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Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano [Review]: Best at-home Digital Piano

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Yamaha DGX660B 88-Key Weighted Digital Piano with Furniture Stand
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low end and lighter in the high end, just like an acoustic pia
  • 1/4" microphone input allows you to connect a microphone so you can sing along while you play
  • Wireless audio & MIDI features utilize Wi-Fi to stream audio and MIDI to/from your iOS device
  • The assignable pedal allows you to connect a foot switch and configure it to control various functio
  • USB audio recording and playback captures performances on a USB drive

The Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano is another excellent option for an at-home digital piano. It comes with a matching black stand so that you can move the piano around, but also offers all of the stability of a standing piano. With 88 keys and a high level of realism, this is an excellent digital piano for both the beginner piano player and the expert piano player alike.


The Pure CF Sound Engine produces the carefully sampled and highly acclaimed Yamaha concert piano for the best and most realistic sounds. It has a digital score display screen that will place the music notation of the MIDI connected songs onto the screen to help you play and learn. The Yamaha Piano Room is available with the Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano so that you can customise and create your own playing environment. This digital piano offers recording capabilities of up to six tracks so that you can listen to yourself play and hone any parts that feel rusty, or you can create, layer and save your own musical creations. It comes with an easily attachable base stand so that you can move and transport the digital piano around the house or to gigs and shows. With a full 88-key keyboard the Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano offers you a realistic playing style and it weights around 80 pounds.


  • The Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano has an incredible realism that is perfect for beginners in order to help them learn to play with proper technique and skill. This is also great for advanced players so that they can practice more elaborate skills and playing style.
  • It offers a digital screen and advanced connectivity so that you can practice all of your favourite tunes and songs and learn properly, and in a fun way.
  • The recording elements allow you to create your own music and layer over different styles.
  • The ease of transport and movability allows you to move and change where the piano stays in the house.
  • The Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano doubles as both a standing and a performance piano.
  • This piano lets you decide and customise the different elements of your playing environment for more immersive playing.


  • The Yamaha DGX-660 is rather heavy, and this makes it difficult to move around if you have a smaller frame.
  • It is not completely realistic as a proper concert piano, and this makes it less suitable for a more professional and advanced player, who would require a heightened realism.
  • Does not come with a connector for the iPad application, so you much buy one and an extra cost.
  • It only has a master volume when using headphones, so you cannot practise customising your music with headphones in private practice.
  • There is only space enough for six songs, which can limit you if you want to record many songs.
  • The many different features can be difficult to get used to if you are a new and inexperienced player, and there can be more features than the player needs.
  • The speakers can be softer than a lot of other options on this list, and this makes it quite unsuitable as a performance pianos.
  • Many customers have found that the keys are not as responsive as they initially expected.

Key Pros

  • Incredible realism
  • Supreme connectivity
  • Versatile

Key Cons

  • Heavy
  • Complicated features
  • Softer volume

Final Verdict:

The Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano is an excellent option for digital pianos of you want a high quality, high performing digital piano for a great price. It offers you so many different features and an impressive realism that can compete with many of the more advanced and expensive models. The main drawback of this Yamaha is that it is very heavy and the speakers are not as loud as would be required from a performance style piano, so it is not as suitable for performing gigs and concerts as some other options on this list. However, it offers connectivity for speakers and recording capabilities so that you can create and develop your own music as a DJ and performer. This makes the Yamaha DGX-660 Premium Digital Grand Piano great for performers and artists who need a piano that they can practice with and can use for the development of their own musical styles.

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