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Yamaha P125 88 Key Digital Piano [Review]: Best Digital Piano for Advanced Players

by Jonathan Logtenberg
Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Power Supply and Sustain Pedal, Black
  • A fully weighted digital piano with 88 full sized piano style keys
  • GHS weighted action is heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high keys, just like an acoustic piano
  • The pure CF sound engine faithfully reproduces the tone of the acclaimed Yamaha 9 feet CFIIIS Concert Grand piano. Tempo Range: 5 to 280
  • Split Mode lets you play a different voice with each hand. Tuning : 414.8 440.0 to 446.8 Hz
  • USB to host connectivity with MIDI and audio transfer means you only need one Cable to connect to your music making software

For the more advanced player, Yamaha has developed the Yamaha P125 88 Key Digital Piano, which offers a much more extensive range of features and voices to provide you with everything you could possibly need to create beautiful and deep music, in both classical and contemporary styles. With beautifully pure and crisp sounds and a deep realism, you will feel as though you are playing a real, acoustic grand piano.

The keys are realistically weighted and the sound is meticulously tested so that you get the best sound and playing style possible. This digital piano also offers a range of features and voices so that the contemporary player can develop their personal sound and create incredible pieces to perform. Yamaha offer such great products at even greater prices, and their dominant presence on our list goes to show how impressive the brand is in all walks of electrical manufacturing, but especially in the digital piano world.


It is meticulously sampled to produce the tone of Yamaha’s acclaimed CFIIIS concert grand piano, for a depth and beauty of sound. The keys are GHS weighted to be as realistic as possible. They are lighter in the higher notes and heavier in the lower noted to give you much more freedom and expression in your playing style. With Pianist Styles, you can create a full piano accompaniment by just playing simple chords, helping you to develop performance pieces. It offers full connectivity to iOS and applications so that you can learn to play and develop with the help of your device, but also navigate and customise the piano with the help of the app.

The Yamaha P125 88 Key Digital Piano comes with a three-year warranty, so you can be safe in the knowledge that your digital piano is under full protection from Yamaha for repairs. This digital piano is a full 88-key keyboard. The speakers are carefully set to surround the player with the music for a more immersive and deeper playing experience. It has built in rhythms for you to practice you rhythm and music with to develop a better, more advanced skill set as you play. It offers a dual split feature so that you can play two voices at once for a more creative sound and music style. The Yamaha P125 88 Key Digital Piano weighs 26 pounds, making it one of the most lightweight options.


  • The hyper realistic playing style makes it perfect for players who want to learn to play piano and learn the proper technique and skill, but it is also great for advanced player who are used to the feel and design of an acoustic piano.
  • The app connectivity is great for beginners to help them learn to play, but it is also useful for more advanced players who want to develop their personal music style.
  • The three-year warranty that comes standard, keeps your digital piano protected and maintained in case of any necessary repairs or reconfiguration.
  • The split feature and range of voices allow you to develop and play more contemporary musical pieces than simpler digital piano options, which is great for the performing pianist.
  • The lightweight design makes it easy to move around the home or transport to a gig or performance.
  • The carefully placed speakers surround the player with the music so that you can get a much more realistic playing experience.


  • The Yamaha P1215 88 Key Digital Piano does not offer as many features as some of the more expensive models on this list.
  • It doesn’t offer many recording features to allow you to practice and keep your musical pieces.
  • The iOS software is not connectable to iPads, so this can be a huge drawback for the modern player who wanted to use their iPad with their digital piano.
  • The speakers will not project over a band and the piano needs to be connected to external speakers in order to perform with it.
  • The Yamaha P1215 88 Key Digital Piano does not have synthetic ivory textured keys, and this can cause the fingers to slip and get sweaty much faster, which can make it difficult to play.
  • Although the keys are weighted, they do not have a high sensitivity to velocity, and this can cause issues for the more advanced player who plays much more expressive pieces.

Key Pros

  • Hyper realistic
  • iOS connectivity
  • Lightweight

Key Cons

  • Limited recording
  • Keys not textured
  • No iPad software

Final Verdict:

The Yamaha P1215 88 Key Digital Piano is a fantastic digital piano for the more advanced player. The sound alone is one of the most realistic of digital pianos available, and the weighted keys make it feel as though you truly are playing a concert piano. The main drawback of the Yamaha P1215 88 Key Digital Piano is that it offers an iOS connectivity, but no with all iOS devices, and this can limit the beginner who wanted to learn with iPad software. However, the Yamaha P1215 88 Key Digital Piano is still a truly fantastic digital piano that caters to many abilities and needs.

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