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Simple Steps to Turn Your Bathroom Into a Home Spa

by Francesca Baptiste

Have you ever thought of turning your bathroom into a home spa? It seems like a long shot, but it’s easy. There are ways you can bring the ambiance and decor you find at the spa to your home. Spas have some things in common. They are relaxing places that look amazing where you can relieve stress and recharge. If you want to create a spa bathroom, it’s up to you to bring these aspects of the spa to your home. Here are a few ideas you can use for your spa decor project.

Step #1: Spruce Up the Walls

The color of your bathroom walls will determine your mood in the room every time you use it. Colors have a way of bringing out different feelings in people. You can paint, tile, or even wallpaper your bathroom walls. You can also mix different wall treatments. Pastel colors are a good fit for a home spa. Some good examples of colors you can use are blue, lavender, pink, and mint among others.

Step#2: Layer Your Lights

The lighting in your bathroom can relax or irritate you. So why don’t you install mood lighting? You can pick the color you want in your bathroom each time you use it. It’s preferable to the regular white light you find in most bathrooms. You can also layer the light in the bathroom to create a mellow feel. Start by installing a prominent central light fixture such as a beautiful chandelier. Then distribute some light scones over specific areas of the room such as above the mirrors and the vanity area. Lastly, install some recess lights in secluded areas such as over the shower area. The overall effect will be warm and pleasing to the senses which is what you need in your home spa.

Step #3: Flooring

The kind of floor you have in your bathroom will determine whether it feels like a spa or a regular bath area. Spa floors feel luxurious to the feet. They also look nice and are easy to clean. Try and mirror this in your home spa. Marble floors look great and can bring a classy feel to any bathroom. Some floor tiles are also colorful and will create an aura of elegance to your bathroom such as ceramic tiles. To add comfort to your bathroom consider installing radiant floor heating. Nothing like walking on warm floors to make you feel pampered in your bathroom.

Step #4: Storage Space

One thing about a spa bathroom is that it needs to be clutter-free. A bathing area in shambles does not evoke relaxation. An excellent way to keep your bathroom organized is to have enough storage space. For additional storage space, put up floating shelves to store bathroom essentials such as towels, soaps, and other items. You can use wood cabinets made of dark wood to bring a warm feeling to the room. Put up sliding glass doors so that you can see through the display to whatever is inside the cabinet. It makes it look neat, and it is easier for someone to find what they need when they need it.

Step #5: Shower Stall

The way your shower stall looks will affect the spa feel in your bathroom. Start by putting decorative floor tiles in your shower area. Also, consider installing a modern shower head such as a rain shower head to ensure that your shower experience is terrific. Shower panels are also a great addition to any home spa. They are a great alternative to wall tiles. They are available in a variety of designs and finishes that will bring out the ambiance in your bathroom. You can find shower panels made in a variety of materials such as acrylic, PVC, and vinyl among others. Shower panels also come with various attachments that can enhance your shower experience. Some have body massage jets, and others have thermostatic control allowing you to control your shower water temperature. The idea is to give you more than a simple shower with this best shower fixtures. You get to massage away the stress and fatigue from your body leaving you feeling like you just had a spa treatment.

Step #6: Towels, Mats & Robes

Using rough towels does not relax the body. Spas have warm and fluffy towels and bathrobes that hug you when you use them and feel good on your skin. They are absorbent and comfortable making you feel like you have a soft cloud around you. That’s the kind of thing you need for your home spa. So ditch the old robes, bath mats, and towels for fluffy, absorbent ones in colors matching your bath decor. To keep it simple you can have white floor mats, bathrooms, and towels. It’s also a good idea to install heated cabinets and towel rods to warm your towels and bathrobes. Imagine stepping out of the bath to use a warm towel or slip into a warm robe. It’s worth the investment, especially during the cold season.

Step #7: Tub

If you care about relaxation, then the bathtub is one of your favorite places to spend time in the bathroom. A good idea is to have a jacuzzi tub with whirlpool technology in your bathroom. It is relaxing to sit in such a bathtub after a tiring day with massage jets that wash away the strains of the day from your body as you sip on a glass of wine or listen to music. If the jacuzzi tub is too much of an investment, why not opt for a stand-alone tub. They are elegant, spacious and leave some room to move around in the bathroom giving it an open feel. Also consider installing a shower caddy for placing items when you are in the tub such as a glass of wine, a book, iPad or scented candles.

Step #8: Spa Treatment Items

Spa treatment items are things that we often ignore yet they can enhance the bath experience significantly. Think aromatherapy and massage therapy essentials when looking for these items for your bathroom home spa. You can buy essential oils, fragrant lotions and soaps, bath bombs, scented candles and rejuvenating body masks and scrubs. Scented candles can bring a variety of emotions in a bathroom. Some smells stimulate the senses while others relax you. Some great candles you can buy are lavender and vanilla scented candles. You can also use bath bombs to create amazing warm baths to soak into to wash away your stress. Also, buy essential oils, scrubs, and masks for home skin treatments. Combine all these things, and you can have a rejuvenating spa treatment any time you like in the comfort of your home.

Step #9: Entertainment

You may need some entertainment in your bathroom to relax you during a bath or shower. It’s a good idea to install a bluetooth speaker in the bathroom for this purpose. It will enable you to listen to relaxing music as you bath or shower. You can also have a TV on one bathroom wall so that you can watch a movie when taking a bath.

Step #10: Bathroom Accessories

You can also accessorize your spa bathroom just like you do any other room in the home. Keep it simple to avoid making the room feel cluttered. For example, use mirrors in other areas apart from the vanity. Put them across light sources to mirror light, or opposite a piece of art, vase or plant. Other accessories you can use to beautify your bathroom are green plants and art. Art could be in the form of sculptures, a beautiful vase or an interesting painting. Overall, your bathroom accessories should bring everything together and enhance the beauty of the room.

These are a few suggestions on how you can create a home spa in your house. It’s possible to create a great spa bathroom regardless of your budget. All it needs is some imagination, time and effort.

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