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Fall Drink: Sangria with Apple, Berry, and Cinnamon

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

Falls here, and that implies that it’s time to put away those plastic plates, cups, and cutlery that you’ve been entertaining with all summer and bring out your best tabletop accessories and leather coasters when you are having friends over. With those chilly evenings setting in and the leaves on the trees turning from green to red and gold, fall is the perfect time to have friends over for cocktails featuring fall produce such as apples and cranberries that will warm up everyone as the wind howls outside.

If you have ever made the trip to any Spanish spot, then you must have come across the offers to taste the flavor of sangria recipe. Sangria originated in Spain but is also popular in Mexico. This is one of the traditional drinks that is served at every restaurant and bar of this realm, and it is served frequently all year round. Recipes vary widely, and you can experiment with different fruits, berries, wines, and fruit juices to suit your taste.

A good meal has to be always accompanied by a good beverage.

As such, a great choice could be the refreshing sangria. Sangria is one of those drinks that everyone loves, and what more, you can serve it with many different Mediterranean dinners. It can be served with grilled chicken, steaks, ribs, and burger. Furthermore, it is very quick and easy to throw together for any occasion. Here is a recipe for one of my favorite cocktails.

Fall Drink: Sangria with Apple, Berry, and Cinnamon

What you will need:

The reason as to why I love to use Cranberry juice is that it is well known as a treatment for urinary tract infections as well as colds and flus due to its high levels of Vitamin C. Moreover, it is also rich in calcium, iron, and Vitamin B. The salicylic acid that’s also found in cranberry juice is an anti-inflammatory.

Here’s how to make a Sangria:

An hour or so before you serve the sangria, combine the cranberry juice or wine, orange juice, apple juice, and lemon slices in a large glass pitcher . You can add sugar depending on what you like. Refrigerate for at least an hour for all the flavors to combine and create delicious Sangria. When everyone is ready for drinks, pour the Sangria into your glasses filled with ice cubes, garnish with cinnamon sticks, and serve.

The sangria looks best when served in tall glasses since a lovely and colorful appeal is created with the yellow lemon slices floating on top against the red backdrop of the sangria.

The total preparation time is about 15 minutes and will serve 6. The recipe can be doubled so that you can have another pitcher ready for anyone wanting another drink. It’s cold and refreshing yet invigorating and warming at the same time-the perfect drink to unwind to. Make a difference in your meals and parties by serving your guests with this drink. They will love it!

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