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Signswise Motorized Mini Metal Lathe Machine [Review]: Best for Hobby, Science, Education and Model Making

by Jonathan Logtenberg

Signswise High Quality Motorized Mini Metal Working Lathe Machine is a desktop lathe which can be used to turn, drill, bore, thread and other processing tasks. This motorized Mini lathe suitable for processing metallic and non-metallic parts. It is the perfect machine for a single piece of work or short run production. It can be applied to family repair, auto repair, school teaching, research and development institution and so on. Its perfect for DIY, hobby, model making, small parts and crafts processing.

Features and Specs:

  • More durable design: the machine’s structure is made of metal.
  • An I shaped metal connects the blocks to the machine; this ensures that the metal slider will be durable.
  • The spindle box and the motor are integrated.
  • Built-in bearing and specially designed tailstock for more comfort during use.
  • For safe operation of the device, it has a built-in overheat.
  • The Motor support step-less speed regulation and also positive and negative rotation.

Feature Tools:

  • Cutting tool– Refers to any cutting material used for cutting or removing metal or other materials such as lathe bit, reamer or drill.
  • High Speed Steel- A highly resistant Steel alloy used to cut tools like drill bits and lathe bits.
  • Faceplate- A metal plate featuring flat face mounted on a lathe spindle for holding irregularly shaped workpiece.
  • Chuck- This is a clamping device used to hold workpiece in the lathe. It can also for holding drills in the tailstock.
  • Leadscrew– It is a precision screw running through the length of the bed and used to drive the carriage for thread cutting operations and turning. Smaller leadscrews are used within the compound and cross-slide to move the parts for more precise amounts.
  • Carriage Hand wheel- A wheel with handle used for moving the carriage by means of pinion and rack drive.
  • Tool post- Holding tool that is mounted on the lathe’s compound unto which the cutting tool is clamped. 
  • Lathe Bit- Refers to sharpened cutting tool used for removing metal and other materials from a workpiece. Typically, a lathe bit has a square cross-section with one featuring a sharpened tip.
  • Carriage- Refers to an assembly with the function of moving the toolpost and cutting tools as it moves. 
  • Hand wheel– As suggested by the name, this is a wheel turned using the hand to move lathe’s component or any other machine tool. It features a handle extended from the front face which facilitates its rapid turning.
  • Compound– Movable platform that can be set to a given angle to the workpiece and used for mounting tool post.
  • Headstock– Refers to the main casting mounted on the bed’s left end. It serves to main functions of mounting the spindle and housing the spindle change gears.
  • Tail stock- Cast iron assembly located at the lathe’s right end can be locked in place or allowed to slide freely. It is used for holding long work in place or mounting drill chuck for drilling into the workpiece’s end.
  • Centre line- Imaginary line with that extends form the spindle’s center through the tailstock ram’s center. It represent the lathe’s central axis around which the piecework is rotated.
  • Cross Feed– A crank or hand wheel moving through the cross-slide by means of turning the screw.
  • Cross-slide Hand wheel- A wheel featuring a handle that is used for moving the cross-slide in and out.
  • Cross Slide- This is a platform which moves perpendicular to the metal lathe’s axis under the cross slides hand wheels control

Other Key Features:

  • Material-Aluminum Alloy + Zinc Alloy + ABS
  • Length of Processing Materials -135mm
  • Center distance -135mm
  • Center Height – 25mm
  • Slider Travel – 140mm
  • Metal lathe turning speed- 20000 rev / min.
  • Motor speed: 20,000rpm
  • Power Supply: 12V DC/2A/29W

Key Pros

  • A perfect for DIY
  • More durable
  • Guarantees safe operation

Key Cons

  • Not perfect for more precise metal turning
  • It is not suitable for intensive industrial projects
  • Not good for long term projects

Final Verdict:

There are lots of lathes out there that can get the job done. But dealing with both metallic and non-metallic materials is the job for the Signswise High Quality Mini Metal Lathe Machine.

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