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What is the Difference Between 2 Stage and 3 Stage Snow Blowers?

by Jonathan Logtenberg

It is common to experience heavy snow or ice during the winter season. Having professionals get rid of the snow is expensive and not necessary at times. Snowstorms often occur during this time, and snow blowers are high equipment to have in your store or garage. Moving snow is a very hectic task, and if the ice is too bulky, your joints hurt due to too much physical activity.

These machines make the task easier. If you experience light snow showers, it might not matter what stage snow blower you own. On the other hand, if your area receives blizzards that cause a lot of snowfall, knowing the snowblower stage is very important. Not all machines are the same, and their differences make them able to perform various functions.

2 Stage vs. 3 Stage Snow Blowers

A lot of people wonder how the stage affects the efficiency of removing snow. After you have understood how your equipment works, you can make the right choices when purchasing or replacing a snowblower.

2 Stage Snowblower

The machine works by blowing snow from one position to another. The drill uses rapid speed to move ice into the impeller. Then, the impeller pushes the snow out of the chute. For this process to happen, the impeller spins several times before the chute dispenses the snow. In a 2 stage, the auger does not come in contact with the floor/ground.

In this case, light and loose particles are not collected. This makes the apparatus suitable for hard or rocky surfaces. Moreover, they are big and have enormous engines. Their ability to propel and navigate the snow is a great advantage. Their design and frame can dig up to a depth of eight inches of snow. If you are looking for a machine that can move solid and dense snow, this is it.

One minor disadvantage of the tool is its inability to finish the job. Rocks and blocks of snow struggle to pass the drill. This could spoil the impeller resulting in a complicated situation. Since it cannot clear off all snow particles, some people might find it inapt.

3 Stage Snowblower

To understand how this works, picture a turbo-powered 2 stage snowblower. Instead of a drill, the apparatus has an accelerator. It has faster speed and is best for wet ice. The accelerator is an extra build to this design. Its principal function is to break down snow and lumps of ice with ease. After this process, the ground snow is ejected via the impeller.

They are mostly used in the Northern areas of the US because of the weather conditions. The storms in the region constantly shift from snowfall to freezing rain. Moreover, the machine uses a technique of crushing and chewing through the ice. The power is also stronger and high enough to make up for the speed.

The disadvantage of owning one of these is maintenance. Because of the developed tech and material used, you have to ensure it works perfectly. The content could easily get ruined. This means you should store it conveniently and replace any broken parts.

Comparisons and Differences

One major common feature is that both snow blower types serve the same purpose. This is to clear snow and ice on pavements, yards, doorsteps, and windows. Next, they have drills that work the same. Three-stage machines have a secondary auger. At first sight, it is difficult to tell the differences. The variations arise from the technology used and parts of the device.

First off, the power is not the same. Triple stage blowers supply an increased turning force as compared to 2 stage blowers. The former also has more parts than the latter. Lastly, two-stage machines are cost-friendly. It is not that the others are too pricy, but they are not as affordable.

Recommending one type of snow blower is not appropriate. This is because it takes more than one opinion to determine the best choice for you. If you do not mind the expenses and you live in an area with heavy snow, a 3 stage blower is perfect. However, if you are on a budget and need to move chunks of snow, the 2 stage snow blower is excellent. Winter is a fun season when you keep warm, and there is no snow blocking the way.

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