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Magical Fall: What Brings Us That Season?

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Autumn is the most refreshing and colorful season of all four. Fortunately, it provides an ample cool-off time between vehement summer and frosty winter. Some noticeable changes are earlier sundown, lower temperatures and dwindling plant life. Thus, animals and humans start preparations for winter in terms of food and provisions.

Origin of the Name

In the United States, the season is also referred to as ”fall”. In earlier years, the two main seasons were winter and summer. It was during the late 14th century that the word ”autumn” was used, and it originates from a Latin word. Subsequently, the names autumn and fall ultimately came to use in the 17th century.

Cultural Influences

The season registers as one full of festivities and harvesting. In ancient times, fall was the end of the growing season, and most farming communities celebrated their harvest then. Many holidays and feasts occurred during this time of year.

First and foremost, All Hallows ‘Hallows’ Eve was one of these merriments. It was followed by All Saints ‘Saints’ Day, a Christian holiday. Additionally, Sukkot, a Jewish festival fell in during the autumn period. The merriments that focused on harvest, thanksgiving, and rebirth ultimately made autumn a magical and therapeutic season. It is the blender between blazing heat and intense cold.

What Brings Us the Season of Magical Autumn?

Rotation of the earth around the sun brings about different seasons and lengths of day or night hours. As rotation happens, the Northern and Southern hemispheres change how close they are to the sun. Consequently, the southern hemisphere gradients further from the sun, resulting in shorter days and lengthier nights.

The weather conditions, on the other hand, are delightful despite the temperatures dropping. In case of any rains, evaporation will be slower as compared to summer.

The Autumn Leaves

Ensuing, the end of summer makes way for pulsating autumn leaves leaves’ colors and that magical mood we all revel. Different plants have different color hues and how they change depends on the shade. The change in tone is a tactic for the vegetation to combat approaching cold nights. The joie de vivre can appear over hills and valleys.

The colors blend from pink to scarlet or purple, and yellow to orange. Reduced day hours affects the moisture and sunlight that penetrates the leaves. Therefore, less chlorophyll is synthesized and as a result, leaves change color. The bound sugar and starch in the leaves forms and abscission coat where the leaf will fall off.

There are three primary pigments in leaves that bring about this magical nature for fall. Below are the stages of color change that result to complete falling of the leaves during the season.

  1. Carotenoids – these are the orange and yellow colorants present throughout photosynthesis. Chlorophyll does a perfect job in hiding the hues, but after summer, the shades become visible.
  2. Anthocyanin – these are pink, scarlet, red and purple dyes in the leaves. The hues become more conspicuous in the middle of autumn. As daytime hours reduce, the shades multiply at a faster rate.
  3. Tannin – categorically, this is the last tint to break down in the vegetation. It is the dull brown color that indicates the leaves are about to fall. It is hence a gentle cue that winter is coming.

It is after this colorful display that trees and plants protect themselves for winter, leaving us with lots of raking to do.

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Animal Behavior During Autumn

Fall not only affects day-to-day activities for us, and vegetation, but animals too. The movement of birds and increased insect deaths are other dynamics of the season. Nomadic birds migrate over miles to search for warmer climate and food. As well, most insects, frogs, and predators get ready for winter. Breeding slows down too as autumn progresses.

In conclusion, there are loads of reasons for us to love and treasure in autumn. Also, there is so much to be glad for and a lot of yield to delight in. The soothing sound of brittle leaves on your path, plus how the vegetation transcends from leafy green to an animated combination of hues.

Make Up Fall

The beautiful autumn radiance at sunrise, followed by a ginger glow at sunset are magical moments during the season. It is a time of the year for fall parties and sweet scents from Yankee candles.

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