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Victory 10 LX Scooter with CTS Suspension [Review]

by Francesca Baptiste

Scooters are not as efficient or comfortable as electric wheelchairs, but the Victory 10 LX scooter comes pretty close. Equipped with a comfortable soft 18 by 18 high back chair (that can be upgraded to 22 inches) this scooter will address your mobility issues almost as good as an electric wheelchair.

It can support a maximum weight of 400 pounds and go for 16 miles without the need to recharge thanks to its powerful 40 Ah batteries. The best part about this scooter is that, it comes with excellent CTS suspensions that absorb well over rough surfaces. This paired with tough, non-scuffing tires will guarantee you a smooth outdoor experience over rough terrains. Thanks to a full LED lighting package you can rest assured your safety is taken care of in the dark.

It also comes with extra accessories such as a cup holder and an unbreakable front basket to further enhance your comfort as you travel. Although it looks fixed and permanent, the Victory 10 LX can easily be disassembled for transportation purposes if need be. With a two year warranty, FDA approval and a one year free in-home service, you can be confident you are purchasing a genuine product.


  • Full LED lighting package – This sweet ride comes with front and back LED lights that ensure your path is well lit after dark. This is quite convenient for individuals who travel especially at night.
  • Excellent front and back CTS suspensions – Equipped with excellent performance, CTS suspensions, this scooter will ensure that you can go through tough terrains without being ‘thrown all over the place’ to put it simply. The CTS suspensions do a good absorbing job ensuring a smooth experience on any rough roads ahead of you.
  • Impressive accessories – The Victory Scooter is near perfect when it comes to accessorizing to ensure even your tinniest needs are meet. For instance, it comes with a durable front basket that comes in handy especially during shopping time. A cup holder is also provided as well as a flag for any signaling needs you may have.
  • Comfortable high back captain’s chair – The seat provided in this scooter is well cushioned to enhance comfort. It is also high with a strong backrest ensuring you are well supported while using it.
  • 40 Ah battery covering a drive range of 16 miles – The battery power on the Victory scooter is way better than many electric wheelchair batteries. It is able to sustain the scooter for good 16 miles without needing to recharge.
  • 24 Volts DC motor and a turning radius of 59.9 inches – The motor on this scooter allows it to conquer steep paths with ease. It also has an impressive turning radius of 59.9 inches increasing its indoor usability. This turning radius is more impressive than the normal 30 inches found in most wheelchairs and scooters.
  • 10 inch wheels – Unlike most mobility scooters, this one comes with four wheels. This is a plus for the Victory scooter on stability. To add to that, the wheel have a ten inch radius and are tough allowing for easy maneuver on rough roads.


  • Can function well in the dark.  This is facilitated by the powerful LED lights that come with the scooter allowing you to see in the dark as if you were driving a car.
  • Availability of CTS suspensions. Unlike many scooters in its price range, the Victory Scooter comes with impressive suspensions that absorb shock from bumpy rough roads.
  • Have four wheels hence more stable. Most scooter are three wheeled hence this gives the Victory scooters extra points.
  • Can handle heavy weight of up to 400 pounds. The maximum weight limit for most mobility aid devices is 300 pounds hence adding an extra 100 pounds to the limit is a huge deal.
  • Travels at a maximum speed of 5.6 mph.  This is an upgrade from the normal 5mph speed in most scooters.
  • Very well accessorized. It comes with a cup holder, front basket, flag and seat belt among other things to enhance the functionality of this impressive device.
  • Can be disassembled. This is a big upgrade from many other scooters which are usually intact. It allows for easy transportation in a car if need be.
  • High battery capacity as well as distance covered. A good functional battery makes it very reliable especially when it comes to travelling.


  • Very heavy. This tends to be problematic especially when the scooter needs to be transported. It weighs a heavy 179 lbs without a battery making it too heavy compared to electric wheelchairs.
  • Limited indoor use. For you to use this scooter indoors you will need to have huge rooms and hallways.
  • Not suitable for people with total mobility issues. It may be uncomfortable and inconvenient for individuals with total mobility due to the high seat.

Key Pros

  • Impressive CTS suspensions
  • Can handle up to 400 pounds
  • Long lasting battery

Key Cons

  • Very heavy and bulky

Final Verdict:

The Victory 10 LX Scooter with CTS Suspension is not your ordinary scooter. It puts into consideration the finest details which are rare in other scooters. If anything, some of the features in this exceptional scooter such as maximum weight capacity and battery power are better than many expensive electric wheelchairs. This scooter will ensure you get smooth travel experiences during the day and at night. Apart from it being too bulky and heavy, the Victory 10 LX is an impeccable mobility aid device that will take care of your mobility issues. With a 2 year warranty and a 1 year in-home maintenance cover, you can tell that the makers of this product are quite confident in its durability and functionality.

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