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7 Questions You Might be Asking if You’re Considering an Electric Cooler

by Elizabeth N. Wilson

If you’re thinking of buying an electric cooler, you may have some questions you want answered before you make the purchase.  These questions are important so that you know all of the information relevant to you.  There’s a lot of information out there which can make it difficult to know if you really need an electric cooler or if it’s the right thing for your needs.  Surf’n’Buy have answered the seven most common questions consumers ask when they’re thinking of buying an electric cooler to help you find out if it’s the right product for you.

1. Don’t I Need to Have it Constantly Plugged In?

The simple answer: No!

Electric coolers come both as battery- or a plug-run feature so if you don’t want to keep your electric cooler attached to the mains, you don’t have to!

Battery powered electric coolers are fully portable and you can buy multiple batteries to keep them going as long as you’d like them to.  This means you can take them out and about without the need to find a plug or way to maintain the charge in the battery.  Most batteries will last a long time, so you may not need to recharge, but a back up battery will always be a good idea to be safe rather than sorry.

Mains powered electric coolers will require an outlet but have the added bonus of sustained and reliable use as you may not notice when the battery runs out on a battery powered model.  This can be a little cumbersome as you will need to work with cables and stay close to an outlet, but they are a great option for garden parties to keep drinks constantly cold and save money on a big ice bill.

2. Is it Loud?

In short, any electric cooler will be louder than any standard model due to the motor which keeps the interior cold.  However, most models are surprisingly quiet and when the music is playing and you’re surrounded by friends and family, we guarantee you won’t even hear it. Battery powered models tend to be quieter than electric models, but you can get mains powered models which are just as quiet.

3. How Durable is it?

As they are designed for outdoor use, electric coolers are built to last.  They are made to withstand travelling, knocks and bumps and the general wear and tear of party going life.  They are splash proof to keep them safe from spilled drinks, but not entirely waterproof, so make sure the electric cooler is the first thing to take inside if it starts to rain. Battery powered options are usually safer outdoors than mains powered models as they aren’t directly connected to a power source, so keep this in mind if you live in an area where you can’t totally predict what the weather will do.

4. How Long Will Battery Powered Models Run?

The length of running time will vary from model to model, but most batteries will last much longer than you might expect.  As these electric coolers are designed for picnics and camping trips, it could be days before you would need to charge it again.  The benefit of most batteries is that they will even charge off a car outlet so that you can keep it running when charging and make sure you never run out of power.

If you are worried about running the car battery out, look for options which carry a feature to cut off the charging when the car battery gets particularly low.  This will keep you from getting stranded for the sake of a cold drink.

There is also the option to buy more than one battery so that you don’t even have to think about charging.  Electric cooler batteries are not too expensive and most models have the option to buy the batteries separately rather than only having the one which comes with the cooler itself.  Simply swap out the dead battery and keep your electric cooler going as long as you need it to.

5. When Would I Use it?

The answer to this question is that it’s really up to you!  The durability and portable nature of electric coolers means that you can take it on road trips, on picnics, to big games, or simply use it for a garden party.  There is no end to the options for when it can be used, which makes it a great purchase for any outing where you might want cold drinks.

6. How Expensive are Electric Coolers?

We’ll be honest with you, electric coolers aren’t the cheapest purchase.  They start in the range of about $500 and can go up to a whopping $1,500 for the really higher end models.  However, once you have one, there is no need to purchase another.  You will also save a bundle on ice for a regular freezer, saving you money in the long term.  If you spend a lot of time out and about and want to have cold drinks with you, we recommend an electric cooler to make sure you can cater to the needs of you and your family. 

7. Is it Really Better Than a Regular Cooler?

The answer to this question is really a matter of opinion, as you may not consider an electric cooler an essential purchase.  However, if you do make the investment, we guarantee you won’t regret it.  These coolers make life much easier when you’re serving guests or out and about and need to keep food and drink cold. 

We here at Surf’n’Buy know that it’s important to ask all the right questions before making a big purchase, and we are dedicated to answering them to help consumers make smart choices for their needs.  If you’re considering a new electric cooler, we hope that we’ve helped to answer some of your burning questions so that you can make an informed decision as to whether an electric cooler is the right product for you.

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