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Is a Log Splitter a Worthy Purchase?

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Log splitters can be a bit of a costly purchase and it leaves most people wondering whether it’s a cost they actually need to spend for the sake of firewood. If you’re not used to a log splitter or you’ve never used on before, you may find yourself questioning how much you really need one. To help you assess whether or not a log splitter is the right purchase for you, Surf’n’Buy have put together this guide with everything you need to know about who a log splitter is right for.  If this starts to sound like you, a log splitter may be a good investment for your future with firewood.

Why Would You Need a Log Splitter?

Now, the most obvious answer to this question is to split logs, but to elaborate on that, a log splitter will save you a lot of time and energy from splitting logs manually. Using an axe to split logs can be trying on the body and takes up a lot of time. A log splitter, on the other hand, quickly gets to work making firewood out of even the largest logs.  This means you can split a wider range and size of log with greater ease and at greater speed. This is especially useful for those particularly tough logs that you just can’t get through no matter how hard you try.

If you are only planning to use the log splitter on occasion, then it may be a better idea to rent one than buy one.  However, if your family uses a lot of firewood or you just love a good bonfire, then a log splitter can help you meet the firewood demand for all of your activities.

Are They Expensive?

Although log splitters are one of the most useful tools to have in your arsenal when making firewood, the initial cost of the machines is one of the biggest turn offs for new customers. Some of the more elite models can cost you several thousands. However, the trick is to know what you need it for. You can find a really good log splitter that will meet all of your needs in the three figures, much less expensive than some of the higher end splitters. 

Most people don’t need such heavy duty log splitters, especially if you’re using it around the home or on a small plot of land where there is soft wood. So, don’t feel as though you have to spend a fortune to meet your needs. These higher end models are made for the toughest of woods and professional users. A small cost now will save you time and energy in the long run. When you realise just how easy a log splitter is to use and what it can do for you, you’ll find yourself wondering how you didn’t buy one sooner.

What Kind of Log Splitters are There?

There are a huge range of log splitters out there, making it almost impossible for you to find an option that suits your needs. These range in price and capability so that you can find a model that is better tailored to your needs. Log splitters range from around 7 to around 30 tonnes of pressure, so no matter what logs you are trying to split, you are sure to find a log splitter capable of doing the job. Make sure to read through the manufacturers instructions to check whether or not the splitter will be able to make it through the types of wood you are planning to cut so that you find the right option for you.

Electric versus Gas

If you think that you have decided you are ready to buy a log splitter, you might be starting to think of how your new tool needs to be powered. There are two options: electric and gas. 

The first thing you need to consider is where you are going to be using the log splitter. If you will be using the log splitter outside or in a shed or barn, you will need to take certain precautions. Gas log splitters will let off fumes and gas emissions when in use so they need to be placed in an outdoor area so as to allow these gases to dissipate. These log splitters cannot be used inside because carbon monoxide emissions can build up and cause serious harm to the health of the user and those around it.

Electric models don’t produce any gases at all and are therefore fine to use indoors. Electric log cutters also come as portable on to tow on a tractor or car so you can take them with you into a forest, making them an incredibly useful purchase. However, these log splitters tend not to be as strong as gas versions and therefore may not be suitable for cutting the most difficult of logs.

Hydraulic versus Kinetic

There are two different kinds of log splitters which offer a different speed of service. If you are looking for the fastest log splitter out there to save your valuable time, a kinetic log splitter is definitely the option for you. They quickly power through tough wood without a hitch. Hydraulic log splitters simply can’t keep up, however they do come with the added benefit of being much stronger. You may not be able to cut as much wood as fast as a kinetic version, but you will be able to cut a wider range of materials down to firewood without struggling.

There are so many reasons to buy a log splitter. They are a great addition to your tool kit to make sure that you aren’t spending all that time cutting firewood manually with an axe, which can be tough on the body. These log splitters will get the job done for you, all you have to do is set them up and add the wood. With so many features and options available, there is bound to be a log splitter out there which is destined to make your log cutting life just that much easier.

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