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Perfectly Roasted Potatoes You’ll Wanted to Eat Every Day

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

Roasted potatoes are unswervingly easy to prepare. They are the perfect crowd pleaser; also, hearing a person say they do not prefer crispy potatoes is just as baffling as someone telling you they hate animals. However, producing the perfect-crispy-crunchy and tender interior is an art. Similar to other foods, roasting potatoes till they are perfect is more about the method than the ingredients or tools. Herein is a recipe to help you achieve the perfect roast potatoes:

  • Duration for preparation: 10 Minutes
  • Duration for cooking: 70 minutes
  • Serves: 8 people


  • 16 potatoes
  • Two tablespoons of plain flour
  • Three tablespoons of vegetable or sunflower oil
  • 140g duck fat, dripping or goose fat

How to Prepare

Pre-Heat your oven to 1900C. Peel the potatoes and then cut them in halves, if they are large chop them to quarters, or leave them whole if they are small. Place the potatoes in a saucepan with cold water and cover it then boil. Boil the water for 2 minutes. Properly drain the potatoes, then place them in a strainer to plump up their surfaces and sprinkle some flour as you strain.

Heat the roasting tray, then put the fat and oil. Place the potatoes in carefully, and then gradually brown them in the hot oil for approximately 5 minutes so that all sides have oil.

Then roast for 20 minutes in the oven and gradually turn them over using a fish slice. Put the tray on the cooker top to heat the oil, then place them back in the oven and cook them for an additional 20 minutes. Turn them again, placing the tray back in the hotplate to heat the oil. Give them another 20 minutes in your oven, and then remove them.

Now you have the perfect crispy roasted potatoes.

Tips to Achieve Perfect Roasted Potatoes

Parboil the Potatoes

This will help them soften inside before you begin roasting. This guarantees that you won`t be tempted to burn the exteriors to achieve thoroughly cooked interiors.

Drain Properly

Ensure that the potatoes sit for some time to dry before placing them inside the oven.

Do Not Place Excess Potatoes in the Pan

They should be placed in one layer with enough space for the heat in the oven to spread evenly.

Preheat the Pan

This typically helps the exteriors of the potatoes to be crispy immediately; therefore, you will be less tempted to overcook them.

Use the Proper Equipment

Always go for a gratin dish or a cast-Iron pan or a durable roasting pan. Do not use a thin pan since it may warp and buckle inside the oven.

Extremely Hot Oven

To prepare the ideal roasted potatoes, you need to have your oven at 1900C. This temperature will help you get the perfect crispy outer surface.

Bottom Line

It is not easy to achieve the perfect meal, it takes time, but it is not impossible either. With this simple recipe, you will have your family and friends asking for more.

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