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Tire Chains vs Snow Tires

by Kellen Greene

Touring and driving in the coming winter season is hectic and tiresome. Heavy snow and ice can be a distressing, nerve-wracking situation to deal with, even for pro drivers. Moreover, we can all agree driving through heavy snow is not for the feeble-hearted. Gladly, there are a couple of ways to make harsh winter conditions easy on your drives.

With winter nearing fast, it is about time you considered viable tire choices. These are the decisions that determine how smooth your drive is throughout the season. The sturdiness and efficiency of any car do not matter; without proper grip, your ride will be ruined. This brings up the big question- which is the best traction, snow tires, or snow chains?

Snowy Weather: Chains vs. Tires

Winter is not a bad season if you are prepared for it. There is always a slight chance of getting caught in a whiteout, and with the perfect tires/chains, it is a fun experience. AWD and FWD might offer more control that RWDs, but do not compromise this by lacking traction.

Snow Chains for Pickup

Tire chains are designed from massive steel that encloses the pre-existing tires. They are a connection of chains that you place on your tires for extra grip. Most people opt to put them on the front tires. Also, they have tested well and do boost traction. If you are in a region where grip aids are required, like mountain areas, these are the popular options.

In a lot of stores, they go for fifty to a hundred dollars. You should only have them on your tires in heavy snow. It is not appropriate to leave them on throughout winter. Only use them when need be. Next, when you get to the giant ice during your drive, you will have to put them on or have your partner do it. That is why you should have a clean pair of gloves and overalls as the tires will be filled with dirt and snow.

After using them, remove them immediately as they will spoil the clear road. There are a couple of cons of the chains. Firstly, they are cumbersome as compared to other aids. Thus, making them quite harder to install and lift. However, this can be combated by practicing how to fix them. Besides, when you reap all the advantages, one minor setback is nothing.

Snow Tires for Pickup

This option could either be studded or non-studded. The studs, usually made of metal, help the tires tread and tug for a stronger grip on ice. The studs get in contact with the snow-making them more efficient. Subsequently, tires without studs are made of robust rubber, and as it is well-known, rubber treads have more traction. They are also outstanding on dry pavements and roads.

Since they are not an installation to your tires, you can have them on all season. This benefit makes them range from one fifty to one ninety dollars per tire. Successively, they are among the most convenient and easy-to-use aids for pickup drivers. Another unique factor is that they can be adjusted as per each tire. It saves you time and energy, not having to install them mid-drive.

Just like chains, these tires do have some lightweight downsides. Studded tires cause damage to roads and have even been outlawed in some areas. It is essential to confirm with local authorities to have first-hand info. Still, if you cannot maintain them off-season or swap them, you will have to pay an expert to do it for you.

The decision between snow tires and chains depends on various influences-from the cost, the intensity of snow/ice, the price, and your region. They all have significant benefits that overpower the cons, which you can otherwise bypass. Regardless of your preference or automobile, it is crucial to have additional traction to avoid accidents and inconveniences.

Both options and other alternatives are built for the same purpose. The difference comes in when dealing with their installation and prices. Furthermore, how they are constructed also creates a bridge between the two. The battle has been on for ages, and knowing what suits you only needs weighing the advantages and disadvantages.

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