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Merits Health P320 Jr Power Wheelchair with High Back Seat [Review]

by Francesca Baptiste

The High back Merits P320 Junior is undoubtedly an upgrade from the low back Merits Jr wheelchair due to the amazing features it brings to the table. With a 17 inch high, extremely comfortable, captain’s seat, your relaxation is guaranteed throughout your endeavors. The captain’s seat is well customized with flip-able armrests for easy access as well as a head rest that does an excellent job supporting your head and neck. It also comes with a selection between two colors; Red and Blue.

The batteries on this baby can last it up to 12.5 miles on a single charge. Its impressive turning radius of 22 inches combined with a slim compact design allows you smooth and easy indoor movements. The outdoor experience is also impressive, thanks to the foam-filled tires that can withstand tough terrains and a decent 24V DC motor that allows you to climb slopes of up to 8 degrees. It is very stable and comes with a low center of gravity to keep you well-grounded while on the chair.

The High back Merits Jr can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds and move at a  maximum speed of 4.5 mph. It also has the ability to disassemble in case you are looking to transport it. With the Merits Jr Power wheelchair, you can take back your freedom in comfort and style.


  • Travel range of up to 12.5 miles – The battery that comes with the Merits Jr is powerful enough to afford it a 12.5 mile travel range when fully charged. Many users have been impressed by the battery capabilities of the Jr P320 saying that it can go up to a whole day without need to recharge.
  • Turning radius of 23 inches – It comes with an impressive turning radius of 23 inches, which paired with its compact slim design gives you the freedom to easily move around indoor spaces as well as narrow tight alleys.
  • 9 inches foam-filled tires with alloy rims – This electric wheelchair is accessorized with impressively strong 9 inch tires. The tires are form-filled making them lighter than air-filled tires as well as stronger. This allows you to overcome any outdoor hurdles you may encounter such as a rough or bumpy road.
  • Intelligent regenerative electromagnetic brakes and a maximum speed of 4.5mph – The Merits Jr can move at a maximum speed of 4.5mph which is below the average 5mph speed but still enough to meet your outdoor needs. The brakes installed are very effective and will bring it to a halt as soon as you engage them.
  • Comfortable 17 inch high seat 18 by 17 – As opposed to the other Merits Jr version, this one comes with a generously high captain’s seat that provide sufficient support to your back. The seat is 17 inches high with a width of 18 inches and a 17 inch length. Moreover, the armrests can flip to allow side access if needed. In other words, this chair is pretty, damn comfortable.
  • Max weight capacity of up to 300 pounds – This wheelchair can withstand up to a maximum weight of 300 pounds. This is just at the cutoff point weight found in other mobility aid devices. Hence a show of adequate functionality.
  • Off-board charger – This means that the battery on this wheelchair can be removed and charged separately. The Merits Jr comes with an off-board charger which is very advantageous to individuals with two batteries. You can charge one as you use the other in the wheelchair.


  • Easily disassembles. This allows the user to take it apart and come in handy especially during transportation.
  • High back Captain’s seat 17.  The high back seat provides comfort as well as excellent back support to the user.
  • Flip-able armrests. This feature is a huge pro as it allows you to access the chair from the side.
  • Available headrest. Most electric wheelchairs come without a headrest. The Merit Jr P320 however, provides an excellent head rest to efficiently support your head.
  • Stable with low center of gravity.  This allows for easy use of the chair without fear of falling off. This low profile wheelchair provides stability thanks to its four wheels and a low center of gravity.
  • Off board charger.  This is very efficient for individuals with an extra charge. It allows for removing the battery and charging it separately from the body.
  • Easily programmable controller. The controller is very user-friendly and does not stick or hang providing you a smooth experience while using it.
  • Ease in maneuvering. Its impressive turning radius allows for easy movements especially in tight indoor spaces.
  • Flip-up foot board. A foot board that flips allows for an easy exit from the chair without tripping or falling.


  • Heavier than the conventional wheelchair. This wheelchair weighs 122 pounds which is twice the weight of a normal electric wheelchair. This becomes an issue when it comes to lifting and transporting.
  • Lack of a carrier basket or table-top. A table top provides you with a convenient place for taking your meals while a carrier is convenient for placing personal items. 
  • Does not recline or rotate. Most wheelchairs of this kind have the ability to rotate and recline enhancing users comfort. Lack of this ability limits the comfort levels of the user.

Key Pros

  • Off board charger
  • Perfect for indoor use
  • Disassembles easily
  • Durable battery

Key Cons

  • Heavy and bulky
  • Does not rotate or recline

Final Verdict:

If you are looking for a wheelchair that is excellent especially for indoor use, the Merits Health P320 Jr Power Wheelchair is yours for the taking. This is enabled by the slim and compact design as well as the turning radius convenient enough for indoor use. The off board charging capabilities and the ability to disassemble makes it stand out from wheelchairs of its kind. Many users have also commended it on its amazing ability to store power allowing you uninterrupted life experiences. With a generous 12 months warranty on this device, be assured you are acquiring a legit product. Trust the Merits P30 Jr to handle your mobility issues.

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