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Top 7 Low-Maintenance Plants for Your Office

by Kellen Greene

In recent years, most offices have embraced the biophilic design as a mode of decor for the office space. Having plants in the office comes with many benefits beyond the aesthetic aspect. For instance, it shows that the people in that office care for something other than themselves and their work. It also helps bring out the companies personality from how every individual takes an interest in caring for the plant. After all, the way you do anything goes a long way to show how you do everything.

Before settling on having an office plant, there are a couple of things you should consider;

  • How much care does the plant require? Does it need water? And if yes, how often?
  • Fertilization. Some situations require a plant to be fertilized. For example, when a plant is flowering or when a plant is dormant or not growing. In such cases, there are liquid fertilizers that are recommended for each kind of plant and distinct purposes.
  • How much office space do you have? Some plants grow very tall and will require rooms with a high ceiling.
  • Lighting. Different plants require different lighting. Some will need direct sunlight while others are content under any amount.

1. English Ivy/ Hedera Helix

Rated as one of the top purifying plants by NASA, the English ivy is a relaxing indoor plant that aids in reducing most air-borne diseases such as the cough, making it suitable for the workplace. It requires little water and lots of sunlight.

2. Snake Plant

All a Snake plant needs in terms of care is a little water when it goes dry, and to be placed where there is indirect sunlight. The snake plant gives more than it takes. It is known to purify the air by releasing oxygen during the night. We all know how stuffy a crowded room can get. It also clears toxins that are produced in the office by things like printing products, cleaning products, and paint.

3. Spider Plant/Chlorophylum Comosum/ Air Plant

Research done by NASA has proved that the Spider plant clears up to 90 % of toxins accumulated inside a room. This makes it very helpful in a room of working people all emitting different energies. The spider plant absorbs carbon monoxide and also acts in insecticidal capacities. It is quite easy to manage a spider plant as it requires very little water to keep the soil moist, indirect sunlight, and occasional fertilization from fertilizers for indoor plants.

4. Bamboo Plant/ Golden Cane Palm/ Yellow Palm

Bamboo plants are very easy to manage. They thrive in warm environments hence need to be put under direct sunlight. Bamboo plants require to be watered and also put in high ceiling rooms as they can grow very tall. They are great for office spaces as they are believed to bring good luck to those around them. Research has also proved to show that the Bamboo plant has the ability to stimulate and to improve an individual psychological state, which is what every employer wants in an employee. Just like other mentioned indoor plants, the bamboo plant purifies the air and reduce congestion of air in a room.

5. Peace Lilies

As long as you find the Peace lily in a home where there is indirect sunlight, water it at intervals, and mist its leaves, this plant will ensure that your office has no mold spores or any other organic airborne volatile organic compounds. This ensures that you have the best quality air in the office.

6. Cactus

There are over two thousand kinds of the Cactus plant as of the year 2020. Most of these plants are small in size, meaning they can fit anywhere. The cactus plants are easy to maintain as they require very little water and just about enough or direct sunlight for them to thrive.

7. Lemon Balm

The only thing that the Lemon balm plant requires is enough water. The lemon balm plant graces the office with an ambiance of the sweet-smelling freshness of the lemon fragrance leaving happy and productive vibes all day. It can be placed anywhere in a room as it thrives in both direct and indirect sunlight. As discussed above, indoor plants are of great benefit to us in the offices, even in the most subtle of ways. Having a couple around is excellent for health and work productivity, which is a win for both the employer and the employee.

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