuel or battery-driven.

How to Use a Nail Gun for Any Project?

Now that you know the benefits of using a nail gun over a hammer, let’s learn how to use this tool for various tasks. Before you start operating this machine, you will have to deal with dust and debris. So you should always wear appropriate safety gear – goggles, dust mask, and gloves, before you use this tool.


Before you use the nail gun on the intended surface, you need to perform practice runs. Drive a nail into the material and make a note of its depth. If it doesn’t meet your expectations, you should increase/decrease the pressure. Always make sure you hold the nail gun 90° to the material. Make sure you extend your arms, before pulling the trigger, as it provides excellent support. If you are not ready, the kick of the nail gun can mess up the quality of the craftsmanship. Once you complete using the nail gun for your project, make sure you turn it off, before removing the additional nails.

Step 1: Load the nail clip into the tool

Depending on the type of nail gun you possess, you need to purchase the right nail clip. Keep in mind that you can’t use anything you find in the market, as they may not be compatible with the machine. You need to position the clip with the magazine so that you can insert it at the right angle. There is the option of keeping the tool upside down so that the nails fall into the magazine properly. If your nail gun uses a nail coil, you need to follow the same procedure. In this case, you need to remove a portion of the nails and place it in the discharge chamber.

Step 2: Aim and fire the nail gun

Nail guns come with different firing techniques, depending on the model you purchase. For contact variants, you need to press this tool against the surface for it to discharge the nail while holding the trigger. For single sequential, you need to apply pressure on the safety tip, while holding it against the surface. Pull the trigger for the tool to drive the nail into the material.

In actuation, you have to drive the nail into the material via contact fire. Now you can move it along the surface, without having to lift the tool. Full sequential nail guns only work when you place the tip against the material before pulling the trigger. When talking about how to use nail gun equipments, the entire process is straightforward. Make sure you follow the instructions in this guide to get the best results from this powerful tool!

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