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Repurposing Wood for Fencing

by Kellen Greene

Repurposing all sorts of things and materials have become more popular recently due to a combination of several factors. There are macro-scale considerations like awareness on environmental issues and personal motivation such as practicality. No matter the reason, however, finding other ways to reuse old objects is always good for homeowners too. Today, let’s look at repurposing wood to set up fencing. Using this material gives your home’s exterior a more natural look, not to mention that it’s totally eco-friendly.


Wooden pallets are easy to procure. Even your local market may have them from the daily deliveries of goods. You can ask for the pallets or buy them at a very low price. The Owner-Builder Network mentioned that using pallets is great for a spacious yard, and they are sturdy as well, so you’re going to have a fence that could last for several years. What’s even better is that they all look similar so it’s easy to achieve a uniform appearance. Dig up the borders and simply line up the pallets from side to side. You can also use one as a gate by installing door hinges. Alternatively, you can take them apart and use the planks individually for your fence.


Old logs are great for fencing as well. Just make sure to look for the ones from tree species which are known for durability like cedar and oak. Unlike pallets and planks, logs give more texture and they make for a really robust-looking fence due to their shape. To cut each piece to your desired height, you can use an axe or a chainsaw. The latter is better though for precision and it leaves the cut ends relatively smooth. The best ones today were highlighted in a review article here on Surf’n’Buy to help you pick a chainsaw that will match your gardening and DIY-ing needs.

Old Doors

For a quirky fence, The Doodle House suggests using discarded doors. The different designs and patterns on these objects create a unique aesthetic. Plus, their height is perfect if you’re looking to set up a high fence for more privacy.

Window Frames

On the other hand, window frames give visibility and ventilation. You can acquire them from thrift stores or contractors that handle renovation and/or reconstruction projects. To narrow the gaps, install wire screens. For the finishing touch, apply a fresh coat of paint. The process does two important things: it gives your fence a retouch of color and provides defence against rot, mould as well as the elements. To put things into perspective, the variety of fence paints on Screwfix provide protection that can last for up to 5 years or more. Aesthetics wise, the wide range of colors ensures that your new barrier blends in well with the rest of your property. SF Gate explains it’s best to complement the other hues or find the middle-ground. For instance, rustic brown fence paint can be used if your house has touches of red, as opposed to going for the same color.

On a closing note, you can even use excess wood for other projects like making vintage wooden toys, which we’ve featured in another Surf’n’Buy’s article.

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