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Shop Fox M1049 [Review]: Metal Bench Lathe

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Shop Fox M1049 is a bench sized lathe with an exceptional great precision with a smooth, almost flawless and efficient performance. It has all features of the larger lathes and it cost much less. Hence the Shop Fox M1049 has the capability of handling almost all lathe projects. With tapered spindles, the M1049 is an effective six-speed option shaping lathe machine best for use at the bench. The intelligently engineered parts backed up with rigid quality assures safe operation, smoothness and reliability when working with M1049 bench lathe.

Brand overview:

SHOP FOX brand is one of the top brands that offer woodworking and metalworking machinery equipment and accessories. This brand is supplied by Woodstock international, which is a wholesale supplier. Shop fox has earned the best value for benchtop equipment and an indisputable reputation when it comes to quality products. When purchasing a Shop Fox brand, you are assured and guaranteed that you will get a 2-year warranty.

Product overview:

The Shop Fox M1049 Metal Bench Lathe has a chip and splash guard, 4-way tool post, threading dial, hardened and ground cast iron bed, three and four jaw jack and steady rest. It features a manual feed option allows you to move the cutting tool around the workpiece manually.

Specifications and Important Part Features:

Its overall dimensions are 40-1/2-inch length by 23-1/2-inch width by 15-inch height. Its features enable the M1049 lathe to perform multiple lathe operations such as chuck and faceplate mounting, lathing using faceplate, lathing using 4 jaw chuck, tailstock lathing, lathing using dead centers, and threading.

Those features include:

  • Motor. With its horse power and reversible jaws, which maximize efficiency.
  • A three-jaw scroll chuck and four chuck. The three jaw chuck features hardened steel jaws that enables the workpiece to self-center. There is an extra set of jaw for matching larger workpieces. The four jaw chuck features adjustable hardened steel jaws ford holding off center workpiece. Each jaw can be adjusted independently and removed from the chuck body. The steady rest can be fixed anywhere along the lengths of the ways to act as support to the long shafts.
  • Hand wheels. This are for moving the carriage. They include; Longitudinal, cross feed and compound slide.
  •  Longitudinal hand wheel is not only used when the carriage needs to be moved in both left and the right direction along the M1049 bed but also for setting the machine and performing turning operations. When threading, it also sets the correct angles.
  • The Cross feed hand wheel is specifically designed to enable the top slide to move towards and away from the piece of work. when the dial is turned in clockwise direction, the slide moves towards the job to be done. Likewise, when the dial is turned in an anticlockwise direction, the top slide moves away from the work piece. The dial ensures movement with high precision.
  • Compound slide is used for controlling the cutting tool’s position with respect to the work piece. It has two hex nuts for angle control. They are used in cutting lengths precisely when set in a parallel position to the spindle axis.
  • Four Way Tool Post used to maximize efficiency since it enables quick indexing of new tools when the top handle is turned anticlockwise. For simultaneous loading of four tools, its mounted on top of the compound slide. When the top handle is rotated clockwise, it sets the tools ready for work by precisely locking the tools into position.

Other Key Features:

  • Tailstock barrel taper- MT #2
  • Spindle taper- MT #3
  • Motor: 3/4 Horsepower, 110V, 11.5A, 1750 RPM
  • Spindle thread- 39mm x 4mm pitch
  • Swing over bed-9 inch
  • Bed width- 4-1/2 inch
  • Tailstock barrel travel- 1-9/16 inch
  • Distance between centers- 19 inch
  • Cross slide travel- 4-1/4 inch
  • Swing over cross slide- 5 inch
  • Swing over saddle- 5 inch
  • Compound travel- 1-7/8 inch
  • Leadscrew: 9/16″ – 16 TPI
  • Carriage travel- 16 inch
  • Spindle speeds- 6 at 130, 300, 400, 600, 1000, 2000 RPM
  • Spindle bore- ‘ inch
  • Maximum tool size- 3/8 inch by 3/8 inch
  • Thread range (inch)- 27 at 8-56 TPI
  • Longitudinal feed range- 4 at 0.0047 inch – 0.012 inch
  • Thread range (metric)- 11 at 0.05-3.0mm

Key Pros

  • Convenient control panel
  • A small lathe with durable metal parts and accessories
  • It has two available feed rated for precision adjustments

Key Cons

  • It lacks the compound cross slide feature that comes with other lathes
  • Not suitable for professional projects
  • Limiter power for faster cuts

Final verdict:

The Shop Fox M1049 Metal Bench Lathe is one piece of equipment that offers much functionality compared to other lathes and it’s also cost effective. It is equipped with precision when cutting metals and great power that ensures it stands a test of time.

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